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in my notebook!:in the fire

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2 November 2009, 11:28 PM    #1
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I look as the fire began and i didn't feel like moving I jsut stayed frozen like a
statue.  There was nothing I could dosince it began.  The fir ran like a star runner. 
Nothing seem like anything is going right.  I felt a sensation in my spine jsut like a
chill up to my scalp down my torso.  I could hear in my mind saying I need to run away, I
need to stop this fire but nothing could make me move.  The fire made heat and cracking
noises as it circles around me.  I'm surrounded with flames, trying to grab my bare arms. 
I felt like i was losing my memories.
          I heard a siren of a fire truck.  The sirens got louder as it got closer.  I
drop down to my knees, feeling like I lost to the fire.  My arms felt hotter while the
fire circles closer toward me.  I felt that the firemen knew it was too late.  The firemen
ran to the dorr and knock the door down.  They froze and stare at my body's position.  My
head was up and turning toward the surprised firemen.  One of the firemen ran toward me
and tried to grab me but I resist.  I don't know what i was doing!  Why was I resisting? 
The fireman grabbed me and picked my whole body up like superman.  I only didn't say
"Oh!Thank you kind sir!"I just stayed quiet.  While the fireman ran out he drops me down
on the concrete road gently and he takes out the oxygen tank from the truck.  He out the
mask on my mouth and nose for my dying fragile body...
           Hey!like the story?Well um the story is kinda like a sad story...but i just
thought if it...Oh i found my jornal!so fans kittysnow6's here and have no fear!XD

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