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Paris Here We Come! Or Not!

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I had to write this story for school, but it still turned out pretty good.

“So girls have you figured out where you wan to go for your 16th summer?” asked my
mom, Mrs. Colors. Hi, I am Lucy Colors. I have long brown hair, brown eyes, and I am very
smart. My twin sister, Amanda Colors, looks the opposite of me. She has long blond hair,
sparkling blue eyes, she is very tan, and is very curious. Well, anyways this is the story
of me and my twin well you will find out. I got to say thanks to my older brother Johnny.
He helped a lot, and plus he is 18, so he knows a lot more about life then us. He always
goes on our summer trip, but he let’s us pick the place even though he is suppose to.
Well let’s get back to the story.
	“No,” I said. “I haven’t even really thought of it.” That’s a lie. I always
thought of it, but I haven’t decided between Paris and LA.
	“Well, I will let you girls think about it,” said my mom. Let’s see I chose Paris,
because my mom won’t like the idea of LA.
	“So Lucy where do you want to go for this summer?” asked my brother, Johnny. 
	“That’s easy. I want to go to Paris.”
	“Why do we always go to a different country?! I mean let’s just stay in the US,”
said Amanda. 
	“Fine. Then let’s go to LA.”
	“Mom won’t like LA, and you even know that,” said Johnny. 
	“Paris is boring. It’s just going to be like New York, and we see it every day!”
	“Fine, where do you want to go then?”
	“I don’t know. Anywhere in the US I guess.”
	“Great a fight again. Didn’t you just had a fight yesterday?” said Johnny. That was
true, but you know twins they like to fight with each other for some reason. 
	“Paris!” I said ignoring Johnny’s comment.
	“I am out of here. If you guys can’t decide you might have to go to our mom,” said
	“US!” said Amanda ignoring what Johnny just said.
	“Let’s go ask our mom!”
	“Fine.” We go ask our mom. Our mom said that Paris is going to be very educational,
but the US can be, too. Finally, our mom picks Paris, because we know where we want to go
to, unlike the US. Amanda just said anywhere, but that wasn’t good enough for our mom,
and she even knows that. We got our tickets for twos days away. Amanda seems kind of mad
that I won the battle, but Johnny seems really happy about going to Paris. I wonder why.
Anyway, I start packing until I hear the printer. I go downstairs and see Amanda holding a
piece of paper. 
	“What is that for?” I asked.
	“It’s a map of Paris. Don’t’ worry I’ll pack it in case you forget it,” said
Amanda. I did forget some things from time to time, so it did sound pretty good to me.
	“OK, good night,” I said while running upstairs to go to bed.
*						*					          *
	The day that we have to leave I felt really excited.
	“Johnny, that’s our plane that’s leaving right now,” I said. 
	“We have to run,” said Johnny. Johnny and I start running, and so does Amanda, but
once we get on the plane Amanda was nowhere to be found.
“Uh, where is Amanda?” I asked.
	“She’s here. She was running with us.” Then the plane took off.
	“Amanda isn’t here,” I said starting to worry a little.
	“We will wait until we get off,” said Johnny.
	“Well, can’t you call her?” I asked.
	“We could, but knowing her she will have it off.”
	“Great. She has to ruin my summer vacation,” I said. Meanwhile, Amanda was on a plane
to Chicago. Where did she get the ticket? She got the ticket last night while printing
something. It was suppose to be a map, but it was her ticket to Chicago! Anyways the plan
landed Johnny was starting to worry, too. 
	“We have to tell mom,” said Johnny.
	“No way, maybe we just need to go where she wanted to go.”
	“And how are we going to find her? She could be any where!”
	“No, she couldn’t.”
	“How do you know?”
	“She wanted to go some where in the US. She must be somewhere in the US.”
	“Wow that is such a big area! How are we ever going to find her?” I started to think.
Finally, I came up with a plan.
	“I got it! We go home, and I look on the computer to find out where she went!”
	“Well, we find her wherever she is.”
	“But how are we finding where she is going to be?”
	“The printer! The printer saves all the last ten things that you print. That is why we
really don’t print tickets, and important stuff.”
	“You are right! We got to get the new tickets now!” said Johnny running toward the
ticket desk. We had our tickets in hand to go home, but we just had to wait for the plane
to be ready.
	“Flight number 264 to New York, New York is now ready,” said the intercom.
	“That’s us,” said Johnny. We got on our plane and head back where we just were.
*						*					          *
	“Thank goodness our mom isn’t home,” I said. I opened up a window, because we never
lock ours and climbed through. I went to the printer while Johnny stayed in the cab with
our bags. I looked through the printer’s memory, and found the printed ticket. I looked
at it and found out Amanda’s plane left at the same time mine and Johnny’s left to
Chicago. Chicago! I thought. Chicago is just like New York at least I thought so at the
time. I ran back to the cab, and told Johnny. Meanwhile, Amanda was swimming in the lake!
She already found a hotel, and unpacked her bags. But back to Johnny, and I. We brought
our tickets to Chicago, but little did we know it was delayed for a long time. It was
already 11:00 pm, and the plane was suppose to leave at 5:00 pm. Finally, they called our
flight at midnight. We slept on the plane. It was very hard to sleep, too. We got to
Chicago at 2:00 am, and only one hotel would give us a room that late at night. Let me
tell you it was a very cheap room, and not very clean. It only had one bed, too. The bed
made me think of Amanda and me fight over which bed to sleep in. I miss Amanda. I thought.
Anyways, I went to bed, because I was so tried. When I woke up the next morning it was
already 10:00 am. I got up, and took a shower. Then I woke up Johnny.
	“Take a shower. Then we need to take the bus to rent a car, so we can find Amanda.”
	“Fine, you go get breakfast the store,” said Johnny handing me some money.
	“OK.” I said while walking out the door. The store was just down the block. Once I
walked out of the hotel I saw what I see everyday, but it was a little bit cleaner.
Finally, I came to the store, and walked right in. I went to the breakfast aisle. Then I
heard a voice that I knew all my life. I looked around the corner toward the counter, and
saw Amanda. Boy was she buying a ton of food. Then I saw her walk out the door. Shoot! I
thought. I could have talked to her, but now I know why I didn’t’. It was because she
looked so happy. If she was in Paris she wouldn’t have looked that happy. I mean I would
have not mind to go to Chicago. Well….OK I could have! I don’t know what they have
here that New York doesn’t have, but I would love it if she told me where she wanted to
go. And who knows? Maybe we can go to Paris next year. Then realized I came for food. I
grabbed two donuts, and went to check out, and ran out of there toward our hotel room.
	“Yum, donuts,” said Johnny.
	“I saw Amanda!”  I blurted out.
	“Did you talk to her?”
	“Well, why didn’t you? We could have gone to Paris once we had her!”
	“She looked so happy. She has never seemed that happy before.”
	“Well, where is she going then?”
	“I don’t know. The beach? The park? Shopping? A museum?”
	“How are we going to find her?”
	“We go rent a car after breakfast, and then go to the beach today and relax. Then
tomorrow we go to the store.”
	“Fine, but when I get home I am going to blame this on you.”
*						*					          *
	When we got back from the beach I was really tried. I just went to bed while Johnny
stayed up a bit, but finally fell asleep. I was planning to get to the store by 10:15 am.
When I got up it was 9:00 am. I took a shower. Then told Johnny to get up, and took some
money. When I was about out the door Johnny stopped me.
	“You are about her don’t you?”
	“No,” I said. “I just don’t want to get in trouble. Now I really have to go.
Bye!” I walked out the door. I walked all the way there. I went to the lady I had
yesterday, and Amanda did, too.
	“Hi, have you seen my twin sister?”
	“What is her name?” asked the lady behind the counter.
	“Amanda,” I said.
	“She left an hour ago, but she did say that she was going to have a wonderful time at
the beach.
	“Thanks!” I said while running out the door back to the hotel.
	“Johnny,” I said once I got back. We have to go to the beach.”
	“Amanda is going to be there?”
	“But where on the beach?”
	“I don’t know. We will find out once we get there!”
	“OK. Let’s go!” I hopped in the rent car we got yesterday. Johnny took driver, and
off we went to the beach!
*						*					          *
	“This map says that there is one big beach, but we could spilt it in half,” I said.
	“Let’s do that,” said Johnny.
	“I get the East side and you get the West.”
	“Make sure you have your cell phone on.”
	“Yep, I know I do.” Johnny parked in the middle, and we went different ways looking
for my twin sister. Let me tell you one thing that beach is really long. I must have
walked a mile or so when I heard Amanda’s voice, well more like her laugh. I looked
toward the water; there she was with a group of girls in the water talking. I ran toward
her, and it was really hard to run in the said. Finally, I got to the edge of the sand,
and the beginning of the water. 
	“Amanda!” I yelled. 
	“Lucy!” she yelled back. Then she said something to the group and walked toward me.
“What are you doing here? How did you find me?”
	“Why did you go to Chicago instead of Paris?”
	“Where is Johnny?” she asked with yelling.
	“Looking for you. I’ll call him and let him know.” I called Johnny and he said he
would come right over. “You know you scared me half to death.”
	“Well, you would never like it here, and you don’t care what I do.”
	“That is not true! I care for you! I traveled like five times this summer, and it was
not fun, but I had to find my twin to make sure she was alright and not hurt or
	“You did that all for me?” I nodded my head. Then she surprised me she gave me a hug,
and said that she was sorry. I said it was OK everything is fine now, and let’s stay
here. Johnny was not so happy once we told him we are not going back to Paris, though. He
also told us that the only reason we were going to Paris was, because Johnny wanted to be
there with his friends. We felt sad for him, and told him he could choose next year. He
seemed pretty happy about that. Chicago was great, too, all the big buildings and the ice
cold lake. Once we got home we told our mom about the story she was not happy at first,
but then she saw me and Amanda not fight as much. She seemed glade that it happened then.
Amanda and I were best twin friends forever! I just can’t wait until what next summer is
going to bring! 

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