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Sims 3: Supernatural

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1 August 2012, 04:51 PM   #1
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What do you think of this game? Are you excited or disappointed? What are your thoughts?
I personally can't wait. I have always loved the supernatural and Friday August 3rd at 10
am eastern time I believe. I'm gonna watch it if I don't sleep in. That would be horrible
if I slept in. Well I could always watch the replay of it. :3 I'm very excited their
finally bringing in the werewolves. I was waiting for the werewolves. I thought they'd
bring them in with pets like they did with Sims 2 but they had unicorns instead. Unicorns
are new though. They are bringing in the skeleton maid from Sims 2, zombies, fairies, and
witches. I though they were bringing warlocks too but they will all be witches. Male or
female. I'm excited for the new CAS. You get to create your Supernatural Sims in CAS.
They've never done that before. You can even create ghost along with their death type. I'm
totally making a fucked up family. Werewolf mother, man witch father and we'll go from
there. THERE WILL NO REGULAR SIMS!!!! :3 I'm not very excited for the zombies but I might
zombie here and there. I would like my town to be ruled by werewolves. I'm interested in
the new intriguing vampires. I wanna see what their like and what they did with them. I'm
mostly interested in alchemy, werewolves, and fairies. I don't think they've ever had
fairies before. Their bringing in stuff from Sims 2 and bringing in new stuff so I'm
really excited. It comes out September 4, 2012(of course). There planning on having only
the limited edition out on the first day the games out. Tell me your opinion and what your
excited for. I told you mine. :D

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1 August 2012, 06:13 PM   #2
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I'm hoping the vampires in Supernatural have like super strength or something. :D

2 August 2012, 03:45 PM    #3
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Dude that would be pretty awesome. I'm super excited for CAS. You can edit the werewolf
form as well as the sim form and for fairies, your fairies can have a pixie form. Of
course that would be out of CAS but its still pretty awesome. I wonder what would happen
with an all werewolf family and a pet cat. -wondering-

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