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Once again Untitled so far.

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27 May 2010, 07:46 PM   #1
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Wilfred sniffed the cool crisp air with pleasure. She was near. Very near. Her scent
wafted through the rows of sweet smelling crops like nothing he’d ever seen before. The
glorious tomatoes, carrots, onions, and potatoes were intoxicating to a man like him, but
what may have set him on a ravenous rampage before was nothing compared to what a scent
like hers could do.
	The night was clear. The moon shone with such luminosity that Wilfred had to shield his
eyes as he searched for that particular aroma. The one that could just possibly set him
free. The stars were out too, but they seemed as if they were mere helicopter lights
seeking out criminals like him, next to the moon. The sky really did reflect his mood, he
realized, yanking a carrot from the ground with such ferocity that the earth trembled with
fear. There were no clouds, no burdens lying on the sky’s back, just like him. He would
be a free man tonight. No bindings keeping him rooted to the spot. All he had to do was
find her.
I just wanted to publish it so that i was reminded to keep working on it. Comment Please!

28 May 2010, 01:16 AM   #2
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Very well written. I like the use of adjectives.

28 May 2010, 01:45 AM   #3
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28 May 2010, 04:30 PM   #4
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She was carelessly walking right into the trap. The trap that had been laid out so
carefully for this night. The night of his miraculous liberty. One step, then another. He
could see her clearly now. She was around twenty, he estimated. Her suntanned skin stuck
out dramatically compared to her dark brunette hair. But the most precious thing of all
was her eyes. A deep green, they shined like a thousand pools of emeralds, all melting
beneath the sparkling starry sky. She was definitely the one. 
	Wilfred leaned forward, a horrid snarl on his face, ready to spring. She was close, so
close. If only she ventured further. It wasn’t as if she saw him, even his massive
shoulders were covered by the wide shrubs. Fields were perfect when it came to this kind
of game.

This one was shorter cause this is basically finishing up the prologue thingy. It's really
short, but that's the idea. The first chapter will be a little longer and in a different
person's point of view.

29 May 2010, 06:10 PM    #5
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PLEASE COMMENT! I love posting my stories, but only because i want feedback! Tell
me what you think, I want to take everything into consideration, so that i can become a
better writer. So far, I've gotten 11 views but only one comment! Please inform me if it
doesn't look or sound interesting enough. 

Chapter 1

The flowers were stunning in the spring, Courtney thought, plucking a tulip from the rocky
ground. The wilting flower was then placed in her wild hair, which had at that moment been
resting down her back, sparkling with brilliance. It was no use, the flower refused to
stay put. She threw the lovely flower to the stale ground with impatience, though it
instead fell gently on her faded jeans.
		No wonder she had gotten so frustrated with such a small trifle, she reflected, glancing
once again at her watch with dismay. He should have arrived over an hour ago! They had
agreed to meet in a secluded area so that the matter would be finished once and for all.
The field had served just that, for she was certain no one could see her. If only Trevor
wasn’t always late!
	She brushed the accumulating dirt off her ripped jeans, stroking her sapphire necklace as
she did so. If only…If only they hadn’t eloped. If only they hadn’t left Great
Britain for a dump such as this. Kansas certainly wasn’t her type.
	“Hey sweet pea. Sorry I’m late.” A gorgeous man with sun kissed skin put his arm
around her, dipping his feet in the pond below. Courtney could just barely see her former
fiancé through the rippling reflection in the pond, and was once again bewildered by her
luck of finding a guy like him.
	“Hey Trev,” she replied, stroking his short curly hair gently. “You really
shouldn’t leave me hanging for thirty minutes.”
	“Ah, Court, you know I try! And tonight I have a reason.” He whispered, pulling out a
glossy silver box. Yes, straight to the point. God, she hated gifts, even more when they
were jewelry. It just wasn’t her thing. However, if it would please him…she plucked
open the case and gasped as she saw what it contained.
	A pair of striking earrings, perfect for her only dress. The longest and largest earrings
she had ever witnessed, and yet her heart yearned for them. They had the ever beautiful
sapphires all around them. It was the most adorable thing anyone had ever done for her.
“Ah, Trev! You shouldn’t have!”
	“Do you like them?” he asked nervously. “I can always take them back…or…”
	“Don’t be ridiculous Trevor! You know something so valuable isn’t returnable! And
besides! I love them!”
	“Thanks, Court.” He said, grinning the goofiest grin she had ever seen. “I
presented them to you tonight because I thought it was a perfect time to tell you…”
	And then the moment shattered. 

Of course, this isn't all of it, but I'll continue it later. xD

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