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~The Map of the Clans~

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16 November 2010, 01:21 PM   #1
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This is an improved version of the map I made:

FireClan is the mountain side at the back. The camp is placed in between the two trees at
the top.
FrostClan is the coniferous forest near the river and the Clan is somewhere in the middle
of it.
StormClan is the marshy grass-land near FireClan. Its camp is located near the tall grass.
(They are 'fast as lightning' to catch rabbits.)
NightClan is located in the oak trees near FrostClan. Its camp is also somewhere in the

There's also room for 2 more Clans. I've just listed down the ones with clubs.
The tree in the middle is the Grand Oak and the hollow next to it is where the Moonstone
Oh, and there's also a twoleg place where a kittypet named Sally lives. She is black and
white, by the way, and quite plump. c:

...Yes, I live in the countryside!
The Grand Oak and the Moonstone aren't real though.

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Sweet! Btw, when did we change it to the Grand Oak? I just went with it because everyone
else did, but when did we get the Grand Oak and the Moonstone? It was supposed to be the
magical meadow with a giant hollowed out tree, and there was no stone inside it.
Name: Foxstar 
Age: 2 seasons and 6 moons (2 years and three months)
Gender: Female

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Name: Moonfire
Age: 1 season and 9 moons (1 year and 7 months)
Gender: Male

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Name: Sunblaze
Age: 1 season (1 year)
Gender: Female

Name: Leafstorm (My actual cat)
Age: 1 season (1 year)
Gender: Female

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