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Rules and Student Creation

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1-	Don’t be cruel to other player, unless it’s to character-to-character then that’s

2-	No crybering, take it to the messages!

3-	Please be active! 

4-	Don't kill off other people's characters! (Unless you have the creator's permission)

5-	You can swear on here, just don't talk like a sailor.

6-	You can create as many characters as you want!! (Just make sure you can keep up with

7-     Be creative, please don't copy a character. 

8-	Lastly, have fun!

Character Creation!

Full Name:

Date of Birth: (ages 15-18 please)

Nicknames: (if they have any)


Sexual orientation: (can be anything, I don’t judge) 

Appearance: (unless you have a photo, then you can skip this.)

Languages spoken:

Occupation(s): (if they have one)


Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: (if they have any)



Picture: (it is better if its anime, but you don't have to)

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Full Name: Alexander Ryak Date of Birth: September 28th, 1995 Nicknames: Alex Sex: Male Sexual orientation: Bisexual Appearance: (unless you have a photo, then you can skip this.) Languages spoken: English, French. Occupation(s): (if they have one) Interests: Alexander had many interests in the past such as art, music and mostly anything that will pull him away from the bad things in his life. But as he grew up, he realized he got rather bored of things pretty fast before he got into anything. Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: (if they have any) Personality: To put it simply, Alexander is the quiet, introverted yet cocky and arrogant boy he wishes to see himself just for the attention of others, the attention he didn't get as a child. He plays around with people when he feels like it, and it's hard to tell what he's thinking and feeling when everything else going on inside his head is rather horrid. He doesn't need friends, coming from the fact that he was used for things when growing up, and after going through this period, he realized he was better off alone, so he pulled himself away from others and did his own thing. Still, he often gets into fights saying he 'enjoys the pain'. History: Alexander didn't have the high life, he was expected to do things on his own and take responsibility, but he never really tried and had trouble coping with things around him. His parents were the cruel type, both alcoholics who fought whenever Alexander was near, causing himself to be traumatized by the abuse he got when he was younger. After his mother left, his father became enraged and started to abuse him even more, sometimes sexually, sometimes mentally, and that put a big toll on him. By the time he was old enough at the age of fifteen, he moved out rather quickly and found Hakuo, a place where he felt he could get away from everything. So, he picked up a few jobs and did some work overtime, filling his needs to survive, but as time passed, he couldn't seem to feel anything anymore. He was just a boy with no dreams, and no one to go to. Picture: // Full Name: Hinata Albrech Date of Birth: 12/31/1996 Nicknames: Sex: Female Sexual orientation: Straight Languages spoken: Japanese, English. Occupation(s): She works at a flower shop. Interests: Hinata has always been interested in becoming stronger, fighting and even bringing peace and joy to the world. Due to her shy personality and inability to speak up, it all pulls her back into a little corner called 'socially-awkward'. Despite this, she takes love and care towards beautiful things, like flowers. Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Hinata is incredibly shy and has trouble speaking up, thus, she hides behind something until they leave or come up to her. Thus, people often think she's mute or can't hear or just has problems with talking to people, which is somewhat true. Personality: Hinata is shy, she loves having fun and laughing and playing and fighting, but because of the fact she was told to stay away from danger of others, she grew a detatchment from people and grew distant, becoming more paranoid of speaking to others, and kept herself by her families side. Thus, she never really spoke up to anyone, and is rather quite intent. Despite this, she has always dreamed to become strong and powerful like her dad, even if it means coming out from her shell, which she still finds hard to do. History: Picture: // Full Name(s): Alice and Abyss Date of Birth: 1995 Nicknames: (if they have any) Sex(s): Female Sexual orientation(s): Alice is straight, Abyss is pan-sexual. Appearance: (unless you have a photo, then you can skip this.) Languages spoken: English Occupation(s): (if they have one) Interests(s): Alice has an interest in stuffed animals, though that hardly shows through the cold distant personality that is rather dual between sweet and twisted. She doesn't care for a lot of things, but there are the times when she grows attached to something, and won't give it up, even if she were to die. She loves meat beyond anything else, and will go crazy at the chance to get some, and rather becomes 'changed' when she goes without it for even a day. Thus, she is said to be the strange one. While her twin Abyss, is the twisted crazy one who has several problems, despite being like her sister. Abyss has a crazed love for dolls and everything creepy, the screams that fill her dreams, and puppies and bees give her nightmares. Her twisted thinking gives off strange habits to them both. Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Alice doesn't consider herself to have any problems, though ADHD might be in her case says others, possibly depression and bipolar. Otherwise, she's a typical girl who has strange interests but considers herself normal like everyone else. Abyss on the other hand, has a major case of paranoia, depression, bipolar, and an addiction of human blood and interest of the human body. Thus, it would be normal for her to go around licking and playing with others to test them out, she's rather more twisted than you think. Personality(s): Alice's dual personality started with her being the sunshine to everyone's eyes, blocking the light to her sister and casting a shadow on her in life. She loved to smile, but her only friend was a stuffed black rabbit she got before her mother and died, both daughters getting the exact stuffed animal, but switched colors like them. Alice was bright, cheerful and radiant. Always happy, but it changed when she realized she couldn't get out and interact with others, she was scared to show her face. And this was the problem. Being locked in her room for all her life has ruined part of her personality, and now that she's cold, distant and introverted she has problems adjusting to others when all she wants to do is beat them up and be left alone. Despite this, she yearns to feel happy again, and wants friends to be with, someone to fall in love with, and to be herself again. Abyss on the other hand was traumatized ever since she was born. She was different from her sister. She talked to herself constantly, laughing at nothing and had strange interests in pinning dolls and stuffed animals she pretended to have tea parties with, and the friends she had and brought over, suddenly disappeared. She had a crazy love of passion for the arts of the body, dolls and the bloody things around her, though it was hidden behind the beautiful happy expression she always had on her face, but get close enough, you can see the true Madman inside of her eyes, just don't let her get a hold of you. Her childish personality had changed from when she was little, she didn't get enough attention and put all of her hate towards her sister, even times where she dyed her hair and pretended to be her, to ruin her life. Still, her behavior has changed since then and she still has the feeling inside to become something better than herself and her sister, but sadly she's just another shadow that wasn't found. Despite this, between her and Alice, she sticks out more with her albino appearance. While Alice on the other hand, has darkened hair and clothing and doesn't wear a lot of girly clothing. History: For many years till the age of seven, both twin girls stuck out immediately for being completely different. Alice had the interest of fighting with her father and staying away in her room when angry, while Abyss was the one lacking attention and tried to get it, but when all else failed, she stuck herself in her room for the rest of her teen years playing with dolls and locking herself away in there. Alice didn't have friends, she hated being lied and cheated to, so she kept herself distant and remained in her room with her only friend, a black stuffed rabbit who seemed to keep her company. She was the bright cheerful type, while Abyss remained the same throughout the years, except had a few friends that soon disappeared after, no one knows for sure what happened. But as time passed and they reached their teens of eleven, their mother died of an incident they didn't really understand. And since then, the two have become depressed and worked their way up the distant ladder of where they would never come out again. By the time they were old enough, their father sent them out to Hakuo where they would learn to make friends and interact. If not, there would be a consequence. Picture:

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Thank you I'm on the phone so i'll set it up later.

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Okay take your time

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Okay, I always like to kick off a club with a little bit of Homestuck. Be warned, but they only share an appearance and a backstory with Rose and Dave. Full Name: Marcus and Alessia LaChance. Date of Birth: December 3rd and 4th, 1995 11:53 p.m. and 12:01 a.m. Nicknames: Marcus goes by Mark, but his twin doesn't like to keep a nickname. Sex: Marcus is a Male. Alessia is a Female. Sexual Orientation: They both enjoy the same gender. Appearance: Languages spoken: Marcus speaks only English and barely-passed-Spanish 3-quality Spanish. Alessia is fluent in English, German, and a little bit of self-taught French. She is fluent in written and read Elvish. Occupation: Marcus worked at Starbucks for a while, but now is an assistant at the local dojo. Alessia sold scarves and handmade sculptures on Etsy. Interests: Marcus Marcus likes to work with swords, Photoshop, and photography, and is generally in it for the irony. He keeps a hipster blog for fun, but is not a hipster. He will hate anyone who accuses him on the fact that he is one. His favorite movie is anything with Owen Wilson or Ben Stiller in it. Night at the Museum is a good one for him. He plays guitar. Alessia She likes knitting, nature, fine art, and writing, but she has a darker side. Her favorite author is Lovecraft, her favorite movie is Ringu. Her night is not complete without completing another chunk of a game like Amnesia or a movie like Children of the Corn. She plays violin. Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: They both suffer from albinism, a trait that literally made them born without any melanin in their eyes, hair, and skin. They also have pretty bad eye problems. Alessia is legally blind without glasses or contact lenses (that barely work), and Marcus is photophobic. Marcus has also had a few problems with drug addictions, mostly a recurring problem with marijuana and alcoholism. Personality: Marcus, at first, seems stoic and sociopathic, but he really is a sweet guy. He's had a pretty shitty life, but hasn't let himself fall into a depression yet! He doesn't talk much, but seems to be a genius under the facade he's built for himself. For Alessia, it's hard to break her shell unless you really know her. You can only really find her in the library or in the parks. She does try to talk, but her conversations can be awkward. She is a member of MENSA. History: Marcus and Alessia are twins, born approximately nine minutes apart. They often blame themselves on tearing their family apart. Their mother, the dashing biologist Roxy and the weapons expert Dirk divorced when they were six, making Alessia move to New York and Marcus stay in Texas. They split their wealth, but one family spent it more wisely than the other. They grew up together mainly on Skype, and on months when they were able to spend time together (shared custody). It was only when they were allowed to come here that they really got to reunite. Picture:

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Please be original, don't complete base them on Homestuck. Other then that you're

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Their personalities are actually completely mirrored from the comic's characters.

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Be creative, that's the point to make your own character.

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Full Name: Ashely Frolov Date of Birth: March 21st 1996 Nicknames: Ash Sex: Male Sexual orientation: -not sure yet- Languages spoken: English and Russian Interests: Ash is known for being alone, so he passed time by usually reading a book or jotting things down. He likes being in a calm places where he can just lay back and listen to is music. Ashely was taught how to play the Piano at a young age, and he quite enjoys playing when people aren't usually around. He's often plays internet games and is good with computer software and programming. He can pretty much hack into anything given the right materials. Personality: He's quite but is very bad-tempered when pushed the wrong way. He keeps to himself and usually tries to keep away of contact from other people. Though if he likes someone he will be known for protecting them when it comes to certain situations. History: He's not really liked among his family, and is often shunned out by them. That's because he dramatically changed when his older brother passed away. He was his idol and usually look up to him, so once he was gone Ash though he had nothing left. Since then, he had gotten into fights often and was kick around school to school until finally reaching his way to Hakuo High School. Picture:  photo 30866829_p19_zps40006459.jpg
Ashely Frolov/17 
photo 30866829_p19_zpsc2908691.jpg Haru Yamada/ 18

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Full Name: Lillith Tillman Date of Birth: July 31st, 1996 Nicknames: Lil Sex: Female Sexual orientation: Severely demisexual. She has to know someone for a very long time before she feels sexually attracted to them. But as for who, she's likes dudes. Languages spoken: English, German, Japanese Occupation(s): Works at a coffee shop part-time. Interests: She spends most of her time alone, having nearly no friends. She'll be seen either reading or frantically scribbling some inspiration for a ship in her notebook. She likes spending time in public places, such as the square or the park. She thinks it's because it makes her feel less lonely. She can't help but think that maybe - just maybe - someone will stop. And talk to her, like a normal person. She enjoys clothes muchly, and spends far too much money going shopping, being a hardcore thrifter. Personality: Lillith has always been painfully shy. She doesn't make friends easily, even though she's friendly and wants to have a big group around her. She just messes up every time she tries talking to someone, or they just think that she's too much of a weirdo. She's probably the loneliest person you'll ever meet. Now, this doesn't mean she's all dark and depressed. She's actually a very happy person, and she really does try to make people like her. There's just something about her that pushes people away. She has a select few friends back at home, and if you ask any of them they'll tell you that she's super bubbly and cheerful, if you'll only give her a chance. History: Lil grew up in a huge family, and being the middle child, she got ignored and made fun of and pushed around on a daily basis. Her parents seemed to think that there wasn't really anything special about her, that she didn't deserve any spare attention that could be given to her brothers and sisters. She hated it. She hated her entire family. So she worked and saved and tried to ignore them, until the day of her fifteenth birthday. When she ran away. There was nothing in this dusty little town for her. She would miss no one. So she caught the bus to New York. People gave odd glances, of course, and she had to dodge a few concerned adults, but so far there had been no sign of her parents wanting her back. So she enrolled in a boarding school, one that didn't ask too many questions and didn't seem interested in meeting her parents. And so her new life began. Picture: pretty anime girl photo: pretty anime girl cf.jpg

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Full Name: Rachel Oshiro Date of Birth: February 15, 1996 Nicknames: Rachie Sex: Female Sexual orientation: Straight Languages spoken: Japanese and English Occupation(s): Works part-time at a clothing store Interests: Rachel finds interest in people misery. She's the girly type, always in the loop when it comes to fashion and popular topics. As a simple hobby she likes photography and the digital arts. Collecting magazine and shopping is defiantly on the top of the list. Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Narcissism and Gossip Personality: She is a very vain person and usually thinks everyone are below her. When it comes to liking someone she is overly attached to them. You can say she has a very mean personality and for the most part thats right. She's always plans ahead and is cunning when it comes to practical jokes or just messing with people. At other schools she's been to she has always been the popular one. Being born in a rich family she is grown onto a a selfish trait and expects everything to be given to her. History: Rachel was born into a family of 3 girls, her being the youngest. Her father is a CEO of a large company that deals with manufacturing computer software and bodies to neighboring or over seas companies. She never grew up without mother so her father spoiled her and her sisters with gifts constantly. Due to work he moved the family around often resulting in changing schools and the building point of her attitude. Finally moving to a new place, a new beginning, her journey starts at Hakuo High. Picture:

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Full Name: Yukii Oonishi Date of Birth: June 8th, 1995 Nicknames: Kii Sex: Male Sexual orientation: He prefers sticking to liking his own gender (girls are to to much drama for him) Languages spoken: English and Japanese Occupation(s): Works part-time at a clothing store with Rachel Interests: He enjoys doing makeovers, painting, sketching people and places. Yukii learned how to draw from his older sister, Ari, who was an artist when she was younger. He enjoys hanging with people who might share the same qualities as him. Yukii enjoys going to museums that have Greek sculptures and that are very committed to there art pieces. Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: He has a very light case of OCD. Personality: He is friendly to anyone that is pleasant or is not self-centered. He is very hard-working when it comes to school work and his job. He is very generous to those in need. He is polite and easy-going when you get to know him. But if you get on his bad side he can be very vain and nasty to those who harm, violate, or verbally assault his close friends. History: When he was 8 his parents were in a horrible car accident leaving his older sister to take care of him. Even being quickly thrown into this responsibility she responded with positive results. As a young independent woman at 20 she had to take on many jobs to support them. Throughout his childhood they moved from place to place in struggle. When Yukii turned 15 he took on his first job, helping pay for expenses. They recently moved near his new school Hakuo High School he decided to get his new job in something he enjoyed and now he wants to make new friends and hopes to permanently stay at this new location. Picture:
Yukii/18 Cedric/30 Catherine/18

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