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1 May 2010, 08:27 AM   #1
The Cap'n.
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Quick! Cap’n is comin’ to inspect ye mangy landlubbers – line up ‘ere and
he’ll take a good look at ya’, Remember to answer any questions ‘e may ask, and
answer ‘im prudently or else.


Age: (16 years+)


Clothing style:
Tattoos/ Piercings:
Picture: (Optional)


Goal in Life:

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The Cap'n.
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Name: Ivan Britanov
Nickname/s:  Vanya, Captain Vanya/Britanov/Ivan.
Gender:  Male
Age: 21
Nationality: Russian
Orientation:  Bisexual

Eyes: Vanya’s eyes are hooded with partly raised brows, giving him a look of
perpetual half-hearted amusement. His lashes are short but thick and dark and his pupils
are a dark, jade colour.
Hair: His hair is fairly long, going a few inches past his shoulders and is roughly
layered; swept up in a low ponytail with a black ribbon. The colour is a dirty-blonde or
beige shade with choppy bangs that go past his brow.
Build: Ivan has a sturdy, masculine build but he is not wide-set; more lean. He
stands at a 5’7 height without his shoes and his skin is a peachy tanned colour from
being out in the sun. 
Clothing style:  Vanya adores flamboyant clothing; dressing richly in silks and
cotton of the finest quality. Mostly though, he is wearing a white, double-breasted coat
with sparkling gold buttons and three golden straps across his abdomen. The cuffs and
stiff, high collar are both a dark navy blue and his silk cravat and leather gloves are
both a deep red. His trousers are made of thick yet light cotton and are a dark brown.
Also, his one-inch heel boots are a dark tan and knee-length with gold buttons going up
the side. Adorning many of the gold straps and tassels are little semi-precious stones.
Perched upon his head is a dark, navy blue, wide-brimmed hat with a large split up the
front; two large tawny feathers protruding next to a large overflowing white feather from
a rare bird on the right hand side of the hat.
Tattoos/ Piercings: The words ‘La Novia Del Pirata’ in the middle of his back,
the name of his ship and ‘Амадеус’ over his heart. On both his ears he has a
mixture of gold studs and hoop earrings.
Other: Vanya carries a thin, double-edged sword suitable for both cutting and
stabbing. The blade is still new and smooth with no marks from battles but the gleaming
silver is just itching to be covered in the many notches it will soon recieve from
battles. The handle is intricately decorated with gold indents of floral swirls and exotic
patterns. A single sapphire stone rests in the pommel. The sheath for the sword itself is
simply made of sturdy leather and is of a rich chocolate shade and hangs securely on
Vanya’s red leather belt. Wedged in the band of his pants are dual 18th Century Russian
flintlock pistols and in dual German-made flintlock pistols wedged in his boots used only
for emergencies.

Personality: Vanya is a ‘take-charge’ type of person who gives very little
space for mistakes in his lifestyle. He absolutely hates seeing mistakes being repeated
and lack of efficiency makes him want to shoot himself in the forehead (though he’s much
too proud to do that). Harsh, loud and sarcastic, Vanya doesn’t hesitate to aim for a
person’s weakest and most sensitive point in both physical and verbal fights. He also
can’t stand criticism very well and tends to get offended easily, especially when he
doesn’t get his way. Vanya acts violently, but most of his decisions are carefully
planned and thought of. He’s an intelligent person and because of it, he’s very
arrogant. Often, Vanya gives a very intimidating air upon first meetings but he is
actually quite interesting to speak to and persuasive when he needs to be, and charming -
especially when he wants something.
Likes: Women, men, perfection, intelligent conversation, scaring and harassing
whoever catches his fancy, his pet bird, vodka, gold/treasure, the sea, loves his
ship and a small dust-covered box that lies on his desk.
Dislikes: Mistakes, criticism, mindless babbling, wearing shabby clothing, not
getting his way, cats, other (higher) authority, cheese, and clingy women/men.
Strengths: Intelligence, gunnery/pistol fighting, sword fighting, sailing,
perfectionist (good to an extent), charismatic (should he choose to be).
Weaknesses: Violent, impulsive, hand-to-hand fighting, rude, gets offended easily
and a terrible liar when trying to hide something.
Goal in Life: To become the most recognized pirate captain of the Seven Seas –
and to prove he's worthy enough to stand in the presence of his long lost, though not
forgotten, love.
Ivan Britanov was born in Moscow, Russia to a peasant Russian woman.  His father was a
pirate back in his own day: Vladimir Britanov – Captain of the ‘Solnyshko’, who had
left the peasant woman a small fortune and a promise to return one day. He took the young
Ivan whom he called ‘Vanya’ affectionately throughout his whole life onto the
‘Solnyshko’ – a grand ship with blood-red sails- and raised him in the hopes of
raising a successor. Vanya grew accustomed to the rowdy lifestyle of piracy, often helping
the other crew members that had taken a liking to the feisty boy who grew quickly into a
sturdy young man. 
  When Vanya reached the age of twelve, the ‘Solnyshko’ was pursued by a ship from the
Austro-Hungary Royal Navy; a 32-frigate ship that was intent on blowing the infamous
red-sailed ship into smithereens. In the end, even the ‘Solnyshko’ could not out run
the cannon fire and was forced to surrender. The whole crew, including Vanya’s father,
was hanged by the gallows upon arrival on Austrian soil but in a desperate feat of
survival, Ivan escaped; using his now famished figure to escape the chains that bound him
and fled. Many interesting events happened almost at once straight after; like running
into no other than the young Austrian prince who looked barely older than himself.
    For a few years, Vanya worked under the Austrian prince who had taken pity on him.
When he reached the age of fifteen, pushing sixteen, Ivan began to remember his longing
and free life on the sea and the night after his birthday, Ivan had hitched a ride with a
few unknown pirates that recognized the Britanov blood in him. At the age of eighteen, he
had managed to worm his way up to first mate in the pirate hierarchy. By the time he was
nineteen, he had managed to... ‘Commandeer’ his own ship; a large three-mast ship with
a strong broadside and true to his father’s ‘Solnyshko’, he hoisted blood-red sails
and the a black flag with the symbol of a star on corner and a large skull head with two
crossbones in the centre.
   At the age of twenty, and just a month before his birthday, the ship was ready to set
sail – all he need was a crew. On his 21st birthday, he paced the shores of a mostly
hidden island only known to few pirates, ready to search for the crew that would become a
legend and to sail on a ship that would mark itself on the pages of history.
Other: Vanya's pet bird is an ebony-black crow whose name is 'Day'. He also hates
cats; he's ridiculously frightened of them and he rather enjoys playing the piano. 8D

Does he seem too Gary-Stu? 
And I apologize if his history is a little vague on some parts. His story will probably be
revealed as the roleplay goes along. C:

5 May 2010, 09:35 PM   #3
Chadrick Winston Montgomerie
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Name: Chadrick Winston Montgomerie
Nickname/s: He has yet to bear any that actually linger for a while...
Gender: Penis Male.
Age: Seventeen years.
Nationality: 10% German, 12% British, 78% Scottish.
Orientation: Homosexual Pansexual. 


Eyes: Wide olive green eyes but not so much to appear innocent. He has those small
eyebrows at which are your common eye-width but much short like dots.
Hair: Very wind-blown, Strawberry blond hair that often cover his right eye. His
hair is somewhat short but full. His side bangs seem to be the longest of his hair and
reach to about halfway down his neck. It seems his hair is cut rather shaggy  and messy
but only because he cuts it himself and cares little about it as long as it not too long
for him. His bangs are as long as the side bangs but are usually swept from his face aside
him a chunk of it that is much too short to be. He appears to have a cowlick at the right
side of his head, in which numerous short pieces stick up as if they'd have no business
Build: Short, but seems to had been well-fed. Though he's not the strongest of
fellows he is quite fast and has an easy time dodging. He has very pale skin, nearly a
light yellow tint though, and a 'beauty mark' on his left cheek along with two on his
right arm and one on his left shoulder-blade.
Clothing style: This is the point of the picture for me; I can't explain
pirate-stuff, ya'know.
Tattoos/ Piercings: He has none.
Other: He has a bronze colored bracelet on his left wrist that jingles and a
necklace he hides underneath the vest of his-  these items look like nothing but are
actually very valuable heirloom.


There are many things to be known about Chadrick, but let’s start this simple; one thing
you need to know, for sure, about him is that he has many diverse masks to hide his true
facade- but who is to say one is not the real?
Chadrick is frequently seen as a sloppy and headstrong person who thinks only once about
something, but usually not at all. He’s got that hasty kind of personality and likes to
take things fast instead of slow and often overlooks things in the matter of seconds that
could tear down a plan easily. Along with this he’s somewhat stubborn and rarely will
comply with orders if they aren’t asked even remotely close to nicely. He’s very
impertinent and somewhat mulish to others but only if you press him that way, he’s
usually very cheerful aside from that.
But there’s something that seems a bit odd coming from him at a certain point. Sometimes
he’ll grow very quiet and solemn with that surprisingly calm expression upon his face
and usually will stay away from everyone for just some time at the least; becoming very
introvert and rather shy if you would ask. But eventually he’ll start fading back in and
he’ll become an especially hard worker putting in extra efforts as well- maybe some
strange motive comes over him?
One last thing; Chadrick is extremely resourceful, he can make the most paltry items
become weapons of death in the matter of moments like he knows how to use them- even a
small piece of fabric can be a killer if you know how to use it and anything at hands is
what Chadrick would do such with. Careful; just because you think it’s frail doesn’t
mean it doesn’t have the potential energy to.
Likes: With no hesitation- Chardick is hands on for folklore and believes anything
her hears from it; he believes widely in the Loch Ness monster and if you disagree he just
might...! He loves to be creative at most and likes to share his own opinions as well as
listening to good ideas and statements. He tends to like to stray away from groups
too. Also, in the pouch he carries around; that is where he puts things he collects in. He
seems to love collecting odd and old items at most and usually won't overlook anything
that catches his eyes. Just like his heirloom he won't let you touch it unless he feels
like he's in the mood for showing you what's inside.
Dislikes: If there's one thing Chadrick hates it being bossed around and told what
to do when he's in a busy movement of moments. That just simply annoys him, but there's
more. The necklace that hangs around his neck and is usually hidden under his vest- if
anyone was to try and take that away, it'd be hell for them for he just simply won't allow
and will do anything to make sure it doesn't get pulled off easily. But other than those
slight misunderstandings at this point, he's quite the cheerful kid and won't take much
more dislikes- unless you force it.
Strengths: He's resourceful and bold, likes to do work a lot of time and loves
putting effort into stuff. He's great a dodging and usually catches onto things quickly.
Weaknesses: Can be a bit too hasty at times, doesn't think twice, tends to overlook
important flaws, miscommunicates often, not too strong as well, often brews up trouble and
tends to forget his place (but rarely).
Goal in Life: To accomplish anything that had been thrown at him; to have lived
happily and at the age; To learn the meaning.
Chadrick was raised in Scotland- under royalty. He was raised prim and proper, hidden
behind the bars called a gate, surrounded by a wall of protection and in a large house or
mansion that belonged to all of the family of Montgomerie. He was pressured at a rather
full extent for he was due to be the next heirloom as to when his parents would die. His
mother would always carry around a long, what would be seen as a ruler now with her
wherever she went in the house. If she saw her little Chadrick slouching at any given
moment of the day, a nice hard snap on the back would perk him up- and she did this
constantly. Every little thing she thought was wrong of him to proceed with was thought as
a major flaw and she wouldn’t handle her only son doing “something so vulgar!” He,
to be at the most frank, he was growing tiresome of her numerous accounts to “Replenish
my darling son’s attitude towards the act publicity” but his only minor thought was
“what publicity? I’ve been cooped up in this bloody housing for years!”.  
With that, he took to wonders of the ideas on how to get out of the pathetic grounds
called his home. But their ‘house’ was like the modern day security network- the
building at whole, not a single thing would be overlooked. Several futile attempts were
made by Chadrick to escape but at the end he was always flung over the shoulder of a maid
and brought back into the large vanity rooms. It took years and years of going but
finally, at the age of Sixteen, and still unable to leave the house due to him being the
next hinder of the heirloom, he had overheard his mother and father talking about some
sort of criminal act upon the harbors of their beloved town- something called pirating was
spreading around like a wild fire in the rumors and many strayed and moved away from the
harbor. The next day, Chadrick had decided he was going to ask his mother about them; and
she gladly explained their acts. She tried to make it sound tedious and revolting, but the
boy only gaped in amazement and with each anecdote he grew more to the idea than the next.
Free and resilient spirits with composure to keep exploring and grabbing loot on every
exploit of adventures and quests one could see and become part of- and to the very edges
of the world! He was not even fazed to believe that it was the most and positively
definite life he wanted to ensue upon! He was hands on for the initiative too.
His goal was to ensure he would be a part of something like that. A year had passed by
once again, and the chance of the near-harboring ships had come to him. Luckily his old
and wearisome father had to boast along the way so with that Chadrick was able to follow
him into town, but he had other plans rather than to go and grab hold of some material
possessions. With the slip of seconds, he had slyly stepped away from his father and down
the path. To be a Pirate was his goal from then on!
You may know that Scottish Young Laddys and Lasseys tend to pronounce nearly everything
differently due to a thick accent- well Chadrick doesn't have that so much. The maids and
Butlers he was raised around were all from England at the sort, so his Scottish accent is
only thin. You can hear it in his voice when he talks but it's not like every word is said
differently aside from the voice saying it. He tends to say "Ay(pronounced 'eye')
Laddy/Lassey" after a lot of his sentences and doesn't speak in a pirate lingo, yet he
understands it.

Ivan sounds amazing, not too Gary-stu so don't fret. <3

//edited: LOL. I can't believe I had erased that... ^^;

6 May 2010, 11:43 AM   #4
Llewyn Falkenberg
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Ehhh~~ they all seem so amaziiing~~~ *¬*
I...I have yet to start planning my character, but I have a vague idea, eh, dearest
sister? =__=

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Theresa Nancy Dawkins
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Name: Theresa Nancy Dawkins (Almost always adressed and referred to as Nancy)
Nickname/s: Nance.
Gender: Female
Age: "Half-past nineteen", as she puts it.
Nationality: British father, Irish mother. 
Orientation: Heterosexual. 


Eyes: Nancy's eyes are owl-like- wide and round, and a very bright green. Sometimes
she mischeviously makes them enormous just to frighten the squeamish.
Hair: Her hair is a mass of flaming, tangled red curls, probably an inheritance
from the Irish factor of her background. She refuses to wear it down, because although it
is very comfortable, she does not want to be mistaken as a lady of pleasurable company, if
you know what she means. Instead, she just ties it into a messy bun with a plain ribbon.
Build: Nancy is rather tall in her opinion, although she stands at five foot four.
She also has a slender, uninteresting figure. This is due to her lack of large womanly
curves, or shapely hips for that matter. 
Clothing style: Growing up in a relatively poor family, Nancy has never worn many
fancy articles. However, when she can pilfer them, Nancy prefers wearing men's clothes;
for both style and comfort. She will typically don a black belt atop long, striped or
solid brown trousers, a long faded red jacket, and poufy white blouses that most likely
belonged to men thrice her size. White cravats and grey-green waistcoats are appreciated,
but do not appear daily. However, Nancy is likely to own three or four dresses  which she
carries with her in case of going into somewhat respectable ports and wants to keep
inconspicuous. She will always wear her same black boots.
Tattoos/ Piercings: She has nothing of the sort in this respect, thank you very
Other: She carries a sword with her, although it isn't very useful as combat is not
exactly a strength. Several pistols are hidden beneath her clothing, as she is much
handier with those weapons. 
Picture: (Optional)


Personality: Nancy may seem like a confident, mischievious lass, which she
partially is, but inside she has a flowing, deep-running insecurity. She wishes to gain
approval of many people, a large obstacle which blocks her from saying many things which
she feels. Her insecurity also comes from the fact that deep down, she is terrified of
almost everything. She is terrified of being punished, of dying in a sword combat, and
terrified of being 'passed around' by male crew members. Superstition is also a focal part
of Nancy's character; she constantly  spits to ward off the evil eye, and raps wood
whenever she can (in private, of course). This is an inherited feature she found from
spending most of her time growing up with her dear, superstitious mamma who raised her to
feel this way. She is also quite a hypocrite, as she tends to act disparaging of those who
are very superstitious. Always wanting to be treated like her older brother has sparked up
her competitivity and stubbornness. Nancy does, however, have a very sarcastic, dry sense
of humor, and is able to somewhat laugh at anyone, even herself. This can be viewed as a
good feature or bad, depending on the person's sensitivity. Speaking of which, Nancy is
sensitive but barely shows it, as she thinks that all will view it as weakness. Her
intelligence is high, but more in the sense of streetwise and instinct intelligence rather
than the schoolroom sort.  She most certainly is a complex girl.
Likes: The sea, the helm, her father, ships, adventure, treasure, money, rum,
sherry, sunrise, the sound of the ocean, pistols, compasses, interesting folk and maps. 
Dislikes: Tea, her brother, people who are always kind (so uninteresting, aren't
they?), seasickness, criticism, boredom, inactivity and crows. They are diabolical things
who tend to peck at her hair.
Strengths: She's good with navigation, a talented shot with a pistol, a born
negotiator, and can move very quickly from place to place. 
Weaknesses: Sword combat leads to no good with Nancy, and her fearful disposition
is nearly crippling at critical moments during battles. Nancy also enjoys the taste of
alcohol a wee bit too strongly, yet often has the worst kinds of hangovers. Her
superstition also blocks her from doing things she'd enjoy or that are obligatory. 
Goal in Life: This redhead's goal is to gain her father's approval, and make quite
a name for herself as a pirate. 
History: Nancy was born the oldest of two children almost twenty years ago to a
captain and a seamstress in London. She grew up rather close to her Mamma, Clara, who
loved her deeply and tried her best to make her a proper young lady. However, Clara
worriedly often raised her to be superstitious, always telling her to chew on thread, spit
or due countless other things to ward off the evil eye. Nancy's father, Captain Jonathan
Dawkins, often went to sea for long periods of time, much to the unhappiness of Clara.
From a very early age, Nancy came to learn that Clara heavily resented her marriage to
Jonathan. One day, at the age of eleven, when Nancy was helping Clara with her sewing in
the store, Clara even told Nancy something that she would never forget. "My dear girl, I
sometimes wish while your Papa was at sea doin' God knows what, I could whisk you and your
brother, Anthony, back to where I used to live in Ireland." Nancy felt rather alienated
from her father growing, until Anthony turned thirteen. Everything really begun to change
then. One winter's night, her father returned from one of his excursions. It had been only
a week or so since Anthony turned thirteen. Turning from his wife after a brief "Evenin',
Clara.", and completely ignoring Nancy, he smiled at Anthony, strode over to him, and put
his arm aroun the boy. 
"In 'bout another few days, I'm agone 'gain, m'boy. I was thinkin' to myself this past
journey, ye now bein' thirteen an' all, maybe m'boy would like to come with me on me
excursions fr' now on?" He offered.  Fourteen year old Nancy's green eyes glazed with
fury. Her brother was a year younger than her, and didn't even know how to defend himself
on the streets, let alone at sea! Not to mention, he was a complete brat! Yet he got to
now go alone with Papa. This was so unfair! Clara seemed to feel the same way as her
daughter, save the wanting to go herself. "Oh no, Jonathan, y'wouldn't dare take my
child." She insisted, resting a delicate hand on her waist, using the other to tuck back a
greying carrot-colored hair. "Clara, s'already decided." Jonathan shot back, making Clara
scowl. Anthony, however, was all smiles. So on it went at sea with the two men for about a
year, causing more jealousy and competitivity from Nancy, until the time of Clara's death.
Nancy was rather sad and cried for a few days, but believed her mother was in a better
place now. The girl decided it was time to pack up the things from her house, and to go
try and win her father's approval - and his ship, which he had often promised to "one of
me children". She discovered from one of his friends, who gave membership on his ship only
because she was Jonathan's daughter, that he was a pirate, and so was Anthony. Very well
then. She would become a pirate too. Things seemed to go swimmingly for the next few years
as she sailed the seas with her father's friend as captain, making a name for herself as a
pirate. Although she really wasn't raised for this, she strived to become what her image
of a brilliant pirate was. She worked so hard, that she even came across her father once,
who smiled and shook her hand approvingly. "Me lass's takin' after meself, it seems." This
brought Nancy pride, so she pushed herself even harder, commiting more acts of piracy than
ever. However, recently, there has been a slight bump in the road. There was a mutiny
against her father's friend and all who supported him, so he was marooned on an isle.
Nancy, who was close to the older man who always ensured that she was safe with the men on
the ship, made her escape before they could maroon her. Now Nancy is in need of a new
crew, a much esteemed pirate crew where she can continue trying to impress her father and
beat her brother.

Other: Her accent is more Cockney, as she was raised in London. That certainly is
from her father's side of the family.
Theresa Nancy Dawkins.

12 May 2010, 03:06 AM   #6
Gabriel Clemente Vieira
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Name: Gabriel Clemente Vieira
Nickname/s: He’d rather not have one.
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Nationality: Portuguese (Though, he’s – partly – of French heritage)
Orientation: Bisexual


Eyes: His eyes are a dark blue in color – almost indigo – and he likes to think
that they reminded him of the sea. Gabriel has perfectly-shaped eyebrows that have nothing
to do with growing up with two – rather vain – sisters. 
Hair: Light brown, wavy, messily layered and cut just above the nape of his neck.
The tips of his hair have a slight tinge of dark blond when he stays too long under the
sun. His bangs fall just over his eyes and they are sometimes a nuisance whenever he tries
to fire a shot. 
Build: Gabriel has fair skin and is well-toned and of average height.
Clothing style: Usually, Gabriel wears a moss green waistcoat over his long-sleeved
white shirt. His trousers are a dark brown; his boots are a shined black. Sometimes,
Gabriel dons a long-sleeved brown coat to foolishly conceal his guns. 
Tattoos/ Piercings: None.
Other: Currently, Gabriel has two guns on his person that are both securely snug in
their holsters; one on his hip and the other on his back. Originally, Gabriel had three
guns; a 9-chambered revolver, a French pistol and a derringer. The pistol was given to him
by his grandfather and the derringer was bought a few days after while the revolver was a
birthday gift to himself after he turned 18. The derringer was left with his family back
in Portugal.


Personality: The first thing you need to know about Gabriel is while he might
threaten to shoot you into oblivion, that doesn’t mean that he will because he’s very
careful about using his bullets and doesn’t like wasting them. And he cares about people
since he’s pretty much a nice guy (even though he might eagerly throw you off board, but
that’s not the point). But when he does shoot you, you deserved that bullet.
As a Catholic, Gabriel was taught to respect all forms of life – and he does, sometimes
– but that doesn’t mean he has to like them. When he sticks to a side, he’ll
stubbornly stay there until you drag him out cold and dead. That’s how loyal and
stubborn he is. He’s also possessive over his guns – especially over the pistol.
He’s cautious around strangers but will befriend you if he doesn’t see you as a
He’s not very easily angered but he gets pretty snarky when he needs to, although it’s
rare for him to do so. And though he sleeps a lot, that doesn’t mean he’s lazy. He’s
quite diligent when he works and when he’s told to do something (that he doesn’t
object to) he’ll get the job done no matter what. Gabriel’s also sensitive about his
far-sightedness. He’s also quite vain.
Likes: The waves (the sea wouldn’t be so exciting without them), sleeping, his
family (he will deny this), his guns, anything to do with guns, meeting foreign people
(not befriending them, just meeting them), meeting real pirates (Portugal didn’t have
any real pirates [[IN THIS ERA]]) and freedom.
Dislikes: Other people using/touching his guns, being stared at strangers (at
first), teased for his far-sightedness, being forced to do something he stubbornly refuses
to do, misunderstandings and language-barriers.
Strengths: gunnery (gun-point precision), spying at distances, fierce loyalty and
Weaknesses: navigation, hand-to-hand combat, sword-fighting, can’t hold his
liquor well, his far-sightedness, English (language), quite stubborn and selfish at times.

Goal in Life: To live life to the fullest and become a pirate that his family, or
at least his grandfather, would be proud of.
History: Gabriel Clemente Vieira grew up in the peaceful plains of Portugal. His
parents owned a small farm and ran a bakery in the nearby town around that time. Since his
parents were always so busy, his older sister; Célia, then seven, took care of him and
(unfortunately) treated him like a little sister (Note: Gabriel will forever deny this). 
              When Gabriel was four, shortly after his younger sister, Geneviéve, was
born, his father died of an illness and because their mother couldn’t support all three
of them, she was forced to leave the countryside and they went to live with their
grandfather, their mother’s father, who lived near the harbor. Their grandfather, a
retired mariner of the French Navy, was disgruntled at their arrival but accepted them
nonetheless. Everything was fine until one day, during school; Gabriel – eight years old
– noticed that his vision was a bit blurry when he tried to read his books. Gabriel
rubbed his eyes and shoved the book closer to his face – the letters became a mush of
black on white – but when he pulled the book away from him, the letters were more
distinguishable. He ignored it and tried to decipher the letters that looked like
squiggles. Weeks of squiggles and headaches after, he complained this to his mother and
she took him to an eye doctor a week later. Gabriel was diagnosed with hyperopia
(far-sightedness) and had to wear these round glass with thick lenses. At first, he was
happy that he could finally see things clearly but he became irritated when the glasses
kept slipping from his nose and the jeering that came with it. Annoyed, he stopped wearing
them and refused to go to school. Bordering exasperation, his mother complied, knowing her
stubborn son too well, and left him alone while she took care of more important
businesses. Gabriel, having nothing to do anymore, started spending time with his
grandfather – it was confusing at first with the language barrier, his grandfather
knowing only little Portuguese and Gabriel knew nothing of the French language and so his
mother, reluctantly, had to mediate  – and that was the first time he heard of the word;
              Ever since, Gabriel was very fixated on becoming a pirate and chattered
nonstop about all the treasure he would find and that he wouldn’t share them to his
sisters (to which the younger sister would wail and he would have to apologize
begrudgingly). He was set in his decision and begged (demanded) his grandfather to tell
him all about them.  And so, his grandfather told him stories of his encounters with them
and teaching him about sailing (Gabriel first started with navigation but was so terrible
at it that they gave up after the first day) and, later, pistol fighting (in which he
showed remarkable accuracy). 
             Soon after Célia married, Gabriel – seventeen years old – announced that
he will become a pirate. His mother argued with him about this but knew that it was
pointless; Célia argued with him as well, but only Vivi and their grandfather supported
him (who gave him the pistol). After which he giddily bought his first gun – the
derringer – with his carefully saved money. Then, when he was eighteen, he saw the
revolver and knew that he would have it no matter what and so he bought it. 
           After he turned nineteen and left Portugal (before he left, he gave the
derringer to his oldest sister and told her to take care ((soon after, he received a swift
punch in his gut as a goodbye while his younger sister told him to bring her presents))),
he carefully started preparing his plan for his future. But where was he to start? 
Other:  Gabriel likes to sleep a lot and he can be found lying somewhere around
midday. When speaking in English, he often needs you to repeat what you say since he
easily misinterprets it. His accent also makes it difficult for others to understand him
but he tries his best to make it understandable. Also, his glasses are hidden in the
inside pocket of his coat – subtly placed there by Vivi before he left – and are yet
to be discovered by him.

...8'D Too long.
Very awesome/creative characters, guys *U* (This’ll be an awesome roleplay!) 

EVERYTHING’S SO SCATTERED.  Yeah, I don't understand me, too. I tried to make this
srzbznz, but I can’t stay serious for long. And I’m not very sure what the era is
(those guns are from the 18th and 19th century, lol) in this RP, but I wanted a character
that likes guns and it stuck. Sorry for the non-descriptive guns – I’ll describe them
when he hit the RP. Sorry for the footnotes and the subtle avoiding of pirate-speak. Sorry
for the wait and time-screwing. BTW; GA-BREE-EL NOT GAY-BREE-EL; Vivi = Geneviéve (idkwhy
I chose such a long name)

12 May 2010, 05:32 AM   #7
The Cap'n.
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Erika;; Accepted. :D I love Chadrick very much. <3 I wonder how he'd fair against Vanya
when it comes to being told what to do. xDD

Choco;; It's looking great so far - can't wait to see the finished thing. C:

Eve;; Accepted <33333. The two weeks definitely paid off 8D and the revolver is fine,
seeing as this will be set in 1701.

12 May 2010, 10:35 AM   #8
Isaac Thaddeus Adeane
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//points to Choco's character.
The character I was making sounds exactly like her.
//attempts to revamp. ;A;

Ughh. Does anyone have any suggestions? D:
I'm going to go through hell a second time. >A<

//goes off to go live under a rock

12 May 2010, 10:50 AM   #9
The Cap'n.
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LOLLLLLLLLLL idk. Make her completely opposite of Choco's character? /shot

12 May 2010, 11:18 AM   #10
Gabriel Clemente Vieira
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 //decides to interrupt 
Character clash! <3

Oh, but how about an almost tsuntsun? .3.

BTW, does anyone know how a Portuguese accent works/sounds? 8'D
//didn't think about that before //fail

12 May 2010, 12:14 PM   #11
Chadrick Winston Montgomerie
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 @Ella: Why thank you, Master Montgomerie loves you too, mommy.♥ He'll be a
stubborn brat at the least but let's just see how the demands are. LOL.

I love both your characters.♥ Can't wait to see Nancy done either.♥
And Gabriel sounds wicked. x] Eheheh.♥
This'll be so much funn~

12 May 2010, 12:27 PM   #12
Gabriel Clemente Vieira
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@DULLSporks: Thank you, Chadrick's so cool *w* Can't wait to RP with you guys :D

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Isaac Thaddeus Adeane
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//dies off now.


12 May 2010, 02:04 PM   #14
Isaac Thaddeus Adeane
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Last edited by ‹Thoughtful Zombie›, 20 December 2010
Name: Isaac Thaddeus Adeane
Nickname/s: Ike and Thad, although people rarely call him that.
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty
Nationality: British
Orientation: He's still unsure, so he may choose to experiment. So basically,
he's bisexual.

Eyes: Hazel irises surround the dark pupil, framed by thick lashes that make
him almost look feminine at times. His eyebrows are slightly thicker than normal, but that
isn't noticed until after closer inspection.
Hair: His hair's a messy mop on his head - raggedly layered, with messy bangs
obscuring his vision at times. When the chestnut brown locks brush his shoulders, he tends
to tie it up with a dark green ribbon when it becomes quite bothersome. However, if it's
too long in his opinion, he'll most likely hack it off himself.
Build: Ike stands at a tall five-foot-eight, and a sturdy masculine framework.
However, he's no heavy-set giant that'll be swinging a broadsword anytime soon. He has a
lean, almost lanky frame if you see him in the wrong clothes and angles.
Clothing style: Isaac is conventional and practical. He'll often be found wearing a
waistcoat/vest over a white long-sleeved linen shirt. The waistcoats often alternate
between the color leather brown or velvet green, usually adored with brass buttons. Dark
brown trousers cover his legs until they reach the standard black boots, adorned with a
simple and practical buckle. At times, he wears his father's sailor's jacket to keep
himself warm. You might also spot him sporting neckerchiefs of various colors, from stark
white to blood red.
Tattoos/ Piercings: None, he was never interested in that sort of thing, not to
mention his upbringing did not encourage that sort of thing.
Other: Isaac wields a civilian hanger, though it resembles more of the small sword
family than the traditional pirate's cutlass. Something akin to an umbrella protects the
user's hand from the blows, as well as a simple knuckle bow. However, he does own a
relatively ornate Hunting Hanger, with a wooden hilt. It has a golden guard/shell etched
with various designs. This is more for show than actual wielding though. Both are sheathed
in simple leather scabbards that mark them as unremarkable.

Personality: Isaac is laid back and relaxed, though he knows when to show
formality. He's the type not to think of the consequences of his actions. The "shoot first
ask question later" person, though he won't be holding a gun any time soon. He has a
rather cheeky attitude, and a lot of the time you'd just want to stick his head in the
water and hope that it doesn't come up again. However, you won't know this side of him
much because he'll often prefer to be hidden in the background than be in center stage.
Isaac will often prefer to be the audience, observing everyone else and trying to find
things that might spike his interest. That, or he's looking for weak points. He'll often
stare at a person for quite some time without realizing it.
He has always found it easy to tell a lie and deceive others, but Isaac is more likely to
speak the truth. Often brutally so.
Ike isn't an excellent judge of character and often has people who take advantage of the
young man. Upon becoming acquaintances, he'll judge if he wants to keep you close, and if
he does, you'll eventually become friends. Otherwise, you'll just remain acquaintances.
Once you are friends, Isaac is a much more open person, and you'll often see different
facets of his personality that you'll find just plain fascinating. He has an amazing
amount of patience, and can be quite haughty if he fails to keep his ego in check. His ego
is usually kept at a reasonable level while he's around his brothers. Growing up in a
household ruled by males, throwing barbs and insults at each other as the show of
affection, he'll most likely treat you in the same way.
Also, Ike finds that he contradicts himself, quite often too. You'll find quite a person
on your hands.
Likes: The sea, sunshine, the adrenaline rush that comes with being a pirate and
the feel of the wind running through his hair. He adores the slightly salty and tangy
scent of the ocean, and has often found himself collecting strange items he might find
while strolling along the beach.
Dislikes: Mushrooms, for some odd reason. He also hates the slow days at sea, when
there are no fish to catch or ships to raid. Ike absolutely hates being surprised, and is
most likely to punch you in the face than have a good laugh about it. While he's off in
daydream land, it's best not to go around and bother him. Unless, of course, you'd prefer
him revealing some strange habits and hobbies of yours that would better go unsaid.
Strengths: Isaac's a fair swordsman, able enough to defend himself from attackers,
but he won't be besting any master swordsman any time soon. His true skill lies in
navigation and understanding weather patterns. Growing up in a coastal town, he's learned
the signs of an oncoming storm or a fair day. He's quite adept at sailing as well. His
impulsiveness can be both a blessing and a curse.
Weaknesses: Give him a gun and he's more likely to shoot himself than the enemy. He
has quite a problem with heights and tight areas, as he gets squeamish and will likely
spew his guts out. He doesn't think about his actions and will often overlook details that
could mean failure or success.
Goal in Life: His wish is to live life to the fullest. He wishes for the approval
of no one. Well, he just may like it if his father looks at him with paternal pride in his
Isaac Thaddeus Adeane has lived quite an unremarkable life, except for its few highlights.
He was born the youngest in his family, who lived on the shores of England, at a simple
coastal town. Ike has two brothers, both of whom are older than him. His family was quite
a sight to see; even his own mother was a fierce woman. He has no idea how to treat the
gentler sex and treats women like he'd treat his own brothers.
His father was a remarkable fisherman and man of the sea. He had a simple but comfortable
enough lifestyle. His father had told him many stories, most of which were of pirates that
terrorized the sea. Back then, Isaac had no fancy in pirates and would often say that they
were despicable for taking the hard-earned belongings of an honest man.
Often, Isaac and his brothers would join him and his crew to the oceans, where they helped
with the capture of the fish. It was there that Isaac was taught navigation and basic ship
maneuvers, along with the signs for fair weather or a storm.
During times when it was too rough to go to sea, they would go into the woods to hunt for
wild game. It was there that Isaac learned he was a no good shot.
He was twelve when he was finally allowed to wield a pistol. Clarent, at the age of
seventeen, led the hunt, with Mark, the second brother, close behind at the age of
fourteen. Both had enough skill to kill their prey, but as Isaac fired a shot, he narrowly
missed shooting Clarent, who was standing five feet west of the target. Needless to say,
they tried to teach him. However, despite the efforts of him and his brothers, Isaac's
shots would always stray from the target. So, to this day, Ike cannot shoot properly.
To combat his obvious lack of skill in that department, Clarent decided to teach him
sword-fighting and asked a good friend of his to tutor Isaac. Isaac showed obvious
interest and was soon learning a higher level set of maneuvers. Apparently, this got into
his head and he ended up being too cocky. He was finally defeated by a rookie who
obviously had more talent then him. Instead of vowing revenge, this disheartened the young
lad and he only continued to learn for the sake of helping his family.
His father saw how upset Isaac was, but he knew that another match would just get him up
on his high horse again. So he used the only remedy he could find - the sea. Out of all
his brothers, Isaac loved the sea the most.
It was on a fishing trip that Isaac had his first brush with pirates. The crew was fishing
for the prized swordfish - it was in season, and they'd hauled supplies for a long trip at
sea. He was fourteen then, and it was a fine day for sailing. It wasn't until it was too
late that they realized the ship approaching was no merchant ship. The pirates had forced
boarding action, taken their supplies and belongings, and left without a trace. Everyone
had been too terrified to defend and quickly surrendered. Isaac was horrified. But at the
same time, he was fascinated. After the pirates had gone, and the crew had recovered from
their initial shock, they quickly headed back to home empty-handed. However, Isaac was
still morbidly obsessed with them. All he could do was recount what happened in perfect
clarity until the former hate he had towards them turned into something called admiration.
Eventually, his father gave in, albeit with reluctance, but he blessed whichever path his
youngest chose to take. He called upon his old friend, learned of the island haunt that
pirates knew, and then left him in a bittersweet good-bye.
Other:  He's given names to his swords: Lucas for the Civilian Hanger, and Lawrence
for the other sword.

- - -

I am very sorry for the absolutely dreadful character. Bad writer's block right
now. Ugh. =A=
I think he's Gary-Stu ish. Help?
Ugh. Fail history is fail.

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Chadrick Winston Montgomerie
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 @ Eve; Why, thank you. I'm happy you think so. //wasworried.
... LOL. Maayyyyybbbbeeeeee.~ xD LMFAO. How could you tell? DID THE MOMMY BREAK IT?! D:

@Loren; Shit, I don't think he sounds like one so far. 8D 
And as a Kansan, I have to say; I LIKE IKE.
LOL... oh, you might not get that if you don't know Eisenhower we-well... n-nevermind.

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