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WRITING: Poetry: Banshee

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11 March 2009, 04:18 PM    #1
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There's a cry at midnight
A wail that wakes me
From my dreaming
There like a Banshee
I hear her screaming
Her skin is pale
Her eyes are wild
Where is the knife?
Where is the child?
It draws close
Turning slowly
I see the ghost
She is angry
And bent on murder
But I am frozen
And cannot stir
I feel so cold
And damp in bed
The sheets are soaked
With something red
My ears are bursting
My nose it bleeds
The Banshee screams
Her wailing pleas
She comes upon me
And I cry aloud
I turn and wrythe
Within my shroud
Her cold hands grab
And push me back
She rips the hair
In vicious attack
She takes my nails
And pulls them out
Peeling each one back
Despite my shouts
There is a crushing
Like heavy stones
A tearing and snapping
And breaking bones
Her fangs are flashing
They rip and shred
The room is bloody
From where I've bled
Her eyes are seething
And with final breath
Comes darkness rushing
And with it...

...early the next morning

"It's me, Miss Grady
"Your downstairs neighbor lady"

The front door open wide
She pokes her head inside

"Hello? Anyone at home?"

She listens,
There is none.

"Hello? I heard a terrible tussle
"And couldn't move a muscle
"Sounds of scratching on the ceiling
"It gave me an awful feeling
"And something like bedsheets ripping
"And then a dreadful dripping
"Oh! What a horrid sound!"

Miss Grady looked around

"Seems no one's home I guess?"

*sound of dripping on the ground*

"I wonder if there's a mess
"I better poke around"

She entered into the bedroom
There upon the floor
The mangled body strewn
In pieces of three or four
She screamed in bloody terror
And turned to run away
And just had reached the door
When she stopped
Hearing the strangest sound...

She listened

*distant crying*

"Is there...is there...
"Is there someone dying?"

Slowly, cautiously, she creeps

*someone weeps*

The bedroom cold and dark
She hesitates at the door


She moves just inside

"I hear someone sobbing
"Are you in here?"

Her temple throbbing
Trembling with fear
Her stomach is stone
Suddenly she feels
She isn't alone

In the corner,
Staring at her
Is....the Banshee

*their eyes meet*

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