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Name: Species: Gender: Age: Weapon: Skills: (black-smithing, cooking, drawing, skinning, etc.) Personality: History: Appearance: (a description and a animated photo)

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Name: Ireth Ancalimë Species: Elf Gender: Female Age: 19 Weapon: twin swords Skills: Cooking, potion making, tailoring, close combat, twin sword, nursing and gardening Personality: Ireth is very shy and quiet. She doesn't know how to communicate with others because she had always been alone so she tries to avoid everyone, though if she ever does come in contact with someone she'll act like a air head. When she's alone she's very happy and energetic, she tries to live life at it's fullest as if everyday was gonna be her last day. She is very sensitive and tries to help all the animals she sees, she hates seeing pain in others. History: Ireth comes from a normal family. Her mother was potion maker and her father was gardener, that's how her parents met, on the job. Ireth followed in the foot steps of her parents. Ireth wasn't very social as a child so most of the time she was working with her mother or father, they were a very happy family, though happy families never last a long time. It was going to be Ireths 11th birthday and her parents had gotten out of town to get Ireths special gift. They were headed towards the fairies village with a few other elves, though they never made it to fairy village. A raid of Dark Elves had attacked them, they killed all of them. The news later got to Ireth and she then had to go to a orphanage, she was not happy there. After one year of being there she was already fed up, so Ireth decided to run away from the Elf village. Ireth ran deep into the forest where no one ever went and there she learned how to take care of her self, although now and then she would go back to the elf village to steal a few items. Since the day she ran away she trained herself with close combat and later on she stole twin blades from the humans. All on her own she learned how to live, she even made a little cabin deep in the forest. All Ireth wants now is to avenge her parents. Appearance: She has long orangish-blonde messy hair that finished just where her hips are. Her skin is very pale and soft. Her eyes are the color of ember and are big. She's in good shape, no fat all muscle, except for her boobs that are a C cup. Her face is very delicate and skinny. She only wears clothes she makes so most of the clothes she wears are made out of silk. She always wears a under shirt and short, though most of them time she covers up with loose big clothes because her body embarrasses her. Image and video hosting by

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sorry for the elder scrollsyness i was listening to the morrowind soundrack while writing this Name: Indoril Mencele Species: Dark Elf Gender: Male Age: Eighty-four Weapon: -Pyromancy -Necromancy -Poisoned arrows Skills: -Magic -Ranged combat -Enchanting -Poison making Personality: Indoril is the strong, silent type, preferring his actions to speak more than his words. Though, once you crack him, he's the kind of Elf you'd like to have a beer or two with. He's good at magic, and is up to help anyone who needs it, provided they pay him. He's fatherly and will not try to let go of his twin daughters, even though they're pushing forty themselves. IF he doesn't like you, however, he tends to prank before he kills. If he really hates you, it's guaranteed that there will be blood. History: Indoril was born to the Mencele dynasty, an affluent trading family. Because of this, he had never even seen the Dark Forest until he was fifteen years of age. Until he was twenty, he lived a fairly cushy life in the human capital of Corona, but he and his family were traveling to see family when they were ambushed by an elven squadron. His parents were killed, and he was left for dead. He was discovered and taken in by a Dark Elven clan of spellswords, and he has lived there ever since. Forty years ago, he even fathered two children: Aranea and Anara. When he was forty himself, shortly before his daughters were born, he learned that Corona thought he was dead. The buisness went to an uncle. Appearance: Indoril is tall, muscular, even though he takes the appearance of a late middle-aged human. For a Dark Elf, he's at the top of his game. His hair is a dark black, peppered with gray and white, and his downturned eyes are a permanent solid red, the mark of the Dark Elf. They have well-earned wrinkles, and a scar slashes through his right one. His nose is beaked, large, and his mouth is small. There are smile lines etched into the sides of them. His clothes are usually made up of armors, hewn from rough chitin and soft cloth. Occassionally, he wears flowing robes.

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Jaja no worries, i absolutly love him. <3 Accepted

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 Name:Rupert Carstairs
Gender: male 
Weapon: Rupert is exceptionally strong, and doesn't really like fighting. He
carries a cane that's actually a sheathed knife. 
Skills: sewing, cloth cutting, shrewd businessesman, trained fighter, gentleman,
painter, writer, musician, 
Rupert is a particular breed of highbrow vampire, overly wealthy. This has left him quite
spoilt, with too many airs and graces that are quite false and rehearsed. Often, this kind
and soft persona will break, showing a killer underneath who is still rather young and
would love nothing more than to haul himself in libraries and read, or make dresses and
garments in general. He's rather snooty and pompous, depending on your social class and
race. Rupert is quick to anger and quite a grumpy sod, though underneath there is
something of a boy who simply wishes to be left alone by everyone. 
Rupert is a casually tall vampire, around 6''1 and overly skinny, just as he should be.
His hair is shoulder length, dark brown and curly, he shudders at the thought of it being
cut short in any way and contrasts perfectly with his almost translucent skin. Being a
rather high class vampire, there are no whites to his eyes, only a full black which rarely
shine in the light and make it so he is able to see in the dark, though he's rendered
almost blind in the light. His teeth are obviously pointed and large, leaving him with a
lisp and making it so his mouth can never close fully. They're almost as sharp as his
fingernails, though they're much cleaner. He has paper thin lips, a small nose and his
ears are pointed ever so slightly. He plucks his eyebrows, though they always grow back,
much to his annoyance. 

huge ass w.I.p

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