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Some Ideas re: using contingencies

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4 December 2009, 05:56 PM   #1
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ok im gonna say right off the top, of course its easy for people to change their
parameters, that isnt the point....the point is that they would HAVE to..

This is what I am proposing:

Allow Club Owners, and users on their KupiPages, Diaries, maybe even Profiles..

to set up a CONTINGENCY....if-then allow...

This would work something like the way the ANON page only shows for users who have their
age set above the threshold.

How would we use this:

For example, one could make a Canadian Club....and ONLY those users who have Canada set as
their country could even see the could set an age requirement over-21 for
example for an "adult" club....or conversely under 18 for a "teens-only club"..or Males
only or Females only..

Even more useful would be to allow this function to be applied to Kupipages, Diaries and
if possible even Profiles..

so that if one only wanted Girls to see their diary entry they could add the Female-only
contingency....if one only wanted those under 18 they could add a less than 18
contingency...AND logged in member or not logged in (to screen out non-Kupika-member


the contingencies we could use would be: sex, age, country, and possibly language
parameters that we control on our edit profile and options..

applying these contingencies would give us more control over who could view our content,
or even our profiles, again if possible.

What do you say Hina? Difficult? Seems like its a simple If - Then Allow contingency....or
however the Anon feature works but maybe its more complicated than that idk..

Do others like this idea or not? pros n cons?

4 December 2009, 06:00 PM   #2
Joined: 14 Apr 2009
Posts: 477
Sounds pretty hard. Also, people lie all the time about those kind of things.
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4 December 2009, 06:35 PM   #3
Joined: 21 May 2008
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...all those people who have their age as could set your contingency to 13-25 or
less than 30 or whatever. and poof all those people will be screened out..wont even see
your page or diary or profile...

you could set it to only some countries, U.S. UK, Canada, Australia, France, etc. and then
all those dummies who have swaziland and antartica are boom cut out from seeing your

so...the more people that set up contingencies, the less these people would see...thats
fine as they only mostly hang around so to speak with their friends anyways...and the rest
of us wont even have to deal withthem...

if they DO want to see the particular content then they will have to adjust their

its just about giving the Kupika users and club owners a little more control...

and in practice and using it I dont think it would be hard at all..we already have three
buttons for most content already whether it sour picstream or diary or kupipage...Private,
Protected or Friends Only,  Public..

and Kupika works with these... 

its just adding a field or possibly buttons...that would let us edit a few more
checks/contingencies IF we want to...

.......some diaries i might want only guys to read, some i might want only guys over 30 to
read....who knows?

if those outside the parameters want to see the content they will at least have to adjust
their parameters....and then if youve got your diary set to girls under 14..then they got
to change them again..

that starts to be a big hassle for those people who are just saying wahtever when suddenly
theres a lot of people on kupika using the contigencies..and serves as a disincentive to
those who are just flipping around like that..from doing that and then it makes such
filters work even bettter...

4 December 2009, 07:04 PM   #4
Joined: 6 Sep 2007
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Not a bad idea, but surely this is far more time-consuming than many of the ideas hina
has had to say 'wait' to, because he h-

scrap that, it'll probably be done by tomorrow. fml.
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5 December 2009, 09:58 AM    #5
Joined: 14 Apr 2009
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Yeah, yeah.
Girl 1: Sets her age to 16 so she can cyber more.
Girl 2: Set her contingency thingy to over 16s for some reason or another.
Girl 1: Scarred for life.
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