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Kun's Duplex; 1500 Manchaca Road #A

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28 December 2010, 06:07 PM   #1
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His duplex is a two floor duplex, it has a quaint little bathroom and kitchen,
along with a couch downstairs. He has a few televisions here and there, clothes scattered
on the floor. His small, fenced in backyard is well kept for his butterflies. His complex
is located in between a highway and, a mist of trees. Come visit him, he could use some

29 January 2011, 09:29 PM   #2
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James knocked on the door, hoping Kun was home. He had just gotten back from his
month abroad, where he had performed at various concerts. He hoped, maybe, he might be
famous one day. He bit his lip, shifting from foot to foot. He really, really wanted the
boy to just answer the door. He had missed Kun more than ever. And he blushed thinking Kun
might've missed him as well. He pressed his ear against the door, raising his brows and
groaning in frustration. "Kuunn-" he sighed under his breath, barely able to control

shh. we can just carry on from before.

30 January 2011, 01:14 AM   #3
Guest Poster

fff. oh you.

Kun was just about to settle in for an evening nap when, a knock at the door made him jump
with frustration. He honestly did not want company, he was tired and drowsy. He trudged
from his room, glancing to the glass back door, making sure his butterflies were safe. He
crossed the living room floor, stretching and popping a few bones here and there, finally
unlocking the door. Kun opened it, surprised to see a guy there, he expected Sugar more
than a total stranger. The male didn't remember James from his past, short term memory
loss does horrible things to make you forget. "May I help you?" he asked bluntly, running
a hand through his now long, white hair. Kun's eyes were droopy, like a puppy from
exhaustion, he just wanted to sit or sleep honestly.

30 January 2011, 11:01 AM   #4
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oh me. <3

James grinned. "Hey Kun. Did you miss me?" It took all he had not to jump into the boy's
arms, bury his face in his hair, and kiss him for an hour. And, god, he was so horny. (oh
man. i'm sorry. just had to include this.) A whole month without sex was driving him
crazy! He stepped forward, ready to give him a hug, when he realised the look of confusion
and irritation, mixed in with drowsiness. Then he remembered how Kun couldn't remember
much for more than a few days or a week. He ran a hand through his hair, groaning. "Kun.
You must've forgotten. I'm James. Your boyfriend? I was gone for a month, for my job? As a
musician?" He bit his lip, trying to think of things to make him remember. "Ah, I have my
clothes in our closet! There are clothes in there that would never fit you! There are
pictures of us on the wall!"

30 January 2011, 01:24 PM   #5
Guest Poster

pffft. i lol'd.

Kun eyed James from head to toe, something about him was vaguely familiar. He reran what
James said about the pictures on his wall, he had nothing of the sort. The clothes in his
home were only for Sugar and himself, whenever Sugar came to spend the night, he always
forgot his clothes. He can understand the clothes that might not fit him but, none of them
belonged to James. "I'm sorry to be rude but, how do you know my name? I do not own any
clothes that might look like yours, sir." he replied softly, scratching his head trying
desperately to remember. He waved his hand causally, a sign that he could come inside. Kun
trudged across the living room, still scratching his scalp, and plopped down on the small

31 January 2011, 07:36 AM   #6
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James sighed. Kun had probably given them away again. And when he forgot James, he
had forgotten that he lived there. Found clothes that weren't his, and figured they were
old, didn't fit, so he should get rid of them. He rolled his eyes. This happened every
time he was away for any longer than a day or two. He tried to remember how he had
reminded Kun last time, biting his lip. He couldn't remember, how ironic. He sighed,
walking over to the boy and kneeling. "Kun, I know your name because we're dating."
He got an idea suddenly, a brash, stupid idea that probably wouldn't work, but he figured
it was crazy enough to try. He leaned forward, before the other could pull away, and
crushed his lips to Kun's.

31 January 2011, 05:45 PM   #7
Guest Poster

Kun wanted to snap at the male but, before he could put in his input, he was roughly
kissed by James. He put up a little struggle, wiggling out of the kiss until, he looked
into his eyes. Those mismatched eyes triggered something deep in his memory, making him
smile between the forceful kiss. He pushed James away gently and yawned, still tired and
in need of a nap. "James! What are you doing here? When did you get here?" he asked, his
memories of James flooding back like a pool. Kun wondered to himself sometimes before he
forgot the question, why did he forget James and everyone all the time? He sighed at the
question, laying down on the couch awaiting the other males reply.

31 January 2011, 05:51 PM   #8
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"I was on a job, remember? Traveling pianist?" James laughed, kissing him again,
but lighter. He wrapped his arms around the smaller male, burying his face against his
chest. "I missed you so much." he mumbled into the natural, clean scent Kun had. He loved
everything about this boy. "In more ways than one," he grinned, running his hand down the
boy's side. "But it can wait if you're too tired," he said with a sigh, finally looking
back up at Kun.

31 January 2011, 06:01 PM   #9
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Kun smiled slightly after the gentle kiss, his cold, gray eyes gazing at James. He'd
missed him, but forgot about missing him at the same time, Kun was glad for his return.
The male's eyes were looking pretty lost as he started to nod off, his head leaning to the
side of the couch as he fell asleep. Kun snuggled up close to James, trying to get warm
since the house was a little chilly. He lightly started to snore, he was very tired due to
the extreme care of his butterflies and strolls around the town.

31 January 2011, 06:09 PM   #10
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James smiled, climbing onto the couch and trying not to jostle Kun. He curled
against him, pulling the blanket on the couch over them both and yawning. He closed his
eyes, nestling his head against the back of Kun's shoulder. "Night," he mumbled, sighing
and wrapping his arms around him. He had missed him so very much, but he'd waited this
long, he figured he could wait another day. He figured the other male would be just as-
ah, excited as he was.

31 January 2011, 06:20 PM   #11
Guest Poster

Kun wrapped his arms around James when he felt the male get comfortable on the couch. He
sighed, thinking about all the things James and him needed to catch up on. He felt so
strange, forgetting and remembering his own boyfriend like that yet, that's how it always
was. Kun felt James' head on his shoulder, he rolled into a position when the male could
feel more comfortable. He smiled to himself, fully going to sleep this time around.

31 January 2011, 06:26 PM   #12
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James woke up to the sun streaming in the window through the blinds, and he
stretched out, careful not to jostle Kun. He pulled the blanket off himself. Somehow, he
had gotten his shirt off, and was only wearing his jeans. He curled back up against the
other boy, who was still asleep as far as he knew. He draped his arm over the boy. "I love
you," he mumbled. even though he was asleep. He usually said it when Kun was off-guard,
because he never really was one to say it, especially not often.

31 January 2011, 08:57 PM   #13
Guest Poster

Kun felt the slow warmth of the sun enter the house, a sign it was morning. He had a
dreamless sleep, he felt strange when he didn't have a dream. His eyes fluttered open, his
vision was a blur and he'd forgotten that he fell asleep on the couch. Kun looked down at
James, seeing that he was awake and running a hand through his hair. "Good morning." he
yawned groggily, his voice scratchy and tired. He didn't hear James tell him that he loved
him, he'd woken right after that. Kuns immediate thought was to hurry and check on his
precious butterflies but, James was still laid down next to him.

2 February 2011, 04:52 PM   #14
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James smiled, nuzzling his face into Kun's shoulder. "Morning," he mumbled. "I
missed you." In reality, he had more than missed Kun. James had felt like his was missing
part of himself. He had always loved the boy, though most found him incredibly odd, James
absolutely adored the boy. From his little quirks to his big ones. His memory loss and his
love of butterflies. James knew that they were both madder than rabbits, but that was
alright. They had each other. And that's all that mattered, right? "I mean, I
really missed you." he groaned, nipping Kun's neck.

2 February 2011, 05:41 PM    #15
Guest Poster

Kun chuckled at the male, shivering lightly as James nipped at his warm neck. He wondered
what James always meant when he said he missed him, his short term memory loss made him
think they saw each other the other day or haven't seen each other in years. "But
sweetheart, we just saw each other a few days ago." he replied with a smile. Kun leaned
over and brushed his lips against James' softly, enjoying their moment together. He pulled
away to catch his breath and got up, carefully stepping over James off the couch, and onto
the living room floor. Kun stretched, his features more clear and vivid in the rays of
morning sun.

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