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The Ruins of an Enourmus Old Mansion

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19 May 2011, 09:55 PM   #1
Guest Poster
 This is Chellvells' Hideout. He and some other powerful vampires are here and
planning to attack the city soon---unless thier myserious trap works. 
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Names of Main Powerful Vampires in Chellvells' deadly Army: 
Vincent: [black hair with green eyes, on left]
 Fang:[white hair, furthest left]
 Z:[brown curly hair, middle]
 Jaques:[white hair on the right]
 Edward:[orange hair, farthest right]
Everyone eles are easily destroyed weaker vampires.

21 May 2011, 06:02 PM   #2
Guest Poster
Somewhere deep in the town, located near the moutains, Chellvell and his followers
gathered togather in an abandoned Mansion--And not just any abandoned mansion. It was the
very first mansion that Elizabeths' father and Chellvell had once lived in togather. It
was ANCIENT. It was alos very beautiful in a tragic sort of way; just the way Chellvell
wanted the scenary to be. No one knew this place better then him. Well, maybe Elizabeths'
father but he was dead. Chellvell had all the advantages there. He walked acoss what was
left of the now cold and aged stone floors, slowly in his smooth stalking like walk as he
headed over to twenty other vampires. Out of the twenty, fourteen of the vampires where
new borns. The other six vampires where almost as strong has Chellvell and each had thier
own speacial abilities. Vincent....Fang...Edward...Jaques...and Z. Each of them held a
specific power to destroy---And togather, they where unstopable. "The time is getting
closer...." Chellvells dark voice purred evilly from the shadows as he appaered in front
of them. His bright crimson eyes where glistening with sheer madness. Fang smirked as he
dropped a lifeless human corps that had been sucked dry of blood. He licked his lips.
"Delicious." he remarked back. Vincents' bright green eyes made thier own glow through the
dimness of the room and he had a blank facial expression as he strecthed out a pair of
black wings from his back. "Hmh..." he grunted. Edward and Jaques both gave a dark smirk,
showing thier fangs. "I can't wait." Edward remarked, feeling excited about the battle. He
was dying to destroy something. Z on the other hand was quiet. He simply looked at
Chellvell. However, he was incrediblely intelligent and sly. He was proberly thinking
about how well all the traps Chellvell layed out for them would work. Chellvell looked at
Fang with disgust. "How barbaric..." He purred in his dark voice as his crimson eyes
seemed to glow. He shook his head and picked up a glass fileld with blood, taking a long
sip. He then sighed a little and looked around the mansion, seeing how dead and worthless
it was--even the glass he drank from had a chip in it. I can't believe I'm here hiding
out while that spoiled little pink haired brat has all the money she can dream off! He
thought with a narrow of his eyes and he squeezed the glass so hard it shattered in his
hands. "GerrrrRRRRAAAAHHHH!" He roared to the top of his lungs and smashed in part of a
crumbling decayed wall with his fist, causing it to cave in. If my brother where still
alieve I'd kill him AGAIN!  he thought, looking insane. He began breaking things. They
all looked at Chellvell, wacthing him go on his rampage. Then he huffed and turned back to
them with his nostrils flaring and his eyes looking like wildfire. "Kill whoever you
wish....! but remember this--- the pink haired girl is mine!" he growled. He
thought about Shawn. He knew she had feelings for him and that formed an evil plan in his
mind. He began chuckling softly and it grew louder and louder until his laugh echoed
throughout the old mansion. He was seriously nuts. Fang, Z, Jaques, Edward, and Vincent
all smirked darkly as well. Then the dark mansion grew silent again...there was no noise
except for the soft sounds of dripping water falling from the roof and plopping onto the
stone floor. They all waitted.

5 June 2011, 03:03 PM   #3
Guest Poster

ooc: I'm going to have to double post, as much as I hate doing that   XD

Shortly after, Alice, James, Kalus, Sin, Traviss, Rose and Jhon arrived at the enterance
of the abandonded place. They stared at it cautiously before quietly heading inside. The
room was quiet...too quiet. Everything had a dull blue tent to it from years of worn and
broken stones layed about everywhere. It was also kinda hard to see since the daylight
from windows and the enterance was the only light in the place. Jhon stepped forward,
pacing ahead of the others. "Alice, stay back." He urged. He looked around and narrowed
his gaze. Then suddenly, Chellvell walked down a plattform and smirked, looking snake
like. "Good of you to come." He purred evilly. Not too far behind him, his team of
vampires followed along. Vincent, Fang, Z, Jaques, and Edward led the group of newborns.
Kalus stared at them warily. Then he looked back at Alice, Rose, and James. "They have
newborns....this is bad." "Though they are incrediblely stupid, they are powerful." "More
powerful then full bloods." "Be careful." He urged and pressed up his glasses with his
index finger, intelligentally. Rose flashed a glimpse of her fangs. "Like Hell I care."
"I'd like to see them TRY to challange me." "If they get in my way, I want hold back." she
growled. James nodded. "But remember, Chellvell is the one we want." he told them all.
Then suddenly it was a hostile silence drifting about the air as they each stood in a long
line on seperate sides of the room, facing eachother. James was eyeing Fang. Sin was
eyesing Jaques. Traviss was eyeing Z. Jhon was eyeing Vincent. James was eyeing Edward.
Rose set her sights on Chellvell and Alice stood in the back to give healing aid if she
needed. They suddenly they all lunged forward and a violent and very bloodly war took
place, nearly destroying the rest of the mansions; runins.

5 June 2011, 08:47 PM   #4
Guest Poster
 Liz hiked her way through the trees, finding her way there, pretty well. She bit
her lip and gazed up at the peck of the mountain. She thought she saw a mansion up
there....strange. Liz headed towards the place. In time, as she traveled closer, the
battle cries of a vampire fight going on could be heard. She hurried, quickening her pace
and paused near the stone enterance that had been half crumpled away. "Alice...?"
...James" She called and her wide blue eyes shifted about with uneasiness. There was so
much blood. It was almost like that horrible dream she had.  Then suddenly she heard a
shout. "Elizabeth!?" "Oh my god, no!" She jumped back as Fang lept for her out of nowhere,
and swung in incrediblely long and fast blade for her. It barely missed her, cutting a few
strands of pink from her hair. Jhon jumped onto Fangs' back like a wild animal and pulled
him backwards. The two of them fell onto the ground. Liz froze. Then Alice dashed over
with a bloody scar on her cheek and her dress ripped. "Elizabeth." "I thought we told you
to stay with Shawn." "What on earth are you doing here?" "It's dangerous!" She scolded. It
was good to hear her voice again. Liz shook her head. "Shawn dosen't need me anymore,
Alice..." She whispered, looking down as tears filled her eyes without warning. Alices'
gaze softened after she noticed the painful expression on her face. "Oh, hunny." "I was
afriad of that." Alice said in a motherly tone as she threw her arms around her and hugged
her, gently. Liz she hugged her back. James got punched hard in the face by Vincent and
was sent flying. There was a loud' crash' as he created a large whole in the wall.
"ngh...Alice!" He pulled himself up, ignoring the injuries from the impact. "Get her out
of here!" He said. Alice looked at him and then worried glanced around. "Come." "We have
to go." She ran for the enterance. They where a second too late. Chellvell had tossed Rose
into a pile of rocks, cuasing her to go momentarily unconcious. He jumped in front of
them, blocking the exit. "Well well....if it isn't my pink haired niece..." he purred
darkly with an evil grinn. Alice jumped in front of her and tried to fight Chellvell off
but he easily blasted Alice out the way. "Alice!" Liz gasped in horror at the sight of the
huge injury it created. Chellvell snatched her up by her throat shortly after. Liz pulled
at his hand and kicked as he lifted her off the ground. "And Now, I shall have the please
of crushing you, myself." Chellvell growled.

5 June 2011, 08:55 PM   #5
Guest Poster
 I unno what to do. Just stick with me here xD

Shawn was sitting in the car as Mike packed his things in his trunk. Jackle and Maria
appeared in the back of the car. Mike got in and jumped. "Where you you two come from?"
Jackle shook his head. "Drive Shawn," he said. Shawn nodded and drove in the direction of
the mansion. He had a feeling something was wrong with Liz and he didn't like the feeling.
He glanced in the review and nearly had a heart attack. Maria was sitting in the back with
her glowing red eyes. That could only mean one thing. "We're going to fight," Shawn said.
Jackle nodded. "It would be best if she was like this." Shawn nodded. "How did you do it?"
he asked. Jackle shook his head. "I didn't like it."
 Shawn pulled up in a parking lot and the four of them walked towards the mansion everyone
was in. He saw a tiny bit of pink. LIZ! his mind screamed. He wanted to run towards
her, but couldn't that would be a rookie mistake. Never take things head on. Maria stood
silently, almost invisible in the background. Her eyes stood out the most. They all headed
towards the mansion.

5 June 2011, 09:14 PM   #6
Guest Poster
 With Rose out cold, Alice fatally injured, and Traviss dead, things where not
really looking good for them. On the bright note, by this time in the bloody battle, they
managed to kill one of Chellvells' main hinchman. Jaques was dead.  Sin went into a blind
rage after she seen her brother get killed. She growled and slashed at one of the newborns
with her eyes glowing red. The newborn didn't even dodge her attacks but when it attacked
her, it was so strong, it sent her flying and nearly crushed most of her bones in the spot
it hit. "Agh." She flew onto the ground and coughed up some blood. Then she weakly braught
herself back to her feet. James was still fighting Vincent. Vincent was in his demonic
vampire looking form with his jet black wings out and horns on his head. His green eyes
seemed to glow as he shot beams of destructive power at James, blasting through the ground
around him. James dodged and jumped into the air, landing a hit on Vincent with a chello
case. It was amazing how his instrument case seemed to come in handy for him in times of
battle. Vincent growled and flew backwards from the impack. In the mist of the battle, Liz
was still in the hostile hand of Chellell. He held her in the air a moment, trying to
decide on wether he should just snap her neck or find some other violent way to end her
life forever. "ng...Let me...go." Liz growled a little as she pulled tugged at his hands.
They where gripped like stone.

5 June 2011, 09:19 PM   #7
Guest Poster
 Shawn growled. "Maria, Jackle," he said. Jackle nodded and took Maria with him to
help fight the newborns and help the Mooncrest servants. 
 Shawn looked at Mike. "You know what to do," he said. Mike nodded. When it came to
battle, there was no time for drunkenness. Shawn appeared behind Chellvell and jumped on
his back with a battle cry. Mike stayed in the shadows watching, like a surveillance
camera. He watched the whole mansion and everyone in it. He was perched on a tall pillar
as he watched. He looked a little scary of the thought about it. He sat like he did in his
picture, except there was no smile it was all seriousness. He also didn't look like a
child anymore.

5 June 2011, 10:11 PM   #8
Guest Poster

Chellvell was taken back by surprise when he suddenly felt Shawn jump onto his back.
"Rarraggghh!! Get off you little twerp!" he roared, looking mad--in the crazy sense. It
distracted Chellvell for a split second, causing his grip from Lizs' throat to loosen. Liz
broke free and fell onto the stone ground. She coughed and pulled herself up to her feet.
"S-Shawn?" She stared at the sight of the blonde haired attacking Chellvell. She couldn't
believe he came there. Chellvell powerfully grabbed Shawn by his leg and whipped him
around in a circular like motion before letting go and cuasing him to fly some random
direction and crash into something. "SHAWN!" Liz ran towards him. "Oh no you don't!"
Chellvell hissed and pulled out a ridicusly large gun from his trench coat. He shot at her
running figure. Liz was shot at serveral times and fell onto the ground. Her blood spilled
around her. Now the question was, was she still alieve after that? James stared in horror.
"No..." His voice was shakey. He growled and lunged for Chellvell, suddenly not even
caring about fighting Vincent. "I'll kill him!" He vowed as he lept for him with a dagger
in his hands. Chellvell smacked James out the way with the pistol. Then he chuckled
evilly. There was no way she survived that. Afterall, the gun was specified to kill
vampires. His job there was complete. he thought smugly. He looked around at all the chaos
of the battle. He felt he could now rightfully reclaim his right as the only Mooncrest

5 June 2011, 10:18 PM   #9
Guest Poster
 Maria appeared behind Chellvell and stabbed him with her sword. Right between his
shoulder blades. The sword went all the way through and stuck out of his chest. She was
growling. "Don't fuck with family." Jackle froze and watched. He hadn't even noticed the
girl left his side. How did she even get there so quickly? That's what he was wandering.
Shawn ran over to Liz quickly and swiftly. He examined her wounds. God, please don't
let her be dead, he thought over and over and over again. He had a feeling that this
was his fault. He had acted like and ass at the bar and he didn't see it till now.  Mike
was still perched. Must...wait...till...battle's...over... He was itching to go
help, but he couldn't fight. He healed people. Sometimes, on rare occasions, brought back
the dead. He bit his lip as he watched the battle.

5 June 2011, 10:35 PM   #10
Guest Poster
 "Gawk..." Chellvell choked as Maria suddenly stabbed him in the back in a vital
spot. He turned and hissed at her, barling his fangs as blood dripped from his lips. "How
dare you." "I will rule!-....I-....I...." His dark voice faded and he dropped onto the
ground at that moment. The people fighting on his side stopped after they seen what
happened. It was no point in continuing the battle if Chellvell was dead. Back where Liz
was laying, she didn't seem to be breathing. There was no dought about it. She was dead.
Or at least it seemed that way.... James walked forward, all injured and beat up. He
stopped near where Liz and Shawn had been and dropped to his knees. "Elizabeth..." he and
Sin where one of the only people still concious. Alice was fatally wounded, Traviss was
killed, and Alviss myseriously vanished just seconds before the battle. Some help he was.
His magic could've been very useful. Suddenly something strange began to happen. Lizs'
pink hair blew away as if it where never part of her and a figure with blonde hair could
be seen shot and laying on the ground. James stared at her and then realised instantly
that was wasn't really Elizabeth. "What the-....Alviss?" "But...When...? It was
true. The magican actually came in handy. However, his scarifce to play as Liz cost him
his life. In the split second it took her to fall from Chellvells' hand when Shawn
attacked, which everyone was distracted by Shawns' sudden appearence, Aliviss used magic
to switch places with Liz. The real Liz appeared from a rock covered hole in the wall,
after hearing Marias' voice. She peeked at them all and then walked out, completely. "Oh
no." "Alviss." She gasped and placed a hand over her mouth. He commited suicide to save
her. After the way she treated him...she felt horrorable.

6 June 2011, 01:43 AM   #11
Guest Poster
 Maria stood there, her hands at her sides. She dared not move for she was scared
she might kill another person. Jackle walked over to the scene before them, next to Maria.
He muttered something and Maria turned to normal. Apparently all this time her blood lust
was like a switch. They stood there, looking around at those dead and those injured. Shawn
sat there, looking at Alviss whom he had thought was Liz. Shawn still felt grief for
Alviss's death, even if they had never really gotten along. He bit his lip and looked up
at the pillar where Mike was perched. He jumped down and walked over. Mike bit his lip,
unsure he could actually bring back all the good vampires that were now lost. He had done
it only a few times before, but he didn't know how he did it. It took a lot of persistence
though. Mike thought and looked around. Shawn bit his lip and his gave fell on Liz. Relief
filled his heart as he saw that she was alive. He didn't know how he would live if he knew
she was dead. But now that he knew there were several people that Liz knew and held close,
kind of made him sad.

6 June 2011, 01:11 PM   #12
Guest Poster
 The room grew silent as most of the dark sided vampires had vanished once
Chellvell was slyane. There was no point in continuing to fight with no one to pay them
for it. Afterall, they where in it for the money. Liz slowly walked forward and paused,
looking at Shawn. She saw the relief in his eyes as he looked at her. She gave him a small
nod, as if telling him she was okay. Then her gaze shifted from poor Alviss, to Traviss,
and then back at the others who where mostly unconcious. Then finally, she looked to
Chellvell who was laying dead on the hard aged stone ground of the runined mansion with a
sword stabbed through his chest. It was a fitting end for him. She sighed, trying her
hardest to keep her composure strong. She walked towards them. It was finally over...but
look what it cost them? She had lost her dear parents when she was very small. She was
never alone though because they filled that empty space in her heart. They weren't just
some servents. They became her family.... And now, two of them where dead--with one of
them knowingly scarificing thier life in place of hers. Liz stopped once she was in the
spot that Shawn was standing with James, near Alviss. James looked at her but said
nothing. There was a respectful silence for thier deaths. Liz clenched her right hand into
a tight fist as tears silentally fell down her cheeks. James placed an arm around her
shoulder, soothingly. Then he turned and left to go help Alice and Rose. He lifted through
the pile of heavy rocks and dug Rose out of there.                                     
Rose coughed, looking all beat up and scracthed. He was surprised she regained
conciousness. James held her up, helping her stand. "rg...W-Where is he?" "Is Elizabeth
okay...?" She asked, weakly. James nodded. "Shh, don't push yourself." "She's
fine.....but-....." His voice trailed and his gaze shifted over at them. Rose looked at
them as well and then her eyes widened with shock as she seen Alviss' lifeless body laying
before them. "A-Alviss." She gasped in horror. She ran forward, despite her injuries and
dropped to her knees. "Aliviss noo!" "ARGGHH DAMN IT!" Tears spilled from her crimson eyes
and she burried her face in his chest. He felt cold and his heart wasn't beatting---not
that it would be, anyways. Still, the two of them where somewhat close. Lizs' eyes filled
with sheer agoney at the sight of them. She had never in her life seen Rose cry untill
this moment. James stood over Alice and warily knelt and picked her up. She seemed to be
on the verge of dying. Whatever she was shot with, blasted a large hole through her torso.
James took her in his arms and craddled her. He cursed under his breath. Ahwell. At least
she was still breathing. He carried her over to Liz and the others, hoping someone could
to a quick heal. Meanwhile, Sin was knelt near Traviss, grieving for her brother. Kalus,
and Jhon were still unconcious in different parts of the mansion. Their injures weren't
too bad, though. They just took a few hard hits.

6 June 2011, 07:42 PM   #13
Guest Poster
 Jackle and Maria stood in the shadows of all the ruins. They didn't say or do
much, not knowing what else they would do. They only fought. They didn't know how to cure
people or help. They were designed to kill. So, they just stayed away. Shawn took a deep
breath and looked at Mike. "Think you can help us?" he asked him quietly. Mike nodded. "I
think," he said softly. Mike went over to Alice and knelt next to her. He bit his lip and
looked at her, thinking for a moment. Then he put his hands over the hole in her torso and
murmured a few words that weren't quite audible. His hands had a faint glow of white and
the hole in her stomach started this weird webbing thing, like spiders do, slowly building
back whatever was lost. (I got that out of a book...x]) Mike sat there as she healed,
keeping his hands over the wound and murmuring the same words. Shawn bit his lip and
watched, not knowing what to do himself. He looked down at his feet. He was at lost at
what to do.

6 June 2011, 07:50 PM   #14
Guest Poster
  Liz and James watched as Mike began healing Alice. They waitted with anxious
expressions on thier face. Please be okay... Liz thought. Sin walked over with
Traviss in her arms. She layed him down next to Alviss and sighed, burrying her face in
her hands. Kalus regained some conciousness and groaned as he sat him. He looked around at
a blurr. "W-What happened?" He asked. His glasses where gone. Liz glanced over at him and
then looked down at her feet, noticing a cracked pair of glasses. She picked them up and
then walked over to him. "Chellvell is dead..." she said, quietly as she handed them to
him. Kalus placed them on, gratefully. "Oh, Lady Elizabeth, it's you." He said, feeling
relief she was okay. Now that he could see, he looked at the others. "Oh my." his amber
eyes widened. Liz helped him to his feet and helped him back over to where James and Rose
were. Then she sighed and looked around for Jhon.

6 June 2011, 07:55 PM    #15
Guest Poster
 Mike kept working on Alice, murmuring the words. Her wound was getting smaller,
so that was probably a good sign. Shawn looked at him, hoping he would be able to bring
the other two back. He had seen Mike do it a few times before. He bit his lips and folded
his arms, feeling a bit uncomfortable for some reason. I can't believe it's finally all
over, he thought to himself. He would smile, but this wasn't a time for smiling. Not
when there was a few injured and a couple dead. He shook his head slightly. Maria put a
hand on his shoulder in a motherly like fashion. He looked at her, then back down at
Alice. He blew a piece of blonde hair out of his eyes. Jackle leaned against the wall and
watched the scene before him. Maybe we should've brought Dane with us, he thought
with a shake of his head. He hated when he did that. He didn't come up with a good idea
till it was too late.

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