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Training Grounds (LOL - Open to anyone who wants to reply)

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I make this look good.
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{OOC - Figure I might as well make an RP post. XD So I can see how y'all RP and whatnot.
I'd like a posting order if that's okay. So everyone will have a turn to respond.}

Her milky gray eyes scanned the open desert, noting the tiniest movement. All was
relaxation for the moment as she exhaled slowly, inwardly feeling her chakra as it swirled
around inside her and flowed to her most extreme digits. Slowly, her eyes drifted closed.
Her fingers wiggled like ocean waves as she concentrated her chakra into her hands, which
she raised towards her chin. Elbows out, she brought her hands together. First, her hands
created a peculiar sign, where her fingers were knitted together. Snake. She raised
her index and middle fingers. Tiger. She flattened her palms and pressed her
fingers loosely into the opposite end of each hand. Monkey. She repeated the three
signs, whispering them quietly to herself. She reached into her pockets and produced a
yo-yo, one on each index finger. 

She turned her hands in toward her body, facing her palms upward with the yo-yos clutched
tightly in her hands. Once her hands were as far away from her body as she dared, she
relaxed her hands and the yo-yos rolled off and went spinning towards the floor. Her eyes
were still closed. Her chakra spiraled down the strings, making them glow an eerie blue.
The yo-yos stopped spinning inches from the ground, the chakra holding them suspending in
midair. Her eyes snapped open. She was ready to begin her training.
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30 March 2007, 04:54 PM   #2
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Lily was calmly walking towards the training grounds. It was another basic peaceful
boring day. She heard a rustle in the bushes. Alarmed, she shoot a kunai at it. It turned
out to be a regular armadillo (Did you expect a rabbit?) scared out of it's wits. She
barely missed it by an inch. Some people said she was way too paranoid, but it wasn't her
fault, not after she got ambushed by a couple of rouge ninjas a few weeks ago. Lily
winced. Her ankle was still sore and she had a broken toe. As she got there, she looked
around quickly. Only just some other kunoichi. Lily began to practice her taijutsu on a
tree. After a few kicks she began to punch it rapidly. Blood started to come from her
knuckles, but she didn't care. She was pretending it was her older sister, Emia. How she
hated her!

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{OCC - Anybody here?}

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hello seedstar...^^

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{OCC - Erm... hi... isn't this supposed to be an RP board?}

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sorry bout that i was bored......--__--''

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I make this look good.
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{Blah. I'll respond to it. XD I'm so lazy.}

Someone was coming. Hotaru didn't move for a moment, preferring to pretend that she didn't
notice anything out of the ordinary. Besides, she knew she had to keep focused on this.
The crime rate in Suna was almost zero anyway, with the cliffs preventing outside entrance
and the guards blocking the only entrance to the village. She was by no means trusting,
but she was confident that whatever was coming her way was not a foe. She just hoped it
wasn't somebody important. 

In spite of her focused training and her yo-yo 'tricks', Hotaru was well aware of the
rhythmic thump of bone against wood. She knew it all too well, having done so herself.
Half of her listened, while the other half focused on the task at hand. The yo-yos spun
around her, striking a log that had been placed in the sand for training, and partly
splitting it. She continued to strike, each blow digging further into the wood. She wanted
to pass the exams and she had to train hard for that.
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