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TITLE: None At The Moment

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This is just a story that I started typing up today. Its kind of my dream, but I had to
put a twist to it. 


	“Lucas Bagel, he usually gets the lead role in the musicals for high school,” once
upon a time my sister, Lexi said. I always remembered those twelve words. I carried them
with me. I closed my locker door and walked to my first period class, English.
	“Oh, hey, Rachel! Are you trying out for the freshman musical? You know we only do one
of those and then you are on your own,” said a girl named, Stephanie.
	“No, but my friend is,” I said.
	“Oh, really? Well, I am going to be helping out and I heard that you are a really great
actor,” she said. Oh, yeah from who? My parents? They just say that, because I have
great facial expressions. I just shook my head and kept walking. She followed me. “Well,
here is a piece of paper. Maybe you can give that to your friend?” I nodded and she
walked away. I folded the piece of paper and put it in my pocket. Turns out I am a
horrible singer and actor. I hate getting up in front of crowds. It also turns out that
two of my friends are trying out for the freshman musical. If you asked me it’s the
dumbest thing this school does. It’s only open to freshmen. The whole musical is just
freshmen which includes crew, actors, and people who play the instruments. The other
people help out the freshman, but in the long run it takes twice the people to put on a
musical than normal. I got into my English class and sat down. I looked around and saw all
freshmen who were talking about the musical. Apparently, the musical is about Jack and the
Bean Stalk. Wow how original. Not! Then the bell rang and the teacher rushed in. She put
on the board that our paper for How to Kill a Mocking Bird was due Friday. Great, I have
four days to write it when I haven’t even really read the book. Don’t get me wrong I
read the book, but I haven’t really understood it. Hm…if only Lexi was here to tell me
what it was about. Then the teacher handed out some papers and started on her very many
lectors. I day dreamed.
	I woke up from my day dream when the bell rang. I gathered my stuff and put it in my
backpack. Then I headed out the room and went to my locker. I stashed some books in there
and grabbed my math book. That’s right math is next. 
	“Rachel! I have been looking for you all over,” said my friend, Courtney. Courtney
was trying out for the musical, so I handed the piece of paper to her. “Oh, where did
you get this? I was trying to get one, but some bitch said I couldn’t have one, because
I can’t sing. Isn’t that mean?” I nodded my head. I closed my locker door and
started walking to my math class. Courtney and I were in the same class. “OMG, try outs
are next week! I only have seven days to practice!” I rolled my eyes. This is going to
get ugly. “How am I supposed to write a whole paper on some book I didn’t even read
and practice for the try outs?” Well, I guess that means Courtney is in a worse spot
than me. “Oh, and that my parents can’t pick me up after school. This means I have to
practice at my house, but the auditorium always makes it sound different.” She gave me a
sad look. I wanted to roll my eyes, but I didn’t. We finally entered our class and took
our seats next to each other. “Wait. Rachel don’t you get a ride home every day?”
That is also true. Ever since an accident I have been getting a ride home to and from
school every single day. I nodded my head. “Can’t you stay and help me and Mercedes
and then give us a ride home?” Courtney smiled at me. Well, either I could say yes and
get it done and over with or I could say no and hear Courtney and Mercedes complain for
the rest of my life.
	“Sure,” I smiled back at her. Oh, Mercedes is my best friend who is also trying out.
She wants to play the piano in the musical. Just then the bell rang and we started our
lesson for the day. I looked back at Courtney and she mouthed the word great to me. Now I
get to listen to Courtney sing and Mercedes play the piano. Fun. Not.
	At lunch I sat at a table by my self. Turns out I didn’t have lunch with any of my
friends. I sat there eating my ham sandwich when a guy came up to me.
	“You’re Rachel Cosmo….right?” asked the boy. I nodded my head. “You are wanted
by your councilor.” I packed up my lunch and followed the boy. He was a friend’s of
Lexi. Hm…isn’t his name Will? The gay friend. Yeah, that’s his name. I walked into a
small room that my councilor was in. 
	“Oh, Rachel sit down,” said my councilor Mrs. Ray. I sat down.
	“It’s been a year now and I think you are safe to take the bus,” Mrs. Ray said. She
was wrong. I am boycotting busses for the rest of my life. 
	“No, its not,” I said.
	“Oh, it’s so nice to hear your voice,” she said. I got up and left the room. Lexi
warned me about our council. She was right. She never cared about Lexi or me. Mrs. Ray
doesn’t care about anybody. The bell rang singling it was end of lunch. Great I just ate
two bites of my sandwich and that was it. I sighed. I walked to my locker and grabbed my
history book and science book. I ran to my history class making it just before the bell.
The teacher gave me a death glare. I smelled and took my seat which was in the front row
right in the middle too. Ever since I failed that test he was putting me there. I sighed
again. Then he went on a lecture about China’s wall. I can’t wait until this day is
	History was over and so was science. The last class of the day was web page designing. I
walked into the tech room and took my seat. We were going to work on our website. Mine
wasn’t very good. I sighed. Lexi always was the perfect child. She let her creativity
run. Mine was locked up somewhere. I finally decided that the background should have been
original. I put in my flash drive and loaded up GIMP. Then I made a pretty background with
swirls. It was baby pink and baby blue. I was about to put it on the website, but the bell
rang. I saved what I started on and started packing up slowly. The teacher walked over.
	“Rachel? You do know this project is due Friday and I have seen you barely have
anything,” said Mr. Lee who was the tech teacher. I nodded my head and walked out the
room. I will get it down by Friday hopefully. I walked to the auditorium just like I
promised to Courtney and Mercedes. How come I always got me into these situations? I
opened the side door to the auditorium and then I walked up onto the stage. I said down on
my belly. 
	“Courtney here is the sheet for the song,” said Mercedes while handing her a piece of
paper. “Are you ready?” Courtney nodded and music started. I took out my lunch and
started eating it. 
	“Rachel!” snapped Courtney. I turned my head to her. “Could you like not make so
much noise when I am practicing?”
	“Sorry, but I didn’t eat my lunch at all and I am hungry,” I replied.
	“No eating in the auditorium,” said Mercedes, and then Courtney and Mercedes cracked
up. “But don’t worry your secret is safe with us.” They laughed some more. I tired
to laugh, but couldn’t. I put my lunch away. Then the music started again and Courtney
started singing. She was way off key. After half the song I got a headache. I closed my
eyes and started rubbing my temple. It didn’t help. Then Courtney stopped.
	“What do you think Rachel?” Courtney asked me.

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