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This is where you can make you character. :] If I like it you will be added to my story. I'm sure everyone will do fine. I will need your real first name, so I can give you credit for helping me with the characters. [Name] {real} [Name] {characters} [Age] {Ten and up} [Hair Description] {length, color, style} [Body Description] {short, tall, slender, curvy} [Height] [Weight] [Religon] [Race] [Past] {Ten or more lines} [Personality] {Five or more lines} [Is your character good or evil?] [Are they friends with Tessa, or enemies?] [What role do they play in the story?] [Anything else you would like to add?]

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[Name] {real} Lacey [Name] {characters} Tessa Rae [Age] {Ten and up} She is eight. :] [Hair Description] {length, color, style} She has long brown hair, side bangs, and it reaches down to the floor. It is usually up in pig tails. [Body Description] {short, tall, slender, curvy} She is very small for her age, like you could snap her in half. She is pale white since her parents never let her outside. [Height] 3' 2" [Weight] 43 lbs [Religon] She is too little to know what that is. [Race] White [Past] {Ten or more lines} Tessa Rae, born and raised in her mansion. She had no siblings, but she had an older brother. His name was Mason, and they played together all the time. Her mother and father were always away, so her brother was all she had. For awhile her parents were home a lot. They seemed to be extra careful around the house. Locking the doors, keeping the blinds shut, keeping candles lite at night. Her brother started to sleep with her, but whenever she asked what was wrong he said everything was fine. One night she woke up, hearing something. She tried to wake her brother up but he wouldn't move. She went over to a cabinet in her room and locked herself inside. Her parents rushed quickly into her room, screaming for them. A man came in almost right after they did, and held a gun to her mother's head. Within a few moments she fell to the ground, lifeless. The man aimed then for her father, and shot him in the chest. He was on the ground within a few moments. He stopped seeing her brother, but quickly pulled the gun back up. He shot her brother at least five times, and then he ran out of her room. Tessa wanted to scream, but she was too afraid. What if he was still out there? What if he was looking for her? After an hour of sitting there, she remembered something of her mother's. The silver mirror. She slowly reached the lock and turned it. She crawled out of the cabinet, and passed her parent's. She gulped, and kept her eyes closed. Tears started to roll down her cheeks when she made it to her mom's room. She struggled to open the drawer to her mom's dresser. When it finally came opened, the silk cover mirror tumbled out. She slowly lifted the cover off, and touched the mirror. Before she could do anything else, a white light engulfed her. She was gone, leaving nothing behind except the mirror and a quiet house. [Personality] {Five or more lines} She is so terrifed of everything now, she can hardly stand it. Before she was transported to the other world, she was holding a stuffed animal. It is the only thing she will keep with her. She makes it talk for her, so she can stay quiet. She will cry if she is all alone, or if she sees a family. She never had any friends, but she knows she has to get back home somehow some way. She only wants to be with her family again, even though she doesn't know that it won't ever happen. [Is your character good or evil?] Good, just terrified. [Are they friends with Tessa, or enemies?] She is Tessa. :] [What role do they play in the story?] She is the main character. [Anything else you would like to add?] The only clothing she has is the dress she was wearing. Other then that, I think I have everything else covered.

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[Name] {real} Rena [Name] {characters} Rena [Age] {Ten and up}16 [Hair Description] {length, color, style}Styled kinda like a boy, yet still girly(to some degree). Bangs hang into her eyes and the longest part of her hair is the back, it just reaches the bottom of her neck. It is a very dark brown and it looks black in some lights, while red in others. [Body Description] {short, tall, slender, curvy}Pretty tall, yet somewhat curvy. Just the right amount. [Height]5'8" [Weight]155lbs [Religon] She believes in everything and anything [Race]Human [Past] {Ten or more lines}When Rena was very little her grandfather died. Leaving her with her grandma who was very sick. It was only a matter of time before she too died. When her grandfather died, he told Rena that she would get a special "Gift" and only she would get it. For 3 years she wondered what it was, until one day she got it. The ability to see the super natural. Everytime she would try and tell someone, they would call her a freak. So she just stopped telling everyone. Two years after she got this so called "Gift" her grandma died. Then Rena was all alone, or was she? She always had the super natural around her, so she wasnt that lonely. She went to school, and tried to live a normal life. It went pretty well until she met Tessa. Then she went into hyper mode. Always trying to protect her because another part of this so called "gift" wasto see into the future. [Personality] {Five or more lines}Rena is always trying to include others, knowing what it is like to be alone. Always kind and caring and sometimes being motherly. Its no wonder that everyone likes to be around her. She can be moody and grumpy bu not that often. She is mostly just happy, hyper and friendly. When she gets angry, she gets angry. When she is like that, you just want to run and hide. Only Tessa gets her out of that mood. [Is your character good or evil?]In the middle [Are they friends with Tessa, or enemies?]Best friends [What role do they play in the story?]Rena is always in the middle of things, and is always with Tessa. No matter what the danger is. [Anything else you would like to add?] Not right now! Sorry!

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Accepted Rena-chan. :]

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[Name] {real} Tamanna
[Name] {characters} Amy
[Age] {Ten and up} 15

[Hair Description] {length, color, style} Orange hair. It goes to the botoom of her ribs.
Its pretty straight. she also has spiked bangs.
[Body Description] {short, tall, slender, curvy} She is okay for her height. She is very
skinny. She has curves in someplaces cause she is a girl
[Height]5' 2"

[Religon]Believes in everyting
[Race] Human

[Past] {Ten or more lines} Amy bearly remembers her past. All she remembers is that she
was abused as a child and had to go to foster care when she was 4. The next year she was
adopted and taken into a new house. She remembers that her new mother had a friend who
died this year. It was Tessa's mother. She remembered Tessa's mothers last words to her:
"Amy, will you please take good care of Tessa, I fear my end is soon to come". She
remembered how she felt uncomforable with this question but ended up saying "Yes". She
doesnt know why she said it and is not sure if she would regret it but what happend has
happened.The next month Amy's parents left and never came back. She never knew why or what
happened. She now lives by herself and watches over Tessa. Is this her destiny.....
[Personality] {Five or more lines} She is somewhat quiet. She is funny, sweet,honest and
adventuresome but can be serious when she needs to be. She is the type of person you can
trust to never back stab you. She cares so much for her loved ones that she would die for
them. She is very content and will not get mad easily. She trys her hardest to be
responsible and polite. She isnt the type of person who gives up and quits. Whenever you
need her the most she will be there for you. 

[Is your character good or evil?] good
[Are they friends with Tessa, or enemies?] friends
[What role do they play in the story?] She is like a care taker, older sister, protecter,
and gardian for Tessa

[Anything else you would like to add?]Heres a picture of her:

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[Name] {real} Harriet [Name] {characters} Connie Maple [Age] {Ten and up} eight :D [Hair Description] {length, color, style} Connie has sort orange hair. She gets it from her mother. Its a little sorter then her soulders and she a side frins that goes to the right. She also was a big clip in her hair with a button on. This is on the right side aswell. [Body Description] {short, tall, slender, curvy} Connie has pale skin and can burn easy. She is tall for her age but is very slim. [Height] 4'0" [Weight] 42 lbs [Religon] Believes in myths [Race] White [Past] {Ten or more lines} Connie is one of those girls that isnt afired to get her hands dirty. She doesn't have any brothers or sisters and no pets at all! The main of the house was small but it had a big hall. Outside was a normal garden but there was a old wooden door and if you go through it you come to a huge wood wiith a river and the bottom. She loved to catch frogs there. Connie was also good freinds with Tessa as she only lived across the road from her. They play with each other all day, having laughs with each other. Connie was always jelous of Tessa hair and she loved to make plaits with it. So wasnt that good though. One night her mother and father went out for dinner at a posh restrant and Connie was trusted to stay home alone. She played with her stuffed pig for most of the night but things went wrong from there. She was looking at the window and she saw a man go into Tessa house. She didn't think much of it and went back to playing with her stuff pig and then she heard a shot. It shocked her and she droped her stuffed pig, Polly, and ran to the window. She looked into Tessa house and saw someone fall on the floor. Then she heard another shot of the gun. But where was Tessa? She didn't know. She didn't want to draw anyone near her house so she grabbed Polly and ranto the room where all the books where. She grabbed a old one about myths and read that for hours. Most of the words she didn't understand but she felt safer there. When her partents came in they ran up to her and gave her a huge hug as they had just heard what happend. Ever since that day Connie loved to read myths and over time she started to understand most words. Even through all that she couldn't believe what had just happend to her best friend Tessa. Her moths says to just treat Tessa normally. So thats whats she does. But she cant help feel bad that if she rang someone the person could now be in jail. [Personality] {Five or more lines} Connie has been called a kid many times before. She is like any eight year old girl. She loves to play and isnt afired to get her hands dirty. She isnt afired of spiders, in fact she loves them. She loves to ran around at her owm free will. She isnt afired to speek her mind and cany forget about the world around her. She treats her stuffed pig, Polly, like a person and talks to people like she had known them there whole lives. Really just a free girl. [Is your character good or evil?] Good [What role do they play in the story] Tessa childhood friend [Anything else you would like to add?] She wears sorts and top with long stripy socks.

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[Name] {real} Yuri
[Name] {characters} Mika Kohaku
[Age] {Ten and up} 14

[Hair Description] {length, color, style} her hair is light blonde with waves. It goes
down to her waist.
[Body Description] {short, tall, slender, curvy} She is a little short and slender and has
[Height] 5'2
[Weight] 120 pounds

[Religon] she never thought about it
[Race] human

[Past] {Ten or more lines} Mika was always a cheerful and optimistic girl. She helped
everyone in her hometown anytime she can. She loved the smiles of her friends and family
and tries to keep those smiles for as long as she can. She lived peacefully and happily
with her parents. But her parents died in a car accident when she was six. She cried, day
and night, she was always locked up in her room. Her smiles faded away. Then her 13 year
old cousin, Yuki, took her in. Her happiness started to bloom. She loved Yuki and spent
all her time with him. She never knew about his sickness and he was eventually gone. Mika
never knew that he died. Her relatives told her that he moved away. They we're afraid that
Mika would be black again. Mika have always waited for him to come back, even up to this
[Personality] {Five or more lines} Mika is bright and optimistic. She loves to cook and
make everyone as happy as she could. She would always heavily blame herself if she hurted
someone. She may be so cheerful that no one would expect that she would be carrying such a
heavy burden inside her. She is very caring and understanding and warm-hearted.

[Is your character good or evil?] good
[Are they friends with Tessa, or enemies?] friends
[What role do they play in the story?] a friend of Tessa's.

[Anything else you would like to add?] I can't think of anything

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Accpeted! :]

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Yay!! :D

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