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A Vampire Love Story

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5 October 2010, 02:16 AM   #1
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(I'll come up with a better title if I finish or I would love suggestions and I
absoulutely love any feedback so feel free to give some  Nicky)

Chapter 1

Dear Blair,
I love you with all my heart but I

Please forgive me for this but I can't stay with you any longer.

I wish you could

I have to do this; it’s just too dangerous around you. It seems that you’re a magnet
for danger and whenever I'm around you I usually nearly die.

   Love, Kyle

I sighed as I put down the note which I had gotten out of the mail box not long ago. It
seemed that nobody liked me anymore because of whom I used to be and who I used to hang
with. I always used to get in danger with my ex-boyfriend Kyle because of my friends...
'The Vampires'. Vampires were a dangerous species to get along with but I seemed to manage
that not so well but still ok. My old friends Jared, Thomas and Elle were some of the 'ok'
best friends I had ever had. I managed to get away from them and fly to Phoenix, where the
sun always shone so brightly in the sky, where only a vampire could be spotted so very
easily with in a crowd in direct sunlight. I recalled that vampire’s eyes shone brightly
as the colour they were when a vampire stepped into the sunlight. A smug smile crept
across my face as I mocked them.

It was currently midday on a Sunday in the middle of July. I got off the old stool I had
been sitting on for the past few hours wandering my own thoughts and took two long strides
towards the refrigerator on the other side of the room. I flung open the large door nearly
hitting the wall and snatched a milk carton from the open door. I guzzled the rest of the
carton and threw the empty carton into the small metal waste bin. I went back to my stool
and pulled out a piece of old paper that had a couple of coffee spills on it and wrote…

Dear Kyle,
I’ll always love you and I understand that you cannot or won’t stay with me. I don’t
even think a long distance relationship would work to tell you the truth but you will
always have a piece of me that I cannot give to anyone else and cannot take back. I hope
you have a.
Please, don’t reply unless you really want to… It will make me want you even more.

Love, Blair

I had not thought about what I wrote and I wasn’t even sure that I understood that he
would not want to be my boyfriend anymore but I folded the abused piece of paper and
slipped it into a fresh envelope ready for posting. I scribbled his name on the top of the
envelope and tucked it into my handbag to post tomorrow after school. I sat looking out
the window in front of me watching the sunlight dance through the glass onto the
furniture. I heard the roar of my mother, Lucy’s car outside come up the driveway and
die down to a soft humming then complete silence. I got off my stool and shuffled towards
the tall wooden doorway and unlocked the door slowly afraid that if I went to fast the old
key in my boney hands would snap in half from age.

My mother was waiting out side patiently as I eventually opened the door. 
“Finally” My mother sighed with sarcasm. 
I chuckled at her attempt of being funny before replying “Well, It’s not my fault that
someone always forgets her keys” and I held up my mums set of house keys in my right
Lucy laughed with me as we walked towards the large lounge room furnished with one long
sofa, two arm chairs, a coffee table and a television. I sat on one end of the faded sofa
and Lucy sat on the other side staring at the black television screen trying not to laugh.

“Oh go ahead and laugh” I said, I was surprised that my voice could go that high and
burst into a laughter that had tears rolling from my blue eyes. 

                                                        ~` * `~
The next morning I sat on the edge of my bed wondering what I should wear for today. It
didn’t seem to be cold out as usual but it wasn’t the usual warmth either. I got up
reluctantly and took a black cardigan, a white tank top and a pair of faded black jeans
from my wardrobe that stood opposite my small bed. I staggered down the stairs eager to
have something to ease the pain of my growling stomach. My mother had left a bowl full of
dry cereal that had not yet been exposed to the milk left next the white porcelain bowl. I
ate the cereal quickly ignoring the warm milk left on the bench for me.

I grabbed my keys to my new Porsche that I had received form my parents for my most recent
birthday. I rushed down the stone driveway and threw open the door of my car. The car
bobbled up and down for a few seconds after I had jumped into the driver’s seat catching
the car in surprise. The car hummed to life as I turned the key innocently and backed out
the driveway. I speed down the road to the school. As I got to the school car park I found
my usual spot under a large oak tree that was starting to loose its leaves for the coming

The engine of my new car stopped abruptly as I turned the ignition off. I jumped out of
the car just missing the top of the doorframe with my head. 
“Hey, Blair” I heard someone call out. I searched the heads of the crowd of people
until I found one familiar head bopping up and down in the middle of the sea of people. 
“Hey, Rose” I exclaimed while grinning half-heartedly. I caught Rose searching my face
for an expression as I watched her carefully waiting for her to say something. 
“Uh… How are you Rose?” I murmured as I had not expected to talk to her at all
“I’m fine” She replied hoarsely.

“I-I’d better get to English” I stammered as I started to step around Rose’s tall
“Wait!” Rose whispered sharply... I turned my head swiftly towards Rose as she pulled
her hair halfway in front of her face. 
“Blair, I wanted to say sorry for….” she whispered while letting her words trail
“Thank you” I murmured as I started to sob then I turned away and headed towards

11 October 2010, 02:10 AM   #2
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thats awesome.!
i like it continue.!

11 October 2010, 10:35 PM   #3
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I only read the beginning of it, but it sounds a lot like Twilight. I'd revise it a tad
to make sound a little more original.

13 October 2010, 06:38 AM   #4
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Last edited by FallenFaerie, 13 October 2010
I actually don't see how this sounds like twilight... could you please expand on that.
Not to be mean or anything... I'm just having a weird day.

31 October 2010, 05:23 PM   #5
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its pretty good. you need to update. i want to keep reading.

31 October 2010, 06:27 PM    #6
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Yeah. In the third book, it begins with a note from Jacob to Bella with a bunch of
crossed out half finished sentences like yours. I just think a better introduction would
be a tad more original.

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