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Dark Castle.

5 December 2010, 02:53 PM   #1
7 key squad founder; earth squad captain; King of the earth; Gear
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Fire began spraying for miles from an opening in the ground.

Far away from the Tower of the Seven Key Squad, things began to unfold that would shape
the future of the Seven Key Squad. The earth trembled and magma streamed from the ground
and formed a massive canyon.

Up from the center of the lava pool formed a particularly massive spout of lava, cooling
as it hit the air.

It was almost supernatural as it rose from the pool, shaping and forming into something
that was definitely not from nature. Towers formed, spires and turrets created as though
years of building were passing in an instant.

Arches, windows, doors, gates, all were forming from this burning pool, lifting out of the
magma and creating a castle. A bridge connected the edge of the pool to the main body of
the castle, with mini fortresses of sorts hanging off the sides of the castle itself.

A large volcano also formed behind the castle, just to add to the already screaming vibe
of "Evil Castle".


A single man stood at the peak of the castle, gazing out through a helmet across the
landscape. "Beautiful, simply beautiful. Now let's see who is in charge of this land
since I've been gone"


The man waved his hand and a few shapes appeared. The first was pure black, with yellow
eyes gazing emptily at the man. It jumped at him, but he simply brushed the creature
aside, which seemed to gain its respect, as more appeared but they did not attack.

The other group was not as foolish. The white and gray creatures were twitching and
swaying, watching with seemingly no eyes, yet perfect vision. A voice spoke to the man,
asking who he was.

The man replied with a chuckle, "I am Krall, lost king of this land. I have been in
waiting for many centuries, and have decided to return and take hold of this land." He
nodded to the creatures, telling them to go, fully realizing what they were. Heartless,
and Nobodies.

The man was ready for someone, or something, to show up now. He expected guests, and went
down many stairwells to a massive throne seemingly made of pure magma. He sat and waited
for someone, or something to show.

((OOC: Hope this Helps  This is my idea, if it sucks, then don't worry about it, but
hopefully we can bring new life into this place))


Infinity Axis


4 January 2011, 08:45 PM    #2
Second in Command;darkness squad captain; Queen of the Darkness; Yami
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Meanwhile at the Headquarters of the 7 Key Squad, Yami was busily trying to make sure
everyone was training enough. "Alright guys, I know it was been a long time since we
have had any battles and most of you have just come back from your vacations" She
glanced around, half of the group wasnt even paying attention. Katilix was messing up
Terrad's hair while Chlainamos stood behind her, arms crossed. "But we all need to get
cracking on working out. We are becoming pudgy and slow. And with our luck something will
happen soon that requires us to be in top physical condition. So get a quick stretch in
and then we are going for a 20 mile run! yay!" She was completely sarcastic, she didnt
want to run, but she knew that, as the head of the group she had to lead. 'This is
annoying' she thought to herself. 

Yami: Darkness Squad Captain and Second In Command

Shina: Yami's best friend

Amira, Evil enemy number 1
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