how mutch sora ROCKS! i mean come on! he's hot! Login to Kupika  or  Create a new account 


how mutch sora ROCKS! i mean come on! he's hot!

29 June 2007, 02:51 PM   #1
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u know sora is cool. don't ya'll agre?
i love dis club. my boyfriend has me blush all the time .this site rocks! i hate firefox.

29 June 2007, 11:57 PM   #2
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Sora's f**king awesome, but I'm a guy, so...

Riku's f**king pimp

Axel is AWESOME!!!

30 June 2007, 11:48 PM   #3
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Sora's cute ^^ plus he's one of those main characters that never annoys me. =D

Sashiki: Sephiroth can I have your sword please? =D
Sephiroth: No!! *hugs sword* It's mine!!
Sashiki: Trade. =D
Sephiroth: What trade?
Sashiki: How about Ansem's tanning lotion?
Sephiroth: *shudder* He'll scare people without his tan.
Sashiki: Erm, how about Balamb Garden's hotdogs?
Sephiroth: Since when did you had that?
Sashiki: Last week?
Sephiroth: That's expired.
Sashiki: Oh. Then... Cloud's motorcycle, Fenrir??
Sephiroth: I can't drive motocycles.
Sashiki:.................... RedXIII anti flea shampoo?
Sephiroth: I'm not a dog.
Sashiki: RedXIII is not a dog.
Sephiroth: Whatever. And I don't want my hair ruined.
Sashiki: Hmmm, all I have now is Cloud's boxers...
Sephiroth: O___O;
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30 June 2007, 11:51 PM    #4
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SORA  R O C K S!!!!!!!!

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