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New Story-No title-Will possibly never be finished/written

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1 January 2011, 07:32 PM   #1
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Instincts=Survival. Hesitating=Death.

Welcome to Kx, the harsh and dangerous society where you must obey commands and reluctance
and doubt mean death. Vaste is about to begin the survival training that all the boys in
Kx must do. But then he discovers a young girl, Connie, sneaking into his class disguised
as a boy. Vaste is shocked to find out that Connie escaped from the Outer World, where no
one except the government knows that Kx exists. Connie is a spy for the government, trying
to help determine if Kx has any purpose at all. Once Connie and Vaste learn what really
happens in Kx-that not even the government knows about-they must work together to stop the
oncoming war. But their task soon becomes extremely difficult as they become closer
friends when they should be enemies, and when the Outer World threatens to destroy Kx
without giving it a chance to fight.

Pronunciations and Notes
Kx-pronounced "ky"
Vaste-pronounced "vast"

If the preview made no sense at all, basically Kx is a society built up on Earth (it's
only a small part on earth-it's like if we were just living our regular lives but
somewhere out in the world there was this place called Kx) where boys are trained to fight
to survive. The government in the Outer World are wondering if there is a real purpose for
Kx to just randomly be there on earth. Which is where Connie comes in. Then Connie and
Vaste discover a big secret about Kx, but they have to act fast before the Outer World
destroys Kx and all the innocent people.

Lastly, sorry if this seems fascinating but then i never go back to it. I have NO idea
where I'm going with this. ;D

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1 January 2011, 08:01 PM   #2
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I think it sounds rather interesting, actually...

I look forward to reading it if you do continue it~

1 January 2011, 10:32 PM    #3
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Its interesting. I would read it, if you ever wrote it.

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