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The following is everything that was posted in the club "Whatever Dawn Brings" before I
moved it here...

In a postapocalyptic world where zombies have taken control few humans still remain.
Humans are not the only ones who
are forced to try and survive within this ruined world, vampires and werewolves still
fight to survive. Take on the role
of human, vampire, lycan, or even the undead in a world where tomorrow isn't guaranteed.
Samax/ "Truth is, I don't know myself." (Human)
Clover/ "Oh hello there, nice to meet you." (Mouse)
Daniel/ "It was the only way..." (Human)
Sevin/ "Come see my new invention!" (Vampire)
Vidal/ "So what if I'm dead?" (Risen)
Ven/ "Sophia, where did you go?" (Vampire)

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I want this to be fun so there aren't very many rules...
1. No killing other characters unless the person whose character you are killing says it
is okay.
2. Keep other races out of the wrong race safe havens. For example, no lycans in the
vampire coven please.
3. Please don't make things sexual. This isn't THAT kind of rp.

Have fun!
Samax/ "Truth is, I don't know myself." (Human)
Clover/ "Oh hello there, nice to meet you." (Mouse)
Daniel/ "It was the only way..." (Human)
Sevin/ "Come see my new invention!" (Vampire)
Vidal/ "So what if I'm dead?" (Risen)
Ven/ "Sophia, where did you go?" (Vampire)

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Survivor Camp:
A small camp hidden far enough away where the zombies can't reach. A safe haven for the
surviving humans of the apocalypse.
Samax/ "Truth is, I don't know myself." (Human)
Clover/ "Oh hello there, nice to meet you." (Mouse)
Daniel/ "It was the only way..." (Human)
Sevin/ "Come see my new invention!" (Vampire)
Vidal/ "So what if I'm dead?" (Risen)
Ven/ "Sophia, where did you go?" (Vampire)

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Lycan Lair:
A safe haven built within the mountain for the surviving lycans of the apocalypse.

Yuuka_Ren: OOC: Alright let's get this started ^.^


       Miku walked into the lair and looked around messing with her ponytail. Smirking
looked on the walls and touched the sides leaving a mark. Yawning, she silently layed
and closed her eyes to sleep.
Samax/ "Truth is, I don't know myself." (Human)
Clover/ "Oh hello there, nice to meet you." (Mouse)
Daniel/ "It was the only way..." (Human)
Sevin/ "Come see my new invention!" (Vampire)
Vidal/ "So what if I'm dead?" (Risen)
Ven/ "Sophia, where did you go?" (Vampire)

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Character Creation:

Name: Ven W. Lovecraft
Age: 468
Race: Vampire
Personality: Introvert. He keeps to himself and his close friends. Very protective of his
friends, especially his love Sophia. Always willing to help whenever he is needed.
Dislikes lycans very much.
Past: In 1643, when Ven was 17, he was bitten by a vampire. A small clan of vampires
donning the surname Lovecraft took him in. After a hundred years of living with the
Lovecraft clan he was locked in a strange tomb by the humans who thought of him as a
monster. Within the tomb a long dead spirit of the werewolf Leith Fletcher awoke. This
spirit found its way into Ven's soul, intertwining with him. For two hundred more years
the two lived within Ven's body, constantly at odds. Ven was strong, however, and was able
to keep control. In 1943, Ven was given a pocket watch by a mysterious man. One year later
the spirit trapped within the watch released itself and took Ven back in time to the year
1213. There he became the captain of a pirate ship and sailed for one hundred more years
as a cunning pirate. Then in 1313 the watch sprung to life again and brought him back to
his own time of 1944. 60 years past before Ven and Leith were finally separated in the
ruins of the mysterious Hartland City. For the next few years, up until the zombie
apocalypse the two battled each other wherever they met. Now Ven seeks refuge within a
secret vampire coven, hidden away from the humans, lycans, and zombies. 
Pets?: a wolf named Phoenix and a bat named Strify.

Name: Chocolat Meillure
Age: Looks 16
Race: Witch
Personality: Chocolat is a tomboy, outgoing, charasmatic, hyper, not as smart,
average, and a helpful girl who is easily determined. At first she's alittle odd and uses
alot of her catch frazes, but once you get to know her, she's pretty cool.
Past: Chocolat was born August 13th, the night her father died of a rare disease.
Being tooken care of her mother, she soon disappeared leaving Chocolat in an orphanage.
Hard enough, she was so used to the people around her, she changed completely. After being
beaten many times, she finally left by 13. After that, she lived her life on her own with
the support of her best friend Vanilla. During that time, Vanilla was killed in an
accident, left Chocolat all alone on the streets. After discovering her powers she ran off
and trained herself.
Pets?: A pet talking frog named Duke. 

Name: Lucille 'Ace" Kunz
Age: Eighteen years
Race: Youkai (A type of Demon/Vampire)
Personality:  I’m not going to sugar coat this – she’s the Nazi Youkai
of humans. Her view of mortals is disdained. She believes them to be disgusting and
repulsive. If you gave her the choice to be able to kill them all, Lucille wouldn’t
even hesitate. 
The elder sister of Acanthus, she’s not much imp-like like he happens to be. Her
ways are not simple foolery, but actually very destructive. Pleasure is taken out of
fiery explosions and cries of help. However, despite her seemingly harsh nature and
aside from her rather excited being towards other’s such as her, Lucille is
actually extremely level-headed and can be seen as cold-hearted quite often.  When
she’s late, she calls it as ‘Fashionably’, however, fashionably late is not two
weeks later, as Acanthus would point out. After all of this, the final of it is that
Lucille has a huge ego. North America isn’t even one fourth of its size.
Past: Lucille was raised in Yomi along with her younger brother,
Acanthus. Instead of spying on the mortals of the world, Lucille was always found
making a life down there in hell with all the other Youkai’s. She worked out as a
mail-carrier because of her ability to just simply show up at one home to another.
Mainly she worked for the rulers of the underworld, to send messages to the shinigami
in to who should live and who should die, with all honesty. Though she frowned
constantly, Lucille was quite happy with her job. Then one day, news had reached Yomi
what happened to the dimension that laid parallel to theirs. It was a time in which
they’d be able to escape from hell and reach to such a place. They left quickly.
Lucille shook her head and sighed, noting how stupid they all were for wanting to
live around their own dinners. Then she realized as she looked about her home with
her brother… “Acanthus…?” There was no answer. Her dismay followed – at the
end, Acanthus had went up too. She couldn’t leave her younger brother with the
filth of the space, so she followed after quickly, pursuing him. He made it clear he
didn’t want to go back.
So, even though she hates it, she stays with him. And now finds it as her job to
‘clean’ the ‘wasteland’.
Pets?: A scarecrow

Darkwing: Nice characters

Yuuka_Ren: Thank you ^.^ I like yours also

Darkwing: Thanks 

Yuuka_Ren: Your welcome. Sorry I posted late, had to take a shower and feed my pets ^.^

Name: Jasper Sinnet
Age: 172 years old. Physical age: 18
Race: Vampire
Personality: Jasper is a Vampire. Deadly. Cold hearted. Vicious. This is all lies.
Jasper isn't any of those. According to other Vampires, Jasper is like a human. He's
curious, shy, and a bit of a "scaredy-cat". You'd never think he was a Vampire. He doesn't
mind what people think or say about him. He lets them talk about him behind his back. He
doesn't care.
Jasper is a very quiet boy. He doesn't like to talk alot, unless if being talked to.
As if there isn't enough wrong with this vampire, Jasper is blind. He can't see anything
at all. But, he can use his ears to help guide him. Almost like a bat.
Past: Jasper was born and raised in the Victorian Era. Living a life of going to
school, getting picked on at school, studying at home, etc. That was Jasper's daily
routine. He didn't mind. He was taught manners and school work everyday, his parents
wanting him to grow up to be an intelligent and well mannered young man. Jasper thought
his life was going fine, until his parents went missing. That night, his parents had went
out for a night walk in the local park, whilst Jasper was to stay home to finish his
studies. His parents never came back.
Now during this time of his parents unfortunate disappearance, Jasper was suffering from
an eye disease. He didn't think twice about it really. He just continued with life. He
later regretted doing so as he later began to turn blind. Living on his own, blind, was
tough for him. He couldn't see what was being written on the blackboard at school, he
couldn't see any people coming to pickpocket from him, he couldn't see anything.
The night Jasper turned 18 years old, Jasper had a run in with a gang of thieves. They had
stole his money from his pockets, and dumped him in a dark alleyway in the middle of town.
Jasper had no idea where he was, or how to get home. And being blind certainly didn't
help. It was then when he was bitten by a vampire, in the dark alleyway.
His life from then up to now was to train his ears to help guide him, and feeding on
humans blood. He didn't like his life as a vampire. Not one bit. But that is the path his
life had taken, so he had to live it.
Pets?: N/A

Yuuka_Ren: You don't have to be accepted ^.^ You can start whenever

neomacortex: Oh really~? :D
Thanks~ XD

Yuuka_Ren: No problem! ^.^

Darkwing: Idk why but I really like the idea of a blind vampire

neomacortex: I find it cute for some reason XD
I decided to make him blind, so he could be kind of like a bat :3

Darkwing: Clever :P

Name: Miku Origon *Blue hair* & Gumi Anise * Green hair* Age: Appear to be 17 Race: Flesh eating Demon & Human Personalities Miku: Is very outgoing and strict, but she loves to have fun. She is smart and gullible and doesn't take no as an answer. Ever since she found out what she was, she was very confused on half part. She's very strong willed and energetic along as athletic. Gumi: Is very strong, not as smart, shy, mature, athletic, and agrivated easily. She doesnt think she's as smart so she's abit down on herself. As a human, she's not exactly the type describing her abilities. She's very strong willed and doesn' open up easily so it's hard for her to open up to others. She doesn't talk as much, so she's just another loner. She doesnt really stand out much and she usually stands by the side watching her life pass forward. Past: When Gumi was younger, her parents were alchoholics. They beat her, tormented her, and made her life a living Hell. Being picked on, she never lived a life she always wished for. After her parents slowly disappeared from her life (passed on), she was on her own. Handling her own money and getting a job, she was soon fired after being harassed by one of the customers and she tried hurting him. As she was on the streets considering her sister got all of the money, she was soon found by Miku who imediately took a liking to her. As a kind person, she raised her for many years protecting her. But, with a deadly secret. Pets?: Gumi owns a pet baby rabbit that fits in her purse. Her weakness is cute things. Picture: Darkwing: I like em XD I was just thinking earlier that we really need to have some characters who aren't vampires. lol Yuuka_Ren: Agreed >.< I love the picture. Darkwing: Name: Rowan Dare and Rain Valentine Age: 18 and 16 Race: Human Personality: Rowan: Keeps to himself for the most part. Prefers the dead to the living. Easy going but also easily provoked. Rain: Quiet and shy, sticks by Rowan's side mostly. She may be a zombie now but she still has some cognitive abilities. Past: His parents died when he was only five and his aunt took him in. She was very cruel and beat Rowan almost everyday. When Rowan was 13 he killed his Aunt and ran away from home. He lived on the streets for the next five years and befriended a girl named Rain. Then zombies rose from their graves. Rain was turned into a zombie soon after. Rain was abandoned by her parents when she was born. She was left on the doorstep of a foster home. When she was 8 she wandered off from the playground and was kidnapped. One day while Rowan was wandering by the kidnappers house he noticed Rain through the basement window. He freed her and they lived on the streets together until Rain was turned into a zombie. They still stick together though. Pets?: None Picture:
Samax/ "Truth is, I don't know myself." (Human)
Clover/ "Oh hello there, nice to meet you." (Mouse)
Daniel/ "It was the only way..." (Human)
Sevin/ "Come see my new invention!" (Vampire)
Vidal/ "So what if I'm dead?" (Risen)
Ven/ "Sophia, where did you go?" (Vampire)

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Vampire Coven:
A secret underground haven for the surviving vampires of the apocalypse.

Darkwing: Ven stumbled through the doors. He was exhausted after his long trek across the
searching for this place. He was greeted by a couple friendly vampires who brought him
some fresh blood. He badly needed it and thanked them. The blood was cold but it was

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille walked into the coven carefully, her long pigtails bouncing with each
step she took. Her eyes lightly showing in the dark as she looked around, after walking
for so long she stopped walking, set down her bag of envilopes and sat down for a small
rest. Not seeing her surroundings she took her hair down and let it reach the ground
around her as she began to braid it, she needed to fix her hair for the safety course she
is taking. Reaching in her bag she tookk the red liquid from a bottle and drank it down
quickly and took a deep breath as her sharp fangs went back into her gums.

Darkwing: Ven took a deep breath, setting down the glass, and glanced around at his
He had hoped sophia was in this place somewhere but had no idea where to look. The place
was larger than he had imagined. He noticed the girl braiding her hair.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille finally finished with her strangling hair, although it was long, it
an inch short than reponzils hair will ever be. Reaching back into her bag she took out a
sketch pad, map, a bottle of red liquid, new clothing, and a pair of shoes. Glancing up
the ceiling she took off her jacket and criss-crossed her legs completely. With nothing
do, she closed her eyes and imagined herself with a loving family.

Darkwing: Ven walked over to the girl. "Hey, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if
you might
be able to help me."

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille turned seeing the boy, her golden eyes locked onto the boy. Standing
she wiped herself off, "Depends.." she said softly. She wasn't sure who he was and if she
could really trust him or not.

Darkwing: "I'm looking for a young vampire by the name of Sophia. She has blond hair and
eyes. Is she here?" He tried not to sound rushed but he was beginning to really worry. He
fiddled with his watch as he spoke.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille shook her head, "No, I have not." She replied looking at him. "That
She asked, wondering what else he needed. She had just got here, so she wouldn't of seen
anyone else.

Darkwing: "Oh, have you been here very long?" He wondered if he was even asking the right
these questions. She didn't seem to know much of what he wanted to here.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille nodded swiftly, "Just got here." She said softly. She couldn't help
knowing something, which was tough for her.

Darkwing: "Okay, well if you see her then let me know." He wandered off a little ways.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille grabbed onto his sleeve like a lost puppy. "Wait, I need help also."
said, although she hated to admit it. Looking down she wondered what he was going to say

Darkwing: Ven looked back at her. "You do? What is it?"

Yuuka_Ren: She growled slightly at her own words, "I'm looking for a certain..place." she
said softly looking up, she wasnt quite good with words as it seemed.

neomacortex: Jasper trudged up to the door of the Vampire Coven. Exhausted. He didn't like
his life as
a Vampire. It tired him out. And being blind certainly was no help at all. He felt around
for the door, finally grabbing hold of the handle. Pushing down on the door handle, he
practically fell into the Vampire Clan. Laughing nervously, he picked himself back up and
shut the door behind him. He then brushed himself off and carefully made his way over to
corner of the Coven, making sure not to stand on anything or anyone. Once in the corner,
he sat himself down, his face staring up at the ceiling, his eyes staring into
nothingness. Boy, did being blind suck.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille looked over to the sound of the door opening and shutting, her eyes
blinked as she cocked her head to the side, as the noise continued to the corner she
slowly made her way over. With her soft voice she tried to call out, "Hello?" she asked
quietly, her pale skin was very lightly coated with afew burn spots. Looking at the boy
she wondered what he was doing.

neomacortex: Jasper jumped slightly from hearing the voice. He had stopped listening for a
moment, so
he never heard the girl approaching him.
"H-hello...?" he asked back, wondering who was talking to him.
It was only polite to answer back.
His eyes left him at a disadvantage to see, so he used his ears. He heard the girl
over to him. He wanted to speak, but that would be bad manners, according to his parents.
He would wait until he was spoken back.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille looked confused, but her expression was blank. The boys face seemed to
turned a different way, annoyed she raised an eyebrow. "Yes." she answered. She didnt
to talk much, but she atleast tried her best with her soft voice. Sqauting to his height
she looked at him quietly. He hadn't seem to notice her at all.

neomacortex: Jasper began to get irritated by his blind eyes. He didn't know where the
girl was. He
calmed himself down and began to use his ears again. He could hear her getting closer. He
then knew she was near him. He could feel her breathing. He turned his head to the girl.
His blind eyes staring right at her from behind his useless glasses.
"H-hello... who are you..?" he asked her, mentally slapping himself for starting a
conversation, when his parents told him that he should only answer conversations, not
start them.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille looked at him, seeing him look at her. "Good." she replied. "I am
Kunz, you are?" said she. Reaching over, she slowly started to take off his glasses. She
didnt know who he was, but it  was rude not to sincerely look at the person talking. She
hated sun glasses, they annoyed her. Ever since the fact that he was probably sleep
talking, or just looking away.

neomacortex: Alfred jumped at the contact of Lucille's fingers against his face when she
took his
glasses away.
He needed them as a human before he went blind, and he didn't want them taken away from
him. He stuck his hands out carefully, feeling around for his glasses. His fingers
reached the rims of his glasses. Taking them back from the girl, he carefully placed them
back on his face, calming down slightly.
"My name is Jasper... Jasper Sinnet. Pleased to make your acquaintance" he replied back
the girl.

Yuuka_Ren: OOC: Sorry had to eat. 

    Lucille felt him jump as she removed his glasses, pulling back she flinched. Annoyed
by the fact he won't look her straight in the eye she sat next to him and sat criss
Watching him calm down, she finally realised he was blind. Nodding her head, "Sorry, I
hadn't realised." she frowned slightly. "Nice to meet you.." she said softly, shaking his

neomacortex: OOC: that's ok~ ^.^

Alfred smiled slightly, the first smile in quite a while for him. He didn't know that
Lucille had moved to sit beside him, so he finally looked up as if she were sitting
infront of him.
"That's quite alright, Miss" he told her.
He then sat up straight after realizing she had sat next to him, feeling her breath on
side of his neck. He had trained himself everything about how to make his way around
blind. Senses. Feel. Smell. Hearing.
He then turned his head around to look at her. His blue eyes looking straight at her, but
off slightly of her eyes. He was more looking at her forehead or just above her eyes. He
hadn't quite mastered getting around being blind yet. But he would get there eventually.
"Sorry about that..." he apologized, embarrassed.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille was suprised to see him smile, nromally she was just another shadow
and people usually  didn't talk to her at all. Shocked she looked his way hearing his
voice again, seeing him turn his head torward her  she got nervous. She had then noticed
him looking at her forehead, she couldnt help but giggle. Stopping herself  she cleared
her throat, "It's okay." she said smiling lightly, she hasnt smiled for a very long time,
so it felt strange to her. It made her lips tingle slightly, like they fell asleep.

neomacortex: Jasper began to get shy. He wasn't the best at conversations. Never started
one as a
human. He only answered questions and was then sent to his room to study.
"So... how are you..?" he asked the girl, scratching the back of his head with one hand,
hoping that was a good way to start a conversation.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille smiled seeing him get shy, usually she got the scared vibe from
But he was different, but she was hurt that he was only nice due to the fact he hasnt
her yet. She was very pale, her golden eyes wiere unnormal, and she had shaggy hair that
looked messy whenever up, but she didnt dare take her hair down. "G-good." she stuttered,
she shook her thaughts and looked back at him. "How about you?" she asked quietly.

neomacortex: Jasper thought about the question, and how he would go about answering it. He
liked to
think about his answers carefully before speaking out loud.
"I've been better. But I'm alright" he answered, adding on an extra short sentence to
reasssure Lucille.
He pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose as he felt them falling back down.
"Being blind is a tad harder than it looks" he chuckled slightly, trying to be

Yuuka_Ren: Wondering what he was thinking, many thaughts blew past her mind wildly.
at him while he answered for some reason she felt releaved. "That's good." she smiled
lightly at him. As the boy budged his glasses she had an idea, "How about I help you?"
suggested, she hated the idea but she wanted to atleast make one friend.

neomacortex: Jasper's head perked up, and was able to make perfect eye contact with the
girl. His ears
were finally working a tad better.
"Help me..? Become able to see again?" he asked her in curiousity.
"It's quite alright, Miss. To be honest, I'm a tad scared to see things again. I've
used to being blind now. So I'm fine. But thank you very much." Alfred smiled kindly,
nodding his head slightly, and fiddling with his glasses.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille raised an eyebrow sadly, she looked hurt. "I meant as in help you
around." she cleared her throat trying not to show anything. "But if that's what you
I'll leave you alone then." she said as her voice got lower and lower till the room grew
comepletely silent. Sitting where she was she burried her head into her knees frowning.
"Sorry I bothered you.." she whispered lightly, her voice cracking.

neomacortex: Jasper panicked a little after hearing the girl's tone of voice.
"Don't be offended Miss. I merely misunderstood your question." he told her truthfully.
Then he thought for a moment about what her question actually meant.
"It's very kind of you to offer to help me. And I would accept your help. But I'm afraid
to say, that on the night when I got bit by a vampire and got turned into one, the
who bit me had sternly told me that it's my duty to go the rounds of a vampire, and to
train my ears myself. Which I have been doing~" he told Lucille, giving a little happy
tone of voice at the end of his sentence.
He fiddled his fingers nervously, really hoping Lucille wouldn't take it the wrong way.
"But thank you very much for the offer." he smiled softly at her.

Yuuka_Ren: She turned her head away wiping her tears, "My name's not miss." she muttered
stubbornly. She hated when she wasnt needed or treated the way others were. At this time
she felt like dirt, just left off on the side just to be kicked away. "Okay Okay, I get
it." she said with her hoarse voice. Standing up clenching her fists she looked at him
smile and sighed looking down. Cupping his chin and pulling his head up she smiled, "I'm
sorry I made you nervous. But if you really need anything, just call for me." she said
happily. "Right?" she cocked her head to the side smiling brightly at him.

neomacortex: Jasper was a little confused but kept his smile on his face.
"I do apologize. It's the way I was brought up, I'm afraid to say. I'm far too polite" he
laughed happily.
His lifeless eyes stared as Lucille cupped her hands on his face. Listening carefully to
what she was saying.
"Ofcoarse. I'll let you know whenever I have a question, or need help. I promise" he told
her truthfully.
He suddenly got a feeling of slight claustrophobia as he couldn't see, and his face was
being held by cupped hands. It made him slightly nervous and/or uncomfortable, but he
decided he'd better not show it.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille nodded in agreement. Giggling lightly she smiled at him. "Alright
she replied happily. "I mean it too." she said puffing her cheek at him and laughing.
Letting go of his face she noticed him feeling uncomfortable. Frowning she nodded again,
"Sorry, got carried away." she said blushing. Looking away she stood up and looked at
"Here, stand up. I want to show you something." she said digging through her bag.

neomacortex: Jasper began to get curious and stood up, nearly falling over but he managed
to stand
He stood there in a curious, blind daze. Wondering what the girl was going to show him.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille frowned as he nearly fell over, as he managed to stand perfectly she
took out a black diamond necklace with a ruby on the end. Putting it around his neck she
hooked it together smiling at him. "It was my grandmother's, I used it if I ever got
lost." she said happily. "I want to give it to you in case something happens, rub the
if something goes wrong, and I'll come for you. Or if I can't, it will lead you somewhere
safe." She said to him.

neomacortex: Jasper looked surprised as Lucille placed the necklace around his neck. He
looked down
and placed his fingers on the ruby, lifting it up and fiddling it between his fingers. He
liked it very much, even if he couldn't see it. Jasper was that type of guy. He didn't
need to see to be able to like or dislike things. But he was a causious and shy boy.
"Thanks so much. I'll use it well" he told her, bowing slightly.
His Father used to tell him all the time that it was essential to thank and bow to people
who were pleasant back to you.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille's face lit up knowing he liked it, smiling happily she said, "I'm glad
you like it. And I'm sure you are." she said looking at him. As he bowed she giggled
lightly, "Jasper, you don't have to bow anymore." she said. "Stand up straight and try to
look at me." she said slightly ordering him. "You're too polite, I think I might be
she said chuckling.

neomacortex: Jasper looked up. His ice blue blind eyes staring off into space.
"I do apologize. It's the way I was brought up, I guess. Just the way I am~" he smiled
And he was right. He was brought up in a very mannerful household during the Victorian
Era. During this time, manners was everything. He knew it wasn't that important nowadays,
but he just couldn't help himself. It was the way he I's. And there was no way he'd be
dropping his manners, after being alive for 172 years. But he didn't mind. He liked to be
a gentleman.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille nodded swiftly, "I guess I'll have to learn to deal with it." she
laughed. Kissing his cheek she smiled, "And don't apologize. I like the way you are. And
plus, Im your friend no matter what. It's what friends do right?" she tilted her head.
"So, today. Wanna go for a walk later?" she asked, slightly excited about making a
She seemed alot different and happy than she was in the beginning. For all her life, she
didnt care who or what she was, at that age she didnt care if she died or not. But ow
meeting him, she finally undertsood what it meant to be happy. She hadnt the slightest
idea she was changing subjects.

neomacortex: Jasper smiled back at Lucille, and nodded his head, holding onto his glasses
incase if
they were to fall off his face.
"Yeah sure. A walk sounds great. But we'd best be careful. For there may be zombies
lurking around" he reminded her.
He felt strangely happy. He made a friend. His first proper friend. Back when he was a
at school, he didn't want a girlfriend, or a best friend, or a best friend for life. He
just wanted a friend who would laugh and play and talk with him.
And he was exactly the same now. Didn't want a girlfriend. Didn't want a best friend for
life. He was happy with his new and first ever friend right now. Lucille.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille nodded looking at the exit, it was true about all of those kind of
creatures. Earlier that day she knocked afew down without noticing, she wasn't so sure
about anyone else out there. When she was in school, she was the usual shadow, not very
popular as a kid, and wasnt really braught up in any occasion. As the social freak, she
was an outcast. The only friend she had, was only to get close to her brother. Finding
that out, her friend stopped talking to her, started bullying her, and making her life a
living Hell. But now that she met Jasper, she knew she could trust him as a friend. But
something in her gut didnt like it. As further more, she did like to be alone more than
last time, feeling if she ever got close to someone, they would just leave her on the
streets like her parents.

neomacortex: Jasper noticed the silence, and that Lucille wasn't responding. He knew she
was thinking
hard about something, but he didn't want to ask, just incase if it upset her. His ears
then began to pick up another noise. Someone else was in the room. He panicked a little,
unable to tell if it were a friend or a foe.
"Lucille... Am I right in saying that there is someone else in this room with us just
now..?" he whispered, hoping that if it were a foe, it wouldn't be able to hear it.

OOC: Can't quite remember if Vampiric's character is still in this room or not XD

Yuuka_Ren: OOC: Me neither lol

Lucille frowned suddenly looking back down at the ground, the thaughts making her heart
ache and her head spin.
 Calming down and taking deep breaths she looked up surpised by his voice. "H-huh? Oh,
don't worry. He's a friend.
 He's been looking for someone." she said as she tried to  calm her heart. As her face
heated up she sat down quietly,
 she had a fever.

neomacortex: Jasper calmed down slightly, smiling in relief.
"That's good. I'm scared of zombies" he shivered in fear.
He then heard Lucille drop to the ground. He knelt down beside her wondering what was
"Are you alright..?" he asked her worriedly.

OOC: brb, dinner time for me~

Yuuka_Ren: OOC: OKay :D

Lucille covered her stomach in pain, hearing his voice she kept her head low trying to
hide it. "N-nothing." she flinched as he knelt beside her. "Just alittle head ache." she
lied, she didnt want him to worry. If he did, it didnt matter to her. Everyone said they
worried, but they always ran off laughing or saying how weird she was. "I'll be fine."
said moving her head.

neomacortex: Jasper shook his head, and managed to find Lucille's forehead, placing the
palm of his
hand on Lucille's forehead.
"You have a fever." he told her.
Que Jasper panicking... Now!
He didn't know what to do. He didn't know how to cure fever's at all.

Yuuka_Ren: Lucille started to sweat and pant, but it felt nice as his hand was placed on
forehead. Hallucinating, her head began to spin. Laying down she held his hand to her
Samax/ "Truth is, I don't know myself." (Human)
Clover/ "Oh hello there, nice to meet you." (Mouse)
Daniel/ "It was the only way..." (Human)
Sevin/ "Come see my new invention!" (Vampire)
Vidal/ "So what if I'm dead?" (Risen)
Ven/ "Sophia, where did you go?" (Vampire)

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Abandoned Farm:
An abandoned farm lies a few miles from the survivor camp. So far there are no signs of
zombies nearby but they had been there and had consumed whoever used to live there.

Darkwing: Rowan and Rain approached the farmhouse cautiously. It seemed deserted. Rain
"What's wrong?" asked Rowan.
"You should leave me. Go back to the camp where you will be safe." replied Rain. She was
staring at her feet.
Rowan shook his head. "I'm not leaving you. Not now, not ever." Rain smiled a little.

Yuuka_Ren: Gumi walked in from the outside, leaning on the door side. She had noticed the
weather lately and needed to check for shelter. Sighing, she put her hood up and stepped
through the door. Closing it, she silently kept walking til she stopped and looked around
hearing movements. Slowly, she hid by the side not to be noticed.

Darkwing: Rowan began looking through the house while Rain sat on the couch in the living
room. She
sat and stared at a painting on the wall. "I don't see any signs that anyone has been
in a while." Rowan called to Rain from the kitchen. "It's obvious there was a strangle
though..." He notice some dried blood on the floor near the cabinets along with scratch
marks and foot prints leading out the back door.

Yuuka_Ren: Gumi slowly slid out from the darkness and clutched her hands behind her back.
Looking around she scratched her nose lightly and sniffled. Feeling her nose tingle she
closed her eyes and sneezed. "Hopstepchu!" she said and covered her nose and mouth
embarassed. Looking away she started to turn and walk off quickly.

Darkwing: "Who was that?" asked Rowan, confused. He cautiously headed down the hallway
after the

Rain was staring at an old portrait atop the fireplace of a family.

OCC: sorry for the super late reply

neomacortex: Jasper slowly and cautiously made his way towards the abandoned farmhouse,
waving his
walking stick around in front of his feet on the ground to lead him the right way, and to
make sure he didn't crash into anything. He tapped the stick lightly on the door of the
farmhouse. Reaching out his pale hand, he held onto the door handle of the door.
"This must be the farmhouse..." he whispered to himself, hoping no one would be able to
hear him.
He stood at the doorway, waiting for Ven to catch up with him.

Darkwing: Ven caught up to Jasper and peeked in one ofthe farmhouse windows.
"I think I can see someone in there."

Rain saw something move by the window and turned to see who it was. Rain caught Ven's
for a moment

Ven ducked and said quickly "She saw me."

neomacortex: Jasper put a finger to his lip, nodding his head. He then made his way to the
carefully, making sure not to fall over the ducking Ven. His blind eyes looked around the
room, trying to hear for movement.
"No need to be alarmed. We're just looking for a friend who got lost. Aren't we Ven? We
were wondering if you could help us out~?Perhaps you could give a description of your
friend to help out, Ven~" he smiled, reassuring Rain as calmly and softly as he could, a
soft smile on his pale face.
Samax/ "Truth is, I don't know myself." (Human)
Clover/ "Oh hello there, nice to meet you." (Mouse)
Daniel/ "It was the only way..." (Human)
Sevin/ "Come see my new invention!" (Vampire)
Vidal/ "So what if I'm dead?" (Risen)
Ven/ "Sophia, where did you go?" (Vampire)

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