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16 September 2010, 10:34 PM   #1
The Founder
Joined: 1 Apr 2009
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I'm just really bored and this idea came to me, so.....whatever. Sorry it's so long!!
Please read the whole thing!!!!!!!!!  I might edit it later, I might just let it die, I
really don't know because i just wrote this off the top of my head in about an hour. So
yeah, bare with me here!


Three hundred years ago, in the year 3000, a war broke out in the country of Aslor. One
side of the country, later known as the Rebels, declared war on the other side, later
known as the Victims, because of a certain couple living among the Victims. The couple was
old, old enough to know of a time when life was simpler, old enough to have hundreds upon
hundreds of wrinkles, old enough to be very wise and kind yet not boring in an old-person
way. The couple, it was rumored, had lived together for exactly one hundred twenty four
years. The couple was said to be very talented in the art of painting. People said that
their art could make you cry for hours, laugh without stopping, and go on an an angry
rage; that is how powerful their art spoke to people. This, to the Rebels, spoke one word;

The Rebels believed that something was wrong with the couple. After all, who could live
for more than one hundred and and twenty four years? Who could make such beautiful
paintings? The answer is a witch, an alien, or, more commonly know; a demon.

So the Rebels wanted to get rid of this couple. There were people on the Rebels' side who
were frightened of the old couple. They were scared of what they didn't know, and it was
disrupting that whole half of the country. So the Rebels were  prepared to ask the leaders
of the Victims to quickly and painlessly kill the couple. The leaders of the Victims were
of course appalled at this request, and flat out refused. They believed that the couple
meant no harm, and if they wished to tell people they were more than one hundred years
old, what was wrong with that? But the Rebels were relentless, and if the Victims would
not agree, then the Rebels would start a war. They would stop at nothing to get their

After three years of war and nothing to show for it, the Victims were ready to surrender.
One week before the couples' scheduled prosecution, the woman became extremely ill. The
Rebels were convinced she would die before the week was over, and her husband would be so
devastated that he would allow himself to be killed. But two nights before the couple was
going to be killed, the woman was healed. It was said that her husband had healed her with
some kind of dark magic. It puzzled both the Victims and the Rebels that they decided not
to kill them, in order to find out what magic they had used.

The Rebels searched for some clue as to what the husband used on his wife, but to no
avail. In frustration, the Rebels announced that the couple would be killed in a months
time. The wife insisted that they have one request before they died; out of pity, the
Victims let them. The wife said she wished to bare a child, that that child have no harm
come to it, be kept safe as long as it lives, to always be watched over, and to be put in
the care of their closest friend, whose name was kept undercover. Her husband added
another part; that the child's children, and the children's children, and so on be always
kept safe, even if it must be done secretly.

After much consideration, the Rebels agreed, though they thought it would not be possible.
To everyone's shock, the woman gave birth to a baby boy in seven months. Nobody thought it
would live. But ten days later, instead of the baby dying, the woman did. Her husband
grieved for five days, and then was unexpectedly killed by the Rebels, who decided they
had had enough. The Victims were outraged, and split the country of Aslor in two. The
Rebels became a large country called Mamor, filled with the slightly more greedy, mean,
bad, ruthless, rich, hasty rebels who always wanted their own way. They elected two men to
lead the country. The Victims became a small country, and remained Aslor. The people who
lived their were kinder, slightly poorer, understanding, agreeable people who were willing
to compromise or find a way to any problem they may have. They elected a man and a woman
to lead their country.

The baby boy born from the couple was kept safe throughout his whole life; he grew up and
married a pretty young woman and had three kids. Just as the old man had requested, all of
the children were kept safe and watched over. As the years went by, most people forgot
about the war. The children were not told of the war and were not told that they were
watched over at all times, and that it was virtually impossible for them to die of a
man-made death. 

But what nobody except that first baby boy and his wife knew, was that the boy was a
fantastic painter. He drew beautiful paintings, ones that made his wife cry and scream and
laugh. He was just as good as his parents-the old couple. His wife often referred to him
as The Painter Who Draws Magic, The Painter for short, for she believed that his paintings
held special powers; magic. A dark magic, possibly the magic that the old man had used to
heal his wife so long ago. She predicted that someday, someone in their family would be
born who had the boy's "magical" painting talents, and that they would be able to do magic
as well.

Now, it's the year 3300, and that "magical" painter has been born. 
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17 September 2010, 04:30 PM   #2
Joined: 9 Jun 2008
Posts: 669
I love it.

You got to write more, just don't let it die its too good to die.

17 September 2010, 05:55 PM   #3
The Founder
Joined: 1 Apr 2009
Posts: 350
Eh, I actually hate it. i have no idea what I am doing next because i just made that up
as i went along, and thought too much about the porlogue than the story. XD
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17 September 2010, 07:08 PM   #4
Joined: 9 Jun 2008
Posts: 669

How could you actually hate it?

I think that its a very good way to start...but maybe that's just me.

18 September 2010, 11:09 AM    #5
The Founder
Joined: 1 Apr 2009
Posts: 350
Idk.....I'll have to think about it. After all, I still wanna finish Kiddieland and post
it on inkpop, so I'm not sure if I'll have time to do this one. xD

What am I talking about; of course I can write another story! Ok nvm.
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