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TITLE: My Summer

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Well, I started a new story. I have written out the first chapter. Yes, I am actually
doing chapters now. 


Hope you like it so far!

     	My life as an 18 year old is very hard. My name is Rachel Rosy O’Deay. I am 18
years old with dirty blond shoulder length hair and bright blue eyes. I am I am out of
high school. My favorite color is purple and my favorite animal is the tiger. This summer
before college is going to be great or at lease I hope so.
	First day of summer here I am sitting at my parent’s house flipping through the
channels eating popcorn when my cell phone rang. I looked at the caller ID. It said
“Mary”. Mary is my best friend. She is also staying home for summer. I picked up after
the third ring.
	“Hello!” I said into the phone.
	“Hey, I am almost at your house, and we are totally going out, so get change in
something cute,” said Mary. I heard a car horn. I knew she wasn’t kidding. I also knew
where we were going. We were going to the local pet shop just up the street from my house.
Her boyfriend, Tom, worked there. I decided not to change. I was wearing my old gym shorts
and a t-shirt supporting breast cancer. Instead I put on my silver flip flops, which I
just brought. It took me a long time to decide the color. Black was too dark, but white
was going to get dirty fast. That’s why I chose silver, a color in between. I just
fingered through my hair. It was a little missy, but still cute. I grabbed my purse and my
cell phone. I check to see if my wallet and keys were in my purse. They were. I heard a
car horn. It was Mary. Mary was waiting for me. Yet, just before stepping out of the house
I put on some lip gloss. I locked the door while walking out of the door. I slowly walked
toward Mary’s car. It was a silver Jeep. I also notice that she had the windows down. I
heard the radio blasting. I opened the passenger’s door. I jumped in and buckled.
	“What are you wearing!” screamed Mary. She turned down the music. Mary was wearing a
very short mini skirt and a v-neck that showed her boobs way too much. I was about to say
something, but she kept going on. “Your hair looks horrible! You are barely wearing any
makeup!” This is also the time I noticed that she was wearing a lot of makeup (it looked
totally well on her), and her hair was straight. Her black hair wasn’t curly like she
usually wore it. Wait a minute! Did she get a spray tan? She had to, she was two shades
darker than I remember.
	“You got a spray tan!” I blurted out.
	“Yeah, and maybe you should get one too,” she said. I could tell she was mad at me
for not listening to her. She drove and didn’t talk for the rest of the five minute
ride. We got to the pet store and she jumped right off her seat and ran inside. I walked
slowly inside. I knew Mary was happy to see Tom, but she just saw him yesterday.

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Ooh, it's good so far!
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Thanks sooo much.

I am trying really hard to describe and less talking.

Its sooo hard!!!


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I typed some more!! YAY!!! This is still the first chapter.

        “Yeah, and maybe you should get one too,” she said. I could tell she was
mad at me for not listening to her. She drove and didn’t talk for the rest of the five
minute ride. We got to the pet store and she jumped right off her seat and ran inside. I
walked slowly inside. I knew Mary was happy to see Tom, but she just saw him yesterday. I
finally yanked open the store door and walked inside. I noticed Mary and Tom talking. Tom
had brown longish hair and hazel eyes. He wore his red work t-shirt and brown knee length
shorts. I also saw he was wearing his running shoes. I walked toward them. 
	“Hey, Tom,” I said. He looked down at what I was wearing. He gave Mary a look.
	“I know! I tired to tell her, but she never listens to me,” said Mary. I have no idea
what they are talking about.
	“Mary here knows everything that is happening,” said Tom. I was still confused. 
	“Connor is working here!” yelled Mary, and Tom. Connor was Tom’s best friend and he
had a huge crush on me. Only I don’t like him. I don’t want to go out with him. I gave
a look at both of them. They rolled their eyes at me.
	“Girls bathroom…NOW!” whispered Mary. She walked toward the bathroom and I followed
her. “What is wrong with you!” she yelled at me once we were in the bathroom.
“Don’t you think he’s cute?” She was talking about Connor, and Connor is cute. He
has light brown hair with a buzz cut and light brown eyes. He played on the football time.
Yet, he wasn’t just my type. He only talked about himself when I talk to him.
	“He’s just not my type,” I said.
	“He’s hot! He plays on the football team! Plus, he totally loves you! What’s not to
like Connor?” said Mary. She thinks that any guy is hot and plays a sport are her type
or anyone’s type. She will learn the hard way. I try to help her, but she says I don’t
know anything just because I only dated two guys. My ex-boyfriends were just like Connor.
Yet, Mary kept pressuring me to go out with them. I did. It didn’t go very well, so I
broke up with them. They got pretty angry, but now they don’t even know I exist.
	“Um…how about he only talks about himself?” I said.
	“All boys do that, so that one doesn’t count,” said Mary. I sighed. I knew she won.
She won’t listen to me. Yet, I knew all boys weren’t like that. I walked out of the
bathroom. Mary followed me.
	“Which dog do you think I should get?” asked Mary. Wait! Stop there. Mary hates dogs!
Why is she getting one right now?
	“Why?” I asked.
	“My roommate loves them, so I thought I would get her one. You know so we could be best
friends.” She smiled at me when she said that last part. I smiled back.
	“You know that might not work out,” I said. She sighed at me.
	“Tom! Which dog should I get for you know who?” she asked. He already knew. I am so
out of things lately. Tom was telling her about German shepherds when Connor came up to
	“Guess what Rachel! I got accepted at Harvard. I will mostly be playing football, but
it’s going to be awesome. You still going to Princeton?” said Connor. Yet, I am going
tot Princeton for college. I got a scholarship for writing just like I wanted to. I was
about to say yes, when Tom and Mary joined the group.
	“Yeah, Rachel Rosy O’Deay is going to Princeton!” Mary and Tom yelled. Great now
the whole store knows my name and where I am going for college. That is just what I wanted
to happen.
	“Rachel we are going to play with the girl pug. Wan to come with us?” Mary asked.
	“I though Tom wasn’t allowed to go since he is at work,” I said.
	“My shift is over,” he said. That shocked me.
	“The manger hired some new people,” Connor said. I looked around the store. He was
right. There were at least three new people and four people that worked there already. All
I could do was nod my head. Mary smiled at me. I smiled back.
	“Hey, Evan!” yelled Tom. The guy who was Evan walked over to us. He had dark blond
hair (maybe a little dirty blond?) with dark brown eyes. He also had light freckles on his
face. He was wearing the red work shirt, but with blue jeans. The jeans were kind of low,
but not too low or too high. He also was wearing some running shoes.
	“What do you need Tom?” Evan asked.
	“We want to play with the female pug,” jumped in Mary.
	“I’ll be right back,” said Evan. He walked in the back room. We were just standing
there. I could see his arms grab the pug. He walked back while holding the puppy.

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Here I typed up some more of the story.

It is still chapter one.

       “Here you guys will be in playroom number one, the biggest one,” said Evan.
We walked into the playroom and Evan put down the pug. He walked out of the room without
closing the door. The door was slowly closing. I knew what would happen if you don’t
close it. I have been here so many times before. I decided to try to close the door. Yet,
the little pug took off towards the door before I could. I ran after the pug. 
	“Rachel! What are you doing?” yelled Mary. The pug was faster than I was, and it ran
out the door before I could close the door or grab the pug. Before I knew what I was doing
I threw my flip flops at Mary.
	“Ow! That hurt!” yelled Mary.
	“Hold those for me!” I screamed back at her. I took one look at her and could tell
she thought I was crazy. I ran. I don’t care what Mary thinks about me. The dog could
get outside and then it could be lost forever, and no one would see that dog again. It
would be so sad. I ran out the door. I saw the pug pooing on the floor right by the cats.
I also heard people screaming. Finally, I say Evan running toward the pug. I in my bare
feet ran after the dog too. Before Evan and I got to the pug she took off once again. 
Evan and I almost bumped into each other. God, that dog was a wild one.
	“Hey stop that dog! Connor, don’t just stand there lock the doors!” yelled the
anger. I took off again. Now I must say I am a fast runner, but that dog is tricky. I was
turning left and right. Evan was only a few steps behind me. Oh, and did I mention that my
feel kill? Well they do. Finally, the dog stopped. It was totally odd, but the then I
looked up. I saw the manager in front of the dog. He glared at the dog He picked up the
dog, and went in the back room. Evan went back there, too. I heard some yelling, but I
ignored that. I went to find Mary. Mary was starring at the puppies. 
	“That pug is so stupid! What dog should I get now?” asked Mary. I sighed. 
“That dog is going to be put down,” said Tom. Connor nodded his head. I let my lower
jaw drop. All of them looked at me and sighed.
“When a dog is bad in front of people they get to be put down, because the manger is
afraid no one will want it,” answered Connor. I could not believe they could do that to
a little puppy that didn’t know any better. So what was I going to do? Make a complexly
of myself. I marched into the back room. I heard Connor yell after me. Connor also
followed me. I opened the back door. I saw the manger yelling at Evan. Then the manger saw
me. He looked at me.
“Are you lost? You are not supposed to be in here,” replied the manger. I noticed he
was still holding the pug.
“Is it true you will put that pug down?” I asked. I needed to know the truth. It was
killing me already. He blinked at me.
“Yes,” murmured the manger. I let my jaw drop again. 
“Then in that case I would like to buy the pug,” I said. The manger and Evan looked at
me with their eyes wide open. They were wearing the face that said no way.
“Even why don’t you help out this girl. I have to get back to my job,” said the
manger. He handed the pug to Evan. 
“Evan you don’t have to help her. I’ll do it for you,” said Connor. Unlucky him
the manger heard Connor.
“Connor let Evan take care of the girl. Give her some air to breath. You have been at
her side since she arrived here,” said the manger. I suddenly liked the manger.
“Sorry, Connor,” I said, so he wouldn’t be so hurt. Yet, I was secretly jumping up
for joy. Connor walked out of the room. Evan was at my side now.
“What color do you want your leash to be?” asked Evan. I turned to him and gave him a
small smile.
	“Purple,” I replied we walked out of the back room getting everything a dog would

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I typed up more of the story.

This is the beginning of chapter 2.

          “There is no way I am letting that dog in my car,” said Mary.
          “Why not?” I asked. “You were about to buy a dog.”
          “I was going to put it into a cage,” Mary said. I gave her an oh-my-gosh
          “Look, I will keep it on my lap, so if she pees, she will pee on me,” I
said. I gave her a smile. She sighed.
          “Fine, but only your lap. I swear if I see it on the car seat I am going to
throw the dog out the window,” said Mary. She got in her car. I followed her. I put the
dog on my lap. I was struggling with my seat belt. Mary watched the dog carefully.
Finally, I got the seat belt on. I smiled at her. She didn’t smile back. Instead she
started up the car and drove toward my house. The dog struggled to get out of, my grip,
but I just held on to her. 
         “What do you think I should name her?” I asked. 
         “Look, Rachel, I am not helping you name that dog. I can’t believe I almost
brought that dog,” said Mary. “Wait a minute! Where did you get the money to buy that
dog?” Okay, well right now I will mention my family is pretty poor. How poor? We don’t
have cable, we3 only have two computers, we never go out for dinner, on storey house (no
basement!), and I am still wearing clothes that I wore freshmen year. I looked down at the
         “OMG! You didn’t!” she yelled. Yet, she figured it out.
         “Shhh! My parent’s are going to be pissed at me!” I yelled. 
         “The good girl gone bad,” said Mary, and smiled. 
         “They are totally going to take away my credit card to use only in
emergencies.” We reached my house.
         “Well, I am not a part of this,” said Mary. You see whenever I get in trouble
somehow Mary is always a part of it.
         “I know,” I said. I opened the car door and hoped out. I shut the door and
walked toward the house with the pug still in my arms. I heard Mary behind me. I took out
my keys and unlocked the door. I walked in. Mary did, too. I put the pug down and it raced
off to explore the new house. I walked into the kitchen. Mary followed me and sat down on
a chair at the table. I looked at the time. It said only two o’clock. I sighed, and
grabbed a banana. I sat down across from Mary.
        “What to do now?’ I asked while opening my banana.
        “There is a party tonight. Tom is talking me. You can come along,” said Mary.
I took a bite of my banana. I chewed.
        “What time?” I asked.
        “Uh, well like three,” she said. “Connor is going to be there, too.” I
took another bite of my banana. The pug walked in the kitchen now.
        “I guess I can go, but do you have something I could borrow?” I said. The pug
lay down under the table. 
        “Yeah, and what about your dog or your parents?” asked Mary. I got up and
threw away my banana. I was done with it.
        “My mom and dad won’t be home until after one am. They have a work party to go
to,” I said. Mary nodded. “The dog which I now name, Meatball, is going to be
outside.” Mary smiled. With that I grabbed Meatball’s leash and tied it to a tree
outside. Then I hooked her on it. Finally, I filled her bowls. One bowl was filled with
water, and the other one was filled with dry dog food. I put them both outside where
Meatball could easily reach them. Finally, I told her to be a good girl and I got in
Mary’s car. She drove off to her house. Ten minutes later we were at Mary’s house.
Mary house is huge. She is very rich. We walked through the front door which was pretty
big and little windows on it. When we were little we use to look through the little
windows to see who was at the door. Now we just wing open the door to see who it is.
       “Okay, we have 40 minutes to get ready,” said Mary. We walked up her stairs.
Her stairs were just straight up. At the top she turned to the left and went to the only
door that was there. She opened it and stepped inside. Her room was huge. Her floor was
hardwood. It was a light brown color. Her walls were pink. Not a dark pink, but a very
light pink like a rose. On her walls she had pictures of her friends. I was in all of
them. The funny think is she isn’t in all of them, but I am. I also remember all the
times those pictures show. She had a double bed with bedding a dark pink. She had two
doors in her room besides the door that you enter through. One door led to her walk in
closet. The other door led you to her bathroom. 
      “So, I was thinking you take a shower while I pick out my outfit. Then when you
are don’t we will switch. After I am done with my shower we will help each other with
out makeup and hair,” said Mary.
      “Sounds good to me,” I said while walking to the bathroom. I opened the door,
and I walked in. I closed the door and locked it. I took a deep breath and looked around.
I let out a little wow. Her bathroom was even better than her room.

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Well, I stopped writing, because I hate describing stuff. Yeah, I know I shouldn't do
this blah blah blah. That's why I wrote more finally. This is the second chapter and so
was the last post. Enjoy!

       “Sounds good to me,” I said while walking to the bathroom. I opened the
door, and I walked in. I closed the door and locked it. I took a deep breath and looked
around. I let out a little wow. Her bathroom was even better than her room. It had a pink
wall the same color as her bedroom. Everything else was zebra print. I am not kidding
about this. She had her bath tub custom made. Sure it cost her parents a ton of money, but
they had it done when she was seven. She had the bathroom and the room for a long time. I
guess it was worth all that money. I got in the shower and took a fifteen minute one
making sure I scrubbed everywhere and shaved everywhere. Luckily Mary had extra razors
just for me. I dried myself and put her pink rob on. She says I can always use that one,
but I can’t touch her zebra print one. She almost had a heart attack when she saw me
touching it with my hand. I walked out and noticed the door to her closet was still
opened. I walked into it and I saw Mary holding her outfit for the party. She turned
around and jumped.
	“God, Rachel, don’t scare me like that ever again,” she said. I smiled. “Okay, I
am wearing black leather skinny pants, a pink v-neck, and my black t-straps.” She
	“Wow, you will be the hottest girl there,” I said. She smiled bigger. She ran out of
there and before she closed the bathroom door she yelled at me to pick whatever I am feel
like wearing. Wow, if I had a closet like Mary I wouldn’t be wearing clothes from
freshman year. She had a ton of clothes. I ran my fingers threw my hands. Then I stopped
on a dress. It was a white strapless dress with purple polka dots on it. It still had the
tag on it. It said it was a Juicy’s and that it was over a hundred dollars. I almost
fell on the ground just reading the price. I guess I am luckily in some ways. Sure, I am
poor beyond poor, but Mary is rich beyond rich. Mary and I are the same size. Trust me I
wasn’t always the same size as her. I used to be bigger than her in middle school and
the beginning of high school. It wasn’t until sophomore year that Mary actually gained
some weight and grew making her the same size as me. I could borrow all her clothes,
including her shoes. 
	“You know I actually got that dress for you, like a good bye gift,” said Mary leaning
on the door fame. I looked at her while holding the dress. “Go ahead and wear it
today.” She smiled. God, she did take a fast shower. 
	“Thanks,” I said and looked at her shoes. I am horrible at picking shoes. I always
pick the wrong shoes and make my hot outfit look like a kid’s outfit. Mary grabbed some
black biker boots and handed me them.
	“Since that dress isn’t too short or long it will work with it,” she said. I nodded
	“OMG! You look totally hot in the leather pants!” I said. She smiled and twirled. 
	“Okay, how much time do we have?” Mary asked. She looked at the clock inside her
closet and her eyes got huge. “Oh, no this is just great. You go get changed. We have
fifteen minutes to do make and hair.” It may not sound bad to you, but for Mary her
makeup and hair have to be perfect. “Wait, Rachel where this necklace.” She threw me
something shiny. I ran into the bathroom and threw on the dress and put on the boots. I
opened my hand to finally see the necklace. It was a tiger covered with diamonds. I
smiled. Mary knew me too well. I walked out and sat down at her vanity. She blew dried my
hair and then left it down. She put on some purple eye shadow and black mascara and black
eyeliner. She put a light pink blush on my checks and on my shoulders. Then she picked out
a light color of gloss and put it on my lips.
	“Like it?” she asked. 
	“No, I love it,” I said. She smiled and looked at the clock. Her smile disappeared
faster than food disappears with a dog.
	“You have less than five minutes to do me,” said Mary.
	“So? We can be a little late,” I said and smiled. She didn’t smile back. Instead
she pushed me up and I got up and went behind her.
	“I want straight hair,” she said. 
	“How long does this take?” I asked.
	“Blow dry it straight and then do touch ups with a flat iron.” I started to do what I
was told. I was about to do her makeup when the doorbell rang. “Don’t answer that.”

	“Its probably just Tom,” I said. “He can see you when you aren’t done with your
makeup you know.”
	“No, he can’t! He won’t see me the same ever again.” I took a deep breath and
went against my wishes. I put pink eye shadow on, black mascara, and pink eye liner on. I
picked a dark shade of pink that she used on me and put some on her cheeks, nose, and
forehead. I put the same gloss on her that she used on me. She opened her eyes and
screamed. She always screams when she has a good makeover. She then ran downstairs. I
followed her, the best I could, but she is a fast runner even in high heels. She threw
open the door.

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I wrote some more!

	“Tom!” she yelled and jumped. He of course caught her and hugged her. I was about
to scream at them to get a room, but I thought that would be a little mean of me. “Come
on Rachel let’s go!” I ran down the stairs and out the door. I prepared myself for the
car ride. It mostly just went Mary flirting with Tom and him smiling back. Ew…if I
wanted to see that I could have rented a movie. Don’t get me wrong it’s cute when you
do it with your boyfriend, but not in front of someone else. I got in the car and drove
off toward the house where the party was. 
Chapter 3

	The house was nothing like I expected it nor was the party. Well, then again it was a
summer party not a school party like we usually go to. Instead of just a few people there
was a ton of people. Instead of a little dance group everyone was dancing. That’s also
when I noticed, the bad playing. It was Mary’s and Tom’s song. They went off to dance.
Meanwhile I went into the kitchen. I opened up the cooler, and noticed just beer. Great,
can’t they buy some pop for people who don’t drink? Don’t get me wrong. I have had a
few beers and they tasted horrible. I then opened the fridge. It was the same. Just beers.
I don’t bring pop with me, because most parties have pop now. I am so thirsty too. I
grabbed a red plastic cup that they had lying around. Then I turned on the water. I filled
the cup about halfway. I drank it. I threw away the cup and walked out of the kitchen.
	“Yeah, now it’s a real party, because somebody finally brought the keg!” yelled the
singer between the songs. Oh, great. Now everyone is going to be drunk, by the time I
	“Mary!” I yelled when I finally spotted her. She looked at me.
	“Can you get me a beer?” she yelled back. I nodded my head and went back into the
kitchen to fetch some beer. I opened up the cooler and took out a beer. No one was in the
kitchen but me. Mary doesn’t like opening her own beer. I looked for a beer bottle
opener. None. Well, it’s not like anybody will see me. When I was little my dad thought
it would be great if he taught me how to open a beer bottle with my teeth. I learned when
I was ten. My mom still doesn’t know that I can do this. I opened the bottle with my
teeth. Some went in my mouth and I almost threw up. I went back to look for Mary. I saw
her grinding with Tom. I walked toward her, while some people shoving me out of the way. I
finally reached her and gave her, her beer. She took a huge drink. “Oh, thanks
Rachel.” She is going to be drunk later. I walked away. It’s nasty when she gets
drunk. She gets crazy and so moody. 
	I walked outside, because it was starting to get really hot in there. Outside was a
little porch. I saw a girl there that I went to school. She had a beer. 
	“Oh hi, Rachel,” the girl said.
	“Hey, Valeria,” I said. 
	“Rachel, I feel like I am going to puke,” Valeria said and she slurred her words. Not
a good sign. I grabbed her and walked her into the house. I had no idea where the
bathrooms where. I saw a guy standing against the wall. He looked familiar, but I have no
idea where I saw him. Probably just some guy around the neighborhood or from my school. 
	“Hey,” I yelled to the guy, “do you know where the bathrooms are?”
	“Down that hall, first door on the right,” said the guy while pointing. 
	“Thanks,” I said. He gave me a smile. I led Valeria to the bathroom. Then she sat on
the floor next to the toilet and threw up. I grabbed her hair and held it behind her. She
kept throwing up. God, she had a lot to drink already. 
	“Rachel!” yelled Mary. I looked at the door.
	“What?” I asked.
	“We got to go,” she slurred.
	“Why?” I asked.
	“Tom sneaked out to go to the party. His parents found out. If he isn’t home in ten
minutes his parents are going to call the cops,” she slurred.
	“Go without me,” I said.
	“What?” she said.
	“I’ll find a way home.” She walked away. Valeria was still throwing up. I sighed.
After about ten minutes of throwing up, she was done. She smiled at me.

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I wrote some more. Still chapter 3.

	“Did you drive here?” I asked. She shook her head no. My job was done here.
“Look, Valeria I got to go. I will you…maybe.” Then I walked out of the bathroom. I
looked around. The party was in full swing now. The band was playing louder than ever. I
really needed to go home. I hate going to parties knowing that Mary isn’t there. I
looked around.
	“I thought you left,” said a voice behind me. I turned around. It was Conner. Oh,
	“Nope,” I said. He smiled. He came closer to me. He smelled like beer. He leaned
toward me. “Look Conner…”
	“Shh,” he said. He put his hand on my waist and leaned even more toward me. His
breath smelled like beer. He was probably drunk like everyone else. I tried to break away,
but he had a grip on me. Then he kissed me. It tasted like beer. It was horrible. I was
about to throw up. I broke away, and ran to the bathroom. I opened the door and Valeria
was still in it. She was sleeping on the floor. Oh how gross. I kneeled on the floor and
then threw up in the toilet. The toilet was going to need a lot of cleaning. I was done
after one little throw up. I got up and went over to the skin and washed my face. My
makeup came off. Oh, well. I was leaving this party anyways. “There you are.” Oh god,
Conner can you just leave me alone? 
	“Conner I really need to go,” I said.
	“I can drive you.”
	“No, you are drunk!”
	“But you are too.” I walked out of the bathroom. I looked around the room. The one
guy that looked familiar was still standing where I first found him. I knew him from
somewhere. Wait. I just met him today…at the pet store. Evan was his name. I walked
toward him. I grabbed his arm and pulled him into the kitchen. No one was there, but us.
	“Your name is Evan right?” I asked.
	“Yeah…” he said. “How did you know?”
	“Look all I need you to do is take me home, since you are the only one who doesn’t
smell like beer.”
	“Wait. You were the girl at the pet store.” I nodded. “So are you and Connor like a
thing now?” Oh, god he saw the whole thing.

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Guest Poster

Interesting~ It's more like, a girl and her summer, right? Cool. Keep up the good work!

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I like totally forgot about this story.


I really liked this story, too.

So I am going to write more of it today and I might post it either later today or tomorrow

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