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14 May 2011, 05:43 PM    #1
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Last edited by cute_girl_702, 14 May 2011
story. You wake up in a black room not beings able to see anything but a but a white door with the words Misson~ Get out alive. Will you go out that door and see what lies behind, or stay and starve to death in that room waiting for someone who never came? Each person that comes to this place came by when they went asleep.They were just normal humans but when they entered here they got special powers and a companion(talking dog,cat,dragon,bird, etc) to help them on there mission. Every time someone goes threw that door they appear in a random place with a certain task, after that it all depends on what you do. rules. .dont fuckin cuss like a mother fuckin doush bag you cunt. .R!t3 c0r4T|y. .write more then two lines. ...only six caraters if you want to make more ask me...

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