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A Mythical Nightmare

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4 July 2011, 06:37 PM   #1
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gahh, haven't been posting lately.
Decided to write a story, tell me what you think? (:


Ch. 1

   I was walking through a lush green forest. The fog was heavy, covering everything
more than a foot in front of me. As I walked, my breathing became shallow. Something
didn’t feel right. I kept hearing noises, like someone was walking behind me and
mumbling, but every time I looked over my shoulder, nothing was there. My step quickened
until I found myself running, the trees a blur as I pass them.
   The sounds also quickened. I felt like I was being followed, stalked, watched. No
matter where I turned, the steps followed, anticipating my every move. I ran faster, my
lungs aching with every step I took.
   That’s when I tripped, like I was in a bad and predictable horror film. But this
wasn’t a movie. This was real life.
    Wasn’t it?
     The steps stopped beside my body. I tried to get up, but couldn’t. My body was
stiff, like an invisible force was pushing me into the ground. The being chuckled, a
chuckle that made my heart seize with fear. I opened my mouth to scream, but then a warm
hand pressed against my lips.
     “Shhh… Don’t fret my dear.” A seductive voice said, melting away my fears and
sending my heart on a confusing, yet exhilarating, roller coaster. I have never met this
man before, but I felt like I’ve known him all my life. I suddenly had the urge to bring
him closer to me, to cuddle in his warmth. 
    He stroked my cheek. “My name is Timothy Vercalli. I’ve come to rescue you,
lovely. Rescue you from this chaotic and unfair world which you humans dwell in.”
   The name sounded vaguely familiar. Despite his strange words, I seemed to know where
I’ve talked to him before, seen him before, though he never talked in that sort of
fashion. I gathered up my courage, and took a deep breath. “I think I know you.”
   The man chuckled again. “You wish you knew me, but sadly, I’m just a figment of
your delusional imagination.”
   He disappeared, and I was free of my bondage.
   But I felt different. I felt lighter, stronger, faster. Like an upgraded version of
myself. I got up and dusted the dirt off my jeans. The fog around me cleared, and I was
facing a large stone building. The bricks were old and chipped, and carved into them were
images of witches and dragons. There were cobble steps leading up to an intricate porch.
The door was a small wooden plank with a brass knocker. There were no windows or a roof.
   I gazed at the building, and started walking towards it. As I got closer, the trees
seemed to shift into large pillars, holding goblets of fire. The path I was walking on,
which was a narrow dirt road before, turned into cobblestone, moss growing between the
   I also seemed to change. My hair grew to the middle of my stomach, and my face narrowed
and lightened. My eyes grew larger, and seemed to have been lined in black. My lips were
full and blood red, and I was wearing a long, flowing, black velvet dress.
    The building now loomed over me. I was standing at a castle moat, its bridge gently
lowering itself on the bank on the other side. That wasn’t there before… I thought,
and then crossed the bridge. The door swung open as I approached it, and I entered a
spacious but poorly lit room. The floor was a deep copper, and the walls were painted dark
red. Pushed against one of the walls was a Victorian styled velvet couch, and in front of
the couch was a low wooden table. Candles and other incense were placed on the table.
Other than those items and a rusted chest in the corner of the room, the place was bare.
   I walked up to the chest and examined it. The chest was a small wooden box with a metal
trim. It needed a key, a large one by the looks of it. I picked up the box and shook it.
   “What are you doing here?” a cold and demanding voice said behind me. I froze, my
heart starting to accelerate. He laid a hand on my shoulder, and a current went through my
entire body. It felt like lightning struck my heart.
   Next thing I knew, I was peering into a black abyss. 


to be continued♥

4 July 2011, 06:51 PM   #2
Guest Poster
*claps*very epic and awesome

4 July 2011, 06:52 PM   #3
Guest Poster
Ahh! I Love It!!!! <3

9 July 2011, 07:16 PM    #4
Guest Poster

     I woke up in a cold sweat.
     The dream felt so real, even though I knew something like that could not have
possibly happened. There was no such thing as vampires, werewolves, or any other mystical
being. They’re just characters in stories, letting the childish mind run amuck and
destroy their sense of realism.
     Bundling the now damp sheets, I got out of bed and started walking towards the
laundry basket, pausing to look in the mirror on the way. It did seem that my features
changed overnight. My face did grow narrower, which brought more attention to my eyes,
making them seem larger and a darker shade of green. My honey blonde hair grew from
shoulder length to the middle of my stomach. I thought nothing of it, deciding I was just
hallucinating from my dream.
     After I placed the sheets on the pile of dirty laundry, I opened my bedroom door and
headed for the bathroom. It was just a dream, nothing more. I thought, attempting to erase
the questions that had risen in my mind.
     Approaching the bathroom, I cleared my throat, and knocked. “Is anyone in here?”
When no one responded I opened the door, only to be greeted with a foul smell.
      “MILOS!” I shrieked. Milos was my nineteen year old brother. I pretty much
titled him as the world’s greatest slacker. He dropped out of high school when he was
sixteen years old, and has been living off my parents’ paycheck. He travels with what
you would call the “bad crowd.” Every night he comes home late and intoxicated to the
point where he can barely stand. My parents don’t know about his late night arrivals,
since they retire for the night around 10pm.
      “Calm down Matsy.” Milos said, suddenly appearing beside me. I cringed at the
nickname he gave me when I was twelve years old; completely ignoring the fact my brother
acquired some sort of quiet agility. My real name is Samantha, but getting Milos to call
me that again would be like trying to catch fireflies in broad daylight.
       “Milos, you unsanitary freak. You need to learn how to flush the toilet!” I
said, eyeing my brother with obvious disgust. He chuckled, amused.
       “Dearest Matsy, I do know how to flush the toilet, I just don’t because I know
how much it irks you.” He replied.
     I shut the bathroom door. Giving him another disgusted glance, I stormed past him and
down the stairs. Before I reached the bottom landing, I heard him yell, “Matsy! Your
hair is really pretty when it’s long!”
    I paused, and slowly turned around. I thought that was just a hallucination. Did my
hair really grow that fast? I looked at Milos, who was now standing at the top of the
staircase. He seemed to have changed too. His nose had grown more slender, and every
pimple on his face had disappeared. He actually looked more… handsome.
    Then I looked in his eyes.
    They looked smaller, and were tinted a bright shade of purple. But they way he looked
at me…
     Suddenly, I had a sense of recognition. Those eyes don’t belong to my brother. They
had a menacing appearance, almost if something evil lurked in the sea of hazel. I had a
strong feeling that those eyes belonged to the man who was chasing me in my dream. Milos
smiled crookedly, almost as if he knew it too.
     That thought scared me. I turned and ran down the remaining steps, dashed through the
living room, and out the door. I could hear mother calling my name, asking what’s wrong.

     I knew for a fact that my life was about to be completely different after that day. 

-End Chapter 1-

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