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The Blacksmith's (and the Tailors)

26 July 2010, 07:56 PM   #1
Artemis, Atisia
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The Blacksmith and her companion, the Tailor Taylor, literally live in a cave that used
to be occupied by an Ursa some years ago.
Atisia, 17, related to Zeus and Hera

If you wanna play God, tell me, cause I can't play ALL of them >_>
I keep Artemis though xD

26 July 2010, 08:04 PM    #2
Guest Poster
 Lola entered, surveying the dingy scene about her, and wrinkled her nose in
haughty disdain. 
"What a place!" Her voice echoed through the ugly cave. "Wonder if their crafts are any
good." She had come to purchase some new, hopefully purple and pretty clothing. "Wait", a
new thought occured to the demigoddess aloud, "who am I talking to?" She couldn't help but
laugh at the awkwardness of realizing the answer to the question: she had been speaking to
no one but herself. How very uncharacteristic. But then again, she thought
sardonically, one can get so lonely and crazy around these parts that they'll revert to
that. Even a beautiful person, such as myself.  She noticed a piece of shattered glass
resting upon the ground, and bent over to admire her reflection.

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