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Why Won't You Love Me, Mum?

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30 October 2010, 12:21 PM   #1
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Yes, this story is sad.
I was inspired by the Book A Child called it
I will post more if asked,
I have written four chapters ahead already :P

Why Won't You Love Me, Mum?


Dark, scarlet blood. 

She simply just watched it roll down her own cheek, the pain stinging her but it was eased
by a numb feeling she couldn't comprehend. Her hazel eyes red and puffy, her throat dry
and sore and her skin pale and ghost like, in contrast to her blood that simply continued
to drip as if they were her tears. 

The cut on the left-side of her head, was deep but not deep enough to require stitches,
her mother made sure of that. It was only deep enough to hurt and scar. 
Some scars were permanent such as the one on her shoulder blade, and others leaving only a
faint mark that would be barely visible. This scar was no different to the rest. It was a
deep cut from the top of hairline on the left side of her head and scarring until it was
aligned with the top of her ear. 

She simply looked at herself in the mirror and then to her blood covered hands. 

An hour ago her mother had stumbled into the house, her words slurred and loud and her
breath reeking of alcohol. Her face red and eyes full of anger. She had obediently come to
her mothers call, like a puppy coming to its master. She listened to her words, filling
her with hurt. She let her grab her hair roughly and force her against the wall. 

She screamed and cried.
But not because of the physical pain her mother gave her.

Her mother always made sure to scar her, when she saw a scar heal on her own daughters
body, she made sure to give her a new one. She used her kitchen knife while forcing her
daughters head against the wall and slowing slicing her delicate skin. She simply
whimpered and her mothers words were soft but not in a soothing way. She always said the
same thing, when she scarred her. “This will teach you to never mess with your
mother,”; her voice repeated in her head. Soft yet the tone cruel and sadistic. 

Her mother had passed out on the couch after that, and she had run into the bathroom,
locking herself in. Though instead of cleaning the blood that dripped down on the floor or
on her flower-printed dress, she simply stared at herself. 
She called her ugly and unworthy. 
She made her believe that. 

She was simply only an eight-year old girl. 

People said she was intelligent for her age.
Her mother said otherwise.
So she believed that as well.
She believed that if she really was smart, her mother would actually be proud and stop
hurting her. 

She prepared their dinner for the night, her hands shaky as she tried to carry the large
bowl of spaghetti in her small hands. She felt the heat of the house drown her, her sweat
dripping on her new scar, making it sting slightly. Placing it on the table, she grabbed
the plate that was her mothers and scooped five, big wooden spoonfuls onto it. 
She brought the plate over to her mothers room, where she laid on her bed, flipping
through channels on the television. Her expression bored, her eyes red and she had just
woken up with a hangover. Placing the plate on the night stand next to her, she looked at
her mother wearily.
Her mother turned around and looked at her with the look of hatred. “Leave the room,“
she said hoarsely with a stern voice.

She nodded slightly and walked out the room, closing the door behind her. She sighed and
walked back into the kitchen where the leftovers of spaghetti was.
She ate while searching through their computer, her homework being finished and her chores
done. Her spare time was spent on the computer. She liked the website called 'Six Billion
Secrets' reading what ran through peoples minds and problems they had was something she
could relate to.
She bit her lip, she always wanted to type her problem onto the website, hoping someone
could save her. She could hear the noise of the television that came from her mothers room
loud and clear. She looked back at the screen and shakily clicked 'Tell us your secret'. 
Her small fingers hovered over the keys.
One by one she began to type slowly

My name is Lily Logan, I'm eight years old, I've never met my father and my mother abuses
me, and all I keep wondering to myself, every night is....

Why won't you love me mum?

30 October 2010, 12:33 PM   #2
Guest Poster
Wow! A couple grammer errors,but it's great so far! can't wait for more!

4 November 2010, 05:19 PM   #3
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Thanks (:

5 November 2010, 11:08 AM   #4
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Loved it! Very emotional, can't wait to read the next part.

5 November 2010, 03:30 PM   #5
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Are you British?Because I know Britians say ''mum'' and also that book a child named It I
read it when I was maybe 9 or 10 years old here on the internet it was pretty
sad...couldn't read it all though plan on buying the book someday.Anyway this story is
good it definitely should be continued.

10 November 2010, 07:57 PM   #6
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Ohmygoddd I JUST READ THAT BOOK!!! I'm reading the sequel to it "Lost Boy" it's a really
sad trilogy and the first one was quite gross haha.

12 November 2010, 05:46 PM   #7
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I love it! Can't wait to
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14 November 2010, 01:57 AM   #8
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This one is a bit more...brutal... So be prepared.

Why Won't you Love me Mum?

There was time where she was happy one time in her life.

She looked out her window that night, the stars shining brightly out there. The night was
beautiful, but at times it was a nightmare, when her mother would walk in that is. But she
was in a deep slumber, where you would need a huge drum set to wake her up. 
Her breaths were quiet and short. She surrounded herself by her thin blanket. 
Trying to know what a mothers love felt like was complicated. 
But she knew what love felt like. 
She loved a little puppy dog when she was five, unknown to her mother of course. The puppy
was a stray, she found her on her way home from school. The puppy had come to her, and she
had given her half her sandwich. She was a golden retriever, her fur a light brown colour,
and she had fur soft like cotton. She called her Miracle, something she always wished

Miracle stayed hidden in her room, under her bed or her blankets. Miracle was such a small
puppy and could be easily be mistaken for one of her stuff toys. Lily loved her with all
her little heart could muster. She'd sneak half of her food in her into her pockets or
wrap them in tissues to give to her. Though she couldn't hide Miracle forever...

- - 3 years ago - -
Her giggles were only heard within her room, as she crawled around the floor. Hearing the
sounds of  light footsteps behind her, she turned brightly to see the small pup behind
her. Her tail wagging happily and her tongue sticking out as she looked at her owner with
her big brown eyes.
She jumped on her owner playfully, licking her cheeks and staying close to her. Their
affection and admiration for each other was strong. 
Miracle chased her around her room, Lily's giggles getting alittle louder each time. Her
occasional squeal and Miracle's occasional yapping. In truth Lily always loved this

She loved Miracle more than anything. She loved the warm feeling that flowed around her
stomach, she loved that she couldn't stop smiling or giggling, she may be young and
innocent but she was smart enough to know what these feelings were. It was simply puppy
love. But it was as strong as anything, Lily knew that it was and Miracle loved her, she
may be a dog, but you could see in her eyes that she loved her back, just as much. 
But the happiness was silenced.
Lily could feel the gasp escaping her mouth, and Miracle stared at her curiously. Lily
could hear the jangling of keys and the turning of the knob downstairs. As fast as she
could motioned the dog to go under her bed, who obeyed. She could feel the thumping of her
heart pound against her chest, as she heard the squeak of the front door.

Thump, thump.

She heard heavy footsteps, the pace uneven. Her groaning was loud, and the sound of glass
shattering on  the floor. She was drunk, even worse.

Thump, thump.

She can feel the dizziness slowly overcoming on her, her mothers screams were running into
her ears, and everything felt as if it were going faster. Her footsteps becoming louder
and louder, but all she heard was her heart pounding against her chest, as if it were
about to break her chest. She could hear Miracle's quiet whimpers only faintly. Her head
kept telling her to get out of the room, but she it was if she was nailed to the floor.

Thump, thump. 

Then there was the pounding on her door, the screams and threats being spat at. She could
see the rusty hinges move, she prayed that they wouldn't break. She could feel sweat
slowly rolling down her forehead. She winced as the slow turning of the doorknob screeched
in her ears. She knew then, she was too late. 

"Pest!" her voice screeched as her mothers, opened the door with such force, "what are you
doing here? Why is your room a mess?" 
Her voice had disappeared the moment she saw the hot burning fire in her mothers eyes. She
snarled at her and walked towards her. Grabbing her by her neck, and letting her grip
tighten slowly. 

"I asked you a question, pest," she spat at her, her small hands grasped her larger one,
as she winced at how tight her mother gripped her. Her gasps for breath only made her
mother hiss at her. 

"Not talking?" she growled, she shook her. Lily suddenly felt the dizziness overcome her.
Her mother continued to shake her, and keep her grip around her neck.

"Please," she gasped," please....st...stop," her head started to pound and the rest of her
body was numb. She felt as if she were going to vomit.

"What was that?" she stopped shaking her, her breath reeking, only making it harder to
breathe. She stayed silent, whatever she said was wrong.
Before she knew it, she felt her fragile body being slammed against the wall. She heard
the crack of her shoulder blades, her mouth gaped open, having to scream at the pain, but
no sound would escape her mouth.
She knew her mother was about to beat her, but her fist had stop mid-way before she
screamed and released her death grip on her. Lily had landed a heap on the floor, her body
completely numb and her sight hazy. 
That's when she saw what her mother had gripped, her heart coming to a stop. She watched
her hand strangle Miracles neck. She could hear her yelping loud and clear, and her
mothers angry screaming.

"Damn mutt!" she screamed, as she held the dog on the floor, her whimpers and yelps,
tearing Lily's heart. She watched her mother bang her fist down on Miracle's repeatedly.
The whimpering and yelping no longer escaping the dogs mouth. All was heard was her
mothers scream and the pounding of her fist hitting the, poor lifeless puppy. 

All that was seen in her eyes was the blood of Miracle, escaping her head and staining her
floor, her head completely damaged. As was her heart. 
She had no voice to scream her lungs out, nor the strength left in her to cry what was
left of her. 
What she witnessed was gory, disgusting, frightening and all right suffering. 
When her mother with Miracle, her blood covered fist collided with her face. 
That night she woke up, her face bruised, and Miracle's body still lying there. 
That night she held the puppy, running her hands through her soft fur, and rubbing her
cheek against her nose, wishing that she would lick her cheek like she always did.  She
chanted through her sobs how sorry she was, how she loved her so much. 
That night she cried herself to sleep, still holding the puppy tightly. 
That night was endless.

Rest In Peace Miracle.
You can be free and happy now, up in the clouds.
Just remember...
Lily will always love you.  

-- Present Time -- 
She hoped her post would have made it onto the site.
She hoped than someone would hear her desperate call.
She shivered as she wrapped the blanket around her tightly, the thin material not helping
at all. Her mattress was lumpy and uncomfortable, and her room was pitch black. Her mother
didn't like the of sleeping with the curtains open, so she had to close her curtains every
night before she went to bed. 
The feeling of being surrounded by darkness, it felt as if you were being suffocated. And
you never knew when it was going to end. She didn't like it. But it was something she'd
have to live with. 
People wish for many things. Like fame, or money, or getting a job they loved. People have
a million wishes.
Lily Logan only wished for one thing.

A miracle.

14 November 2010, 06:19 PM   #9
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Powerful book you have so far. I almost cried when I read the last part you put up about
the dog.

Literally, I almost cried and I never cry, so I think you should take this as a
good thing.

Good luck!

14 November 2010, 08:58 PM   #10
Guest Poster
I have a question,
Does LIly go to school?

14 November 2010, 09:12 PM   #11
Guest Poster
Thank you very much, Lucy. (:

Kind of a coincidence that you would ask, the next chapter has a lot to do with her at
School (;
So yes, Lily does go to school ^

Oh, and I'll most likely upload another Chapter Tomorrow..

20 November 2010, 12:52 AM   #12
Guest Poster
Hi Star B, this story is awesome! pity you didn't write it! i know fr a fact you didnt!
so stop copy writing my friend or i will rip your head off. okay? is that fine with you?
i have proof btw if you think i am stupid enough not to supply it
there is the web address! go find it and then at the top of the story on the right it has
that date that the work was posted. 
please stop copy writing my friends story you fu*ked up bitch! 
all my hate, lucy

20 November 2010, 01:11 AM   #13
Guest Poster
Hey Star B, nice story, hope you realise that its mine and not yours! 
I know this because I wrote it, and you've really pissed me off, I won't rip my head off
like my friend will do to you, but I have the urge to stab you alot! I'm not stupid and
know for a fact that you've stolen it! if you've read from my friend luciieewattpad above
we have a lot of proof that you've copyrighted this!! 
Please stop copying my stories and calling them your own!! I've been through alot of s**t
and you're currently making it worse! SO please stop or I'll get alot of people on you! 

Will a lowhole lot of hate,

20 November 2010, 01:28 AM   #14
Guest Poster
Holy cow. I cried so hard when Miracle died. T___T

20 November 2010, 01:34 AM    #15
Guest Poster
hate to break it you! but u didnt write it get a life and stop stealing other people's
stories! make ur own story. its a sad thing 
that u stole it from one of my favorite writers! so please kindly stop stealing stories

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