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Writing: Story Excerpt: Misguidance

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[Warning: The following story excerpt makes no sense at all, has tons of spelling and
grammar mistakes, and contains a high amount of gore and some disturbing content. If those
things are too much for you to handle, do no bother reading this.]

	Her pale hands clasped her head, her fingernails digging down into her scalp. Her face,
already covered in sweat and tears, began to grow red and pale at the same time. Her teeth
grinded, her body quivered, her toes scrunched on the tile floor. The young woman who sat
naked in the small, white room whimpered and shook as the noises from the outside grew
	“Please…” She whispered.
	“Please help me… I don’t want to die… Help me, please…”
	Her body was dripping with sweat. She bit her bottom lip and shook her head violently.
Eventually, the young lady fell on her side and sobbed uncontrollably. Her screaming
almost overpowered the battle cries and explosions of the outside world.


	As the moon began to slip in front of the sun, so did the shattered hand of the black
monster slip into the flesh of the Gelcomur to split it in two. The monster stomped its
feet into the ground, regaining its balance. It threw its head into the air, arched its
back, and let out a screech that pushed the clouds apart. It brought its head back down,
hastily turned to the right, and eyed its next opponent. The black monster took off,
running full speed at the next victim. The Clokuwar immediately turned tail, dropped its
weapon, attempted to flee. The monster took it by the tail and began to spin it in
circles, eventually separating the Clockuwar from its tail. The poor beast flew out into
the body of water some sixty yards away, raining its tail blood over the green-now-red
grass. The black monster screeched again. The Wactetsuwar charged the monster, stabbing it
with its razor-sharp sword-hand. The black monster wretched, turned around, grabbed the
Wactetsuwar, and violently ripped off its right arm. It then threw a rear-kick, blasting
the Wactetsuwar away. The beast’s arm was still lodged in the belly of the black
monster. Whether or not the monster actually cared was debatable.
	“Come on!” It shouted. Its voice was deep and raspy.
	“Come on! You bunch of fucking pricks! I’ll rip every one of you to shreds for her!
I’ll send you all to hell for her!” 
	Nine more beasts arrived from under the Earth’s soil, breaking apart the ground. The
entries of the beasts caused massive earthquakes, gigantic cracks in the Earth that caused
the bunker near four hundred feet away to collapse in, killing all the people inside of
it. The beasts cautiously approached the black monster before randomly rushing it. The
monster adjusted its eyes and standing position until all the beasts were in its view, and
then began to attack. A furious flurry of black fists flew out to the beasts, bludgeoning
their entire bodies in seconds and creating gory masses of red flesh. In less than ten
seconds, the Allimar, the Conarulous, the Romuyulus, the Kataricon, the Rapidicon, the
Teemoritey, the Willoculous, the Nomoreinar, and the Cutpuliar became nothing more than
chunks of flesh and blood, staining the Earth’s floor. 
	The black monster stared intently at the gore at its feet, growling like a wild animal.
It then proceeded to stomp the flesh down until it was nothing but a memory.


	“Thank you… Thank you, dear… You did it, very well indeed, I might add. And
there’s still just enough time to watch the ending of the eclipse. Behold its


	The black monster rose, standing upright with an erect back. The sun and moon were
aligned, the moon a silhouette before the brilliance of the brightest star. The black
monster beheld this sight with bated breath and glowing eyes. The crimson irises mocked
the sun, seeing as how they had nothing to block off their beauty. 


	She stood on her toes, looking through the small window of her cell. She watched as the
moon began to move away from the sun and restore its brilliancy. Among the sweat, tears,
saliva, mucus, and blood on her face, the young lady easily brought up a beautiful smile.
When the moon finally vanished, the lady looked down to the other corner of her window,
eyeing another silhouette on the ground. It was several feet tall, most likely twelve or
thirteen feet at the least. It was in the shape of a man, or at least a man-like being.
Tendrils of blackness wrapped around the shape, some waving around in the filthy air. The
man-thing had a pair of wings, small wings that were unable to support its weight and
allow it to fly, whose base reached around over the shape’s shoulders and to its chest.

	If not for the exposed head of a man, the shape would be mistaken for a black beast. But
the young lady, even from hundreds of feet away, could spot the human features of its face
and decipher its race. His eyes were tired now, after seeing the eclipse, longing for a
nap. He was covered in cuts, scrapes, and bruises. His lips were bright red, the color of
blood and the setting sun and evening sky, dried and chapped. His silver hair flowed in
the feeble wind. 
	The young woman watched the towering man of blackness as he walked away into the deep
forest some twenty feet away. Her smile began to fade, she began to tremble and sweat
	“No, don’t go that way… Please, don’t travel that way!” She pleaded.
	“You will die if you go that way! You will die if you enter the deep forest of
Klachmacar! Then you will not be able to protect me…”
	The young lady was now sitting under the window, her fingers laced with hands placed
under her chin. 
	“I will die if you leave that way…”


	The man stopped. He stared down at the dirt floor, then looked back up into the forest,
dark and cold. He thought to himself; contemplating, pondering. He made up his mind and
turned back around to trudge in the other direction. 


	“Good boy… Good boy… Just do as I say, and we will both survive… I love you…”

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