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WTF Thats just wrong!

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29 April 2012, 08:23 AM   #1
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ok So we all know that twilight is For Gay kids and Hipsters But whats Really sick is how
wrong the facts in 
Twilight is  

#1 Vampires Burn in Sunlight 

#2 Only Fairies,pixies and magic Poop sparkles

#3 Vampires Can't Have Babies its just not possible
their dead their heart is not beating so The Male can't Get off 
the Female also Dead, No Eggs.

#4   Veggie Vampires? no nonononononono 
No! they need Human Blood,Animal blood Can 
keep them alive for a few days But keeps them very 
weak they wouldn't be able To function.

#5 Kill the Author who knows nothing!!!

Oh and the new movie With a Vampire played by jhonny Depp 
I can't wait for that to come out Hope It's as good as it looks  
(Epic V)

29 April 2012, 09:09 AM   #2
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29 April 2012, 09:15 AM   #3
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lol I saw your pic and just lol'd.

29 April 2012, 06:03 PM   #4
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Actually, some vampires feed on human souls and some can take a humans soul by kissing
them. Vampires are also amazing at seducing humans -orgasmic face- I want to date a
vampire just cause humans suck balls and shall all burn in hell ><

29 April 2012, 07:27 PM   #5
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lol yeah I know about that they are a vampire In Japan they are called the 
 Bounts, Soul Sucking Being's Also Thought as Vampires,They Seem like the 
normal person But do not age they can be Centuries old.

30 April 2012, 03:25 PM   #6
Guest Poster
HAHA! I should my 23 year old sister this. She would scream bloody murder then take the
computer and throw it and the hunt you guys down...... But I don't feel like it......

30 April 2012, 09:08 PM   #7
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He he he your sister is a Twi-hard?
,you poor soul.

* I Don't Care what lovey Dovey Buffy says about You,
there's only room For one Hot pedo vampire in this world!* 

2 May 2012, 11:58 AM   #8
Guest Poster
I still hate Twilight but heres a list of characters I actually don't mind:
Jacob with his sexy body and long hair. (I don't like how his hair suddenly gets short
when he gets abs. You can't have one or the other?)

I raged at a resteraunt about Twilight to my family. I said that I hate how vampires
really got popular when Twilight came out and people say they love vampires but only have
read Twilight. No one knows who Dracula was or have even read Dracula or watched the
movies. Same with Nosferatu but that one I haven't seen. Then I told my brother in law
Bernie about Dracula and who he really was and proved that I knew Dracula was a real
person. I have been telling people that since 6th grade. Before I even started going deep
into research about Dracula like I did this year. People are either shocked or don't
believe me.

2 May 2012, 11:06 PM   #9
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of coarse, Vlad the Impaler Was his Original Title, 
Vlad the Impaler  probably caused more rivers of blood to flow than any other tyrant in
the history of the world. Bear in mind that there are many versions of Vlad the Impaler's
life story, and there are no entirely accurate ones. I have cross referenced every detail
but it's still hard to find the most accurate story

2 May 2012, 11:13 PM   #10
Guest Poster
You aren't forgetting the Kuyang of the Phillipenes? A young woman by day, and at night,
her head would depart from her body (along with her internal organs). She would feed on
the blood of pregnant women.

2 May 2012, 11:41 PM   #11
Guest Poster
You sound like me. I'm going to a family dinner tommorrow, I plan to bring my Pikachu,
quote Harry Potter every five minutes, and rant about Twilight to my stupid cousins.

3 May 2012, 12:38 AM   #12
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Last edited by ‹<<V>Vampire_Vixen<V>>›, 3 May 2012
Sound's like Erzsébet Báthory, La Comtesse Sanglante 
or in translation The Bloody Countess She Believed 
Bathing in young, or pregnant Woman's blood Would Keep her youthful.
   born into one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Transylvania. Her family had
many powerful relatives -- a cardinal, princes, and a cousin who was prime minister of
Hungary are among these relatives. The most famous relative was Istvan (ISHT-vahn) Bathory
(1533-86). Istvan was prince of Transylvania and king of poland from 1575-86. It has been
said that At around the age of 4 or 5, Elizabeth had violent seizures. These may have been
caused by epilepsy or another neurological disorder and may have something to do with her
"psychotic" behavior later in life.

1575: Age 15, Elizabeth married Count Ferenc (pronounced FAIR-entz) Nadasdy (NAW-dawzhd
with silent y). The Count was  26 years of age. The count took Elizabeth's surname so that
she could keep her name. They lived together in Castle Cséjthe (which in hungarian is
pronounced CHAY-tuh). In Slovak this Castle is named Cachtice (pronounced CHAKH-teet-suh).
[To this day there is rivalry between the Hungarians and the Slovak's and you will get a
blank expression if you refer to the "wrong" name.] The count spent a great deal of time
away from home fighting in wars and for this he was nicknamed "The Black Hero of Hungary".
While her husband was away Elizabeth's manservant Thorko introduced her to the occult. For
a brief time Elizabeth eloped with a "dark stranger". Upon her return to Castle Cachtice
the count did forgive her for her leaving. Back at the castle, Elizabeth couldn't tolerate
her domineering mother-in-law. With the help of her old nurse Ilona Joo, she began to
torture the servant girls. Her other accomplices included the major-domo János Ujvary
(pronounced YAH-nosh OOEE-vahr-yuh), Thorko, a forest witch named Darvula and a witch
Dorottya Szentes. The first ten years of their marriage, Elizabeth bore no children
because she and Ferenc shared so little time together as he pursued his "career." Then
around 1585, Elizabeth bore a girl whom she named Anna, and over the following nine years
gave birth to two more girls, Ursula and Katherina, and in 1598 bore her first and only
son, Paul. Judging from letters she wrote to relatives, she was a good wife and protective
mother, which was not surprising since nobles usually treated immediate family very
differently from the lower servants and peasant classes.

1600: At age 51, Count Ferenc died in battle and thus began Elizabeth's period of
atrocities. First, she sent her hated mother-in-law away from the Castle. By this time it
is thought that she had dabbled into some forms of sorcery, attending rituals that
included the sacrificing of horses and other animals. Elizabeth, now 40 years old, grew
increasingly vain and she feared the thought of aging as she may lose her beauty. One day
a servant girl accidentially pulled her hair while combing it. Elizabeth slapped the
girl's hand so hard she drew blood. The girls blood fell into ELizabeth's hand and she
immediately thought that her skin took on the freshness of her young maid. She believed
that she had found the secret of eternal youth. Elizabeth had her major-domo and Thorko
strip the maid and then cut her and drain her blood into a huge vat. Elizabeth bathed in
it to beautify her entire body.

1600 - 1610: Elizabeth's henchmen continued to provided Elizabeth with new girls for the
blood-draining ritual and her blood baths. Elizabeth went out of her way to see to it that
the dead girls were given proper Christian burials by the local Protestant pastor, at
least initially. As the body count rose, the pastor refused to perform his duties in this
respect, because there were too many girls coming to him from Elizabeth who had died of
"unknown and mysterious causes." She then threatened him in order to keep him from
spreading the news of her "hobby" and continued to have the bodies buried secretly. Near
the end, many bodies were disposed of in haphazard and dangerously conspicuous locations
(like nearby fields, wheat silos, the stream running behind the castle, the kitchen
vegetable garden, etc.).  But one of her intended victims escaped and told the authorities
about what was happening at Castle Cachtice. King Mátyás (MAHT-yash) of Hungary ordered
Elizabeth's own cousin, Count György (pronounced DYERD-yuh) Thurzo, governor of the
province to raid the castle. On December 30, 1610 they raided the castle and they were
horrified by the terrible sights. One dead girl in the main room, drained of blood and
another alive whose body had been pierced with holes. In the dungeon they discoverd
several living girls, some of whose bodies had been pierced several times. Below the
castle, they exhumed the bodies of some 50 girls.

1611: A trial was held at Bitcse. Elizabeth, who refused to plead either guilty or
innocent, and never appeared in the trial.. At this trial Johannes Ujvary, major-domo,
testified that about 37 unmarried girls has been killed, six of whom he had personally
recruited to work at the castle. The trial revealed that most of the girls were tortured
for weeks or even months. They were cut with scissors, pricked with pins, even prodded
with burning irons onto short spikes in a cage hung from the ceiling to provide Bathory
with a "blood shower". Sometimes the two witches tortured these girls, or the Countess did
it herself. Elizabeth's old nurse testified that about 40 girls had been tortured and
killed. In fact, Elizabeth killed 612 women -- and in her diary, she documented their
deaths. A complete transcript of the trial was made at the time and it survices today in
Hungary. Of the people involved in these killings, all but Countess Bathory and the two
witches were beheaded and cremated. Due to her nobility, Elizabeth was not allowed by law
to be executed. The tow accomplices had their fingers torn out and were burned alive. The
court never convicted Countess Elizabeth of any crime, however she was put under house
arrest. She was sentenced to life imprisonment in her torture chamber and stonemasons were
brought to wall up the windows and doors of the with the Countess inside. They left a
small hole through which food could be passed. King Mátyás II demanded the death penalty
for Elizabeth but because of her cousin, the prime minister, he agreed to an indefinitely
delayed sentence, which really meant solitary confinement for life.

1614: On July 31 Elizabeth (age 54) dictated her last will and testament to two cathedral
priests from the Esztergom bishopric. She wished that what remained of her family holdings
be divided up equally among her children, her son Paul and his descendants were the basic
inheritors though. Late in August of the year 1614 one of the countess's jailers wanted to
get a good look at her, since she was still reputedly one of the most beautiful women in
Hungary. Peeking through the small aperture in her walled-up cell, he saw her lying face
down on the floor. Countess Elizabeth Bathory was dead. Her body was intended to be buried
in the church in the town of Cachtice, but the grumbling of local inhabitants found
abhorrent the idea of having the "infamous Lady" placed in their town, on hallowed ground
no less! Considering this, and the fact that she was "one of the last of the descendants
of the Ecsed line of the Bathory family", her body was placed to the northeastern
Hungarian town of Ecsed, the original Bathory family seat.

3 May 2012, 01:33 PM   #13
Guest Poster
I'm going to see part2 of Breaking Dawn but that's only because I want to laugh at
idiots... . I also want to see Renesmee.

11 July 2012, 11:39 AM   #14
Guest Poster
Jacob cut his hair because his hair and his fur are about the same length.

I don't approve of Twilight, but I also don't approve of all the gay=twilight. I got
friends and relatives who are gay.

11 July 2012, 11:47 AM    #15
Guest Poster
No. When Jacob became his werewolf self his hair got shorter and he became more muscular.
Pretty much over night. That doesn't happen >< And he takes his shirt off way too much.
The actors suck and probably are the reason why it sucks so much. They made an OK book to
a shitty movie. Twilight should never exist. And your Gay comment.... I have Gay friends.
I still use the term Gay all the time. I also use fag all the time. I call kids who harass
me and my friends faggots. I know the meaning Idgaf. I can't wait till City of Bones comes
out. I really hope its good because Mortal Instruments is an amazing series and I love the
characters. I love Jace and Clary and think they make a cute couple. The book is so ironic
because their in love with each other but their siblings but turns out their not really
siblings. Sebastian and Jace just have the same name and were raised by the same person.
Jace was just abandoned at the age of 10 cause Valentine got bored with him while
Sebastian was actually kept. City of Bones is gonna be a funny ass movie.

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