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Party House- Roleplay

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23 December 2009, 08:33 AM   #1
Angelina<3 Owner Of Club x
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{OOC: You can use your normal character for this, but a bit older, at least over 16! We
are at a party and you know what happens at partys. Drinking, sex, love, dancing, fights
etc. Just float your boat how you want!)

Angelina is now 18.

As Angelina lounged on her couch and watched the Jeremy Kyle show, she got a text from her
best friend. She picked up her mobile, sighing.
It read.
' Hey, ang, ders a party on at my house tonight, be there, theres sum well good
Angelina nearly jumped out of the couch. She loved parties and couldn't wait.
Plus her mom wouldn't mind.
Angelina <3

Carmen <3

Casper <3 

23 December 2009, 11:34 AM   #2
Angelina<3 Owner Of Club x
Joined: 11 Dec 2009
Posts: 61
Angelina finished watching the show and jumped up from the couch.
She went upstairs and searched her wardrobe.
Angelina <3

Carmen <3

Casper <3 

30 December 2009, 02:30 PM    #3
Guest Poster
[occ: useing a df pic for yumi like the future one so don't get confused k guys! ;D

Yumi now 18

Yumi heard talk of a party a few days ago and decided to show, first she wanted to know if
Angelina was going. she put on some clothes and ran over to her house and knocked on the

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