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USC Named Top Hottest School of the Decade

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Los Angeles 
Student Pop. 35,000 

Stanford. Duke. Northwestern. These are just some of the schools that counselors report
USC will soon surpass as one of most sought-after campuses in the country. Rachel
Petrella, a counselor at California’s La Jolla Country Day School, said she once saw 40
percent of her private-school students put USC on their list—as a backup. Now, she says,
it's a first-choice school for most of them. “USC has undergone an extraordinary
makeover in the past decade,” Petrella says. “It’s matriculating a completely
different caliber of student than it once was.” Counselors like Petrella report USC does
a terrific job showcasing its academic assets, particularly the honors science college and
the access to its high-tech research facilities. At the same time, its financial aid is
among the most generous nationwide—a $2.4 billion endowment (though down $1.2 billion
since 2008 ) allows more than 60 percent of students to receive some type of aid. Add in a
winning athletics program—Trojan football has consistently ranked in the top 5
nationwide in recent years—and its proximity to Hollywood, and applications to the
school have risen about 35 percent since 2000.

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Really, must you hide the truth?

Editor: This is not the place for personal attacks and I won't permit them here. Go cry on
your own page or club, besides your statement is just stupid. If the girl is college age
and going to USC are you saying that I couldnt go out with her? You're an idiot.

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