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Article I'm writing for school a philosphy and deep perspective unit :D

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 For some people,life can be hard. To others,it's as easy as pie. But for most,it's
like a sunny storm. There's good parts and bad parts. The sunshine can shine through the
rain,and the rain can cover up the sun. But alot of people moan and groan that life is to
hard and they threaten to end it. Sometimes it's for attention,other times it's to see who
really cares about them. Only a few times is it really for a good reason. But a good
reason to some,is a terrible reason for others. We all have a different mind,made to agree
and disagree. Sometimes,that separates friends,family,and relationships with a mate. Why
do people let that get in the way of having a realationship with someone? My opinion on
this is that you shouldn't let religion or politics get in the way of you and another
person whom you may fancy or whom is part of your family. But I'm sure many other people
will have a different view on this.

Just a few words from yours truly,

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Tell me if you liked it and please point out errors.I put spaces after each snetences and
tried as hard as I could to write it perfectly.

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I like it! You only had one typo (it should be 'too' instead of 'to' in line 4) and idk
if that's just how you type or not but there also should be spaces betweens words and
commas. Otherwise, it's good.
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21 April 2010, 07:44 PM   #5
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Its good. I love how you came up with the rain and sun part.

Ugh...the only thing I noticed was that you spelled (typo?) alot wrong. Its suppose to be

Otherwise than that I didn't find any other stuff.

21 April 2010, 07:50 PM    #6
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Aww thankyou guys.

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