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Investigating the dead bodies

2 September 2016, 03:26 PM   #1
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My name is Tyloc Balthar- I am an ex-detective turned bounty hunter who was looking for a
fugitive by the name of Ru Thalzar, sources told me he was hiding on the spacecraft
Saturn's Bane.  On approach to the ship, no contact can be made with the craft, I
repeated, "Saturn's Bane, this is Doc I, is anyone there?"  I force my ship to dock with
theirs.  Before boarding I notice the ship had taken damage.  I put on my spacesuit in
case there is no life support.  Once aboard I find life support still works, but the ship
is nearly dead in space with major damage to engines and thrusts.  I find bodies, bloodied
and ripped to shreds all over the ship.  Avagards, Davroths, and humans among the dead
with none of them fitting the description of my fugitive.  I find one of the working
computers on the main deck, to try and find out what happened.  Security footage shows
possibly humans, however all were wearing spacesuits, take his fugitive Ru Thalzar and
another person off the ship while the spacesuit invaders massacre everyone else.  I return
to my ship with a copy of the footage and send back to Earth to be analyzed.  I undock my
ship and head towards Mars, the fugitive had family there, I will speak with them again.

6 September 2016, 03:30 PM    #2
The Founder
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I arrive at Mars, town of New Oakhills, a shithole for low income families and criminals
trying to scrap by with whatever they can.  Ru's family had a little operation of running
Craz, illegal drug that feels like marijuana with LSD mixed up making the person "go craz"
or hallucinate.  I've seen a few people end up injured or dead on that shit.  Anyway, I
make my way toward their little kingdom of shit and before I can even knock on he front
door I'm greeted to gunfire.  "Just my lucky fucking day," I mutter as I pull out my two
guns and get behind a nearby wall.  I peek around the wall to see two men changing
positions on the roof.  Before they can take cover I begin shooting and managed to wound
one and kill the other.
I holster my weapons and out steps two members of the Thalzar family, each with a I pissed
on their favorite motorbike looks on their faces.  I tip my hat to them, saying, "hello
boys, where did you say your brother Ru was at again?"

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