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Around the World In 80 Ways

30 January 2010, 11:38 PM   #1
~Jelly Almighty~
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transportation is boring you say? how can it be! this is cyberspace where endless
different things are possible, lets travel to the Eiffel tower from the Taj Mahal, riding
on a magical piece of toast that talk, do magic, and turn into a particularly good-looking
human! how is that for transport? Now, How was your trip around the world in 80 (or more!)
ways !? 
Taste the rainbow, eat crayons~
taste the
rainbow, eat crayons Pictures, Images and Photos

31 January 2010, 11:58 AM    #2
Guest Poster
I flew around the world on a giant fish.
I stopped at the bushmanese home camp.
 I swam in the dead sea. 
I jumped over the Eiffel tower. 
I jumped over the moon. 
I landed on mars and waved to the sun.
 I ate in Russia and stopped for a potty break in india. 
I slid down the pyramids. 
I slapped a penguin. 
I pet a lion. 
I hunted an antelope. 
I swam with the giant squids. 
I kicked a polar bear. 
I ate candy on a cloud of cotten candy. 
I rode horses in mexico. 
I skydived off of the space needle. 
I kissed a french stranger.
 I ate seal with the Russian.
I joined the irish for a cool dance.
I shot someone down with the mobs in Italy.
I got a cat in turkey.
I blew up Australia. 
I laughed at Madagascar.

Then i came home.

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