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KUPIKA YEARBOOK PHOTOS (Note: im just using my salutes as a placeholder, if you want your pics in the player submit them)
MR. KUPIKA - MS. KUPIKA (best all-around great person, embodies the ideal of Kupika) Mr. Kupika: 1st Jolestio 2nd Hina 3rd mick0305 4th kiwi_boy 5th SithWedgie 6th Jack__xo 7th Oroborus21 8th Gameboy 9th 10th Ms. Kupika: 1st mextreehugger 2nd 3rd 4th kodakutthroat 5th sanyu 6th StarDust 7th Memory 8th bekah_boo167 9th 10th hontouni_shiawase_daOMGAnimeXD 11th trivaveth 12th JimPi
SEXIEST VOICE 1st Neoeno 2nd Sanyu 3rd Babyyy_C 4th ReenaG 5th Kiwi_Boy 6th TaTa22 7th blw 8th Bernie 9th kubix123 10th Njinte
BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS (pics of other subjects e.g. people, animals, scenery, things) 1st 2nd JelllybeanJamie 3rd JessHadTheWorld 4th Kristino 5th 6th 7th Saralyn247 8th KOTORgamegirl 9th Kickyoursunday 10th
BEST WRITERS: Best Fiction/Fan Fic Writers: 1st BootheGhost (FMA series) 2nd KOTORgamegirl (KOTOR series) 3rd 4th 5th Best Poets: 1st 2nd Oroborus21 3rd sparkadark 4th randevoo 5th BellaAmericana Best Diary/Real-Life Story Writers: 1st 2nd nenestar 3rd Oroborus21 4th 5th mextreehugger
BEST MUSICIANS/SINGERS Best Singers: 1st AlexisANESTHETIC 2nd gothgirl101 3rd Bernie 4th Midna121 5th BellaAmericana 6th Lyncheh 7th Ashe13 8th CrawlingLove Best Musicians (Instruments): 1st Jolestio (guitar) 2nd emo_vampire_gurl 3rd Best Composers (Song-Writers/Lyricists): 1st 2nd StefaniaSTATIC 3rd
MOST ATHLETIC (if possible specify sports excelled in and achievements) Top Guys: 1st 2nd 3rd Oroborus21 Top Girls: 1st 2nd vanitykills 3rd flipflopsxc 4th surfgal7 5th saph 6th StefaniaSTATIC 7th em_n_emmy 8th iknewher 9th Ashe13 10th Bethylovinyhoo .
BEST DANCERS Ballet 1st SupernaturalSnow 2nd sylvy 3rd ShootingStars_x 4th 5th Hip-Hop/Freestyle 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Traditional Style (Ballroom, Swing, Salsa, etc.) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th .
BEST OEKAKI ARTISTS (this is highly subjective and debatable) Overall/Mixed Artistry: 1st Foxleopard 2nd 3rd DoOP 4th haku12 5th love_me_or_die 6th Reisha 7th sugartastic Classic "Manga" Style: 1st 2nd 3rd Bizzahra 4th Tuxedoace 5th HarryismyHero 6th Aiki 7th "Realism" Style: 1st 2nd Foxleopard 3rd haku12 4th melLow 5th 6th 7th Kekasmai Other Categorical Style: 1st Kristino (chibi) 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Unusual/Undefined/Unorthodox Style: 1st Kristino 2nd mextreehugger/manduhh 3rd 4th Stardust 5th darkoekaki 6th Jahannam 7th aishiteru_x *note I need help with this category. please let me know your fav artists - ed
BEST LAYOUT DESIGNERS/PROVIDERS 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Chucks_are_Life .
FUNNIEST FOLKS (best sense of humor, class clowns, comedians) 1st bekah_boo167 2nd xGabby_is_STELLARx4 3rd ShannonXbabes 4th evil_monkey 5th Oroborus21 6th inkylady92 7th Italics 8th JimPi 9th hurricanekatrine
BIGGEST DRAMA-QUEENS 1st HelloKatie 2nd Chucks_are_Life 3rd 4th Princess_Dramaqueen 5th Kiwiface 6th foogle .
BEST GAMERS 1st Jolestio 2nd mextreehugger 3rd KOTORgamegirl 4th 5th .
BIGGEST FLIRTS Top Guys: 1st Gameboy 2nd _abc_ 3rd Jolestio 4th emo_dude21 5th randevoo 6th kakashikun 7th Oroborus21 Top Girls: 1st ktmouse 2nd 3rd 4th 5th .
BIGGEST EGOS 1st HelloKatie 2nd TheInvention 3rd Neoeno 4th Oroborus21 5th _abc_ 6th AngelikaAUDACIOUS 7th KristinaCatastrophe .
BIGGEST BRAINS (most intelligent, smartest) 1st Neoeno 2nd Hina 3rd Oroborus21 4th lunasakura 5th saph 6th jamiet 7th x_tearSTAINED .
MOST TECH-SAVVY / BEST COMPUTER GENIUS 1st Hina 2nd Neoeno 3rd (prom) 4th Vengeance_incarnate 5th
BEST KUPIKA PROFILE 1st SweetJesus 2nd 3rd Sugartastic 4th 5th basketball_girl 6th Lyncheh 7th Oroborus21 8th Sanyu 9th 10th NJ_Cutie
CUTEST COUPLES: (I'm not going to be updating this every other day for you kids so to qualify a "couple" has to at least be dating for a month and both must be on Kupika.) 1st blw & TeenxAngstxRising 2nd michellelalicious & Jr_PyRo 3rd .
MONTHLY PROFILE VIEWS LEADERS: -This Statistic is no longer being kept. It's too difficult to keep up with it and also it's subject to easy manipulation so it's not very reliable-
FRIENDS LIST LEADERS (persons with most # of people have them on their Friend's List) 1st Oroborus21 - 887 2nd Hina (? just guessing) 3rd Gameboy - 598 4th lachia - 371 5th love_me_or_die - 242 6th 7th puppylover41195 - 181 8th TJ504CANDY - 193 9th Bootheghost - 162 10th bekah_boo169 - OEKAKIS KIDNAPPED LEADERS: (persons with highest total of kidnapped oekakis) 1st love_me_or_die (1552) 2nd Bizzahra (1117) 3nd AerithLight (532) 4rd Oroborus21 - 444 5th Stardust (348 ) 6th Gameboy (339) 7th _Kuroodia_ - 404 8th 9th 10th hontouni_shiawase_daOMGAnimeXD (216) BLACKLISTED LEADERS (active members with most # of persons of b-lists) 1st Oroborus21 - 194 2nd 3rd CoolGirl1 - 39 4th Gameboy - 33 5th Lyncheh - 29 6th 7th neoeno - 19 8th Bootheghost - 18 9th love_me_or_die - 18 10th SUBSCRIPTION LEADERS: (persons with highest total subscribers) 1st Hina (just guessing) 2nd Oroborus21 - 109 3nd love_me_or_die - 98 4th Gameboy - 54 5th AerithLight - 48 6th _Kuroodia_ - 34 7th Stardust - 32 8th Bootheghost - 28 9th neoeno - 25 10th TJ504CANDY - 25 MOST DIARY ENTRIES CREATED 1st BOOTHEGHOST - 502 2nd 3rd Danielle10 - 402 4th 5th Oroborus21 - 240 deleted a lot ALL KUPIPAGES HITS LEADERS (find this stat by viewing your KupiPages, total views for all pages) 1st Oroborus21 - 10 pages - 7624 2nd Danielle10 - 5062 4th Gameboy - 3218 5th Sanyu - 3114 6th 2ca2 - 2358 7th Lyncheh - 1938 8th LunarDawn - 1220 9th princessnick - 1012 10th TOP SINGLE KUPIPAGE LEADERS: (by total HITs Count) leader/page 1st Oroborus21 (3682 hits) http://kupika.com/Oroborus21/friends 2nd Danielle10 (1199 hits) http://kupika.com/Danielle10/DenLayouts 3rd 2ca2 (1190 hits) http://kupika.com/2ca2/doll_contest 4th 5th . MOST RECEIVED VIRTUAL ITEMS LEADERS (self-report these, or screen shot the pages at bottom, theres 10 per full page normally) 1st Oroborus21 (104 VI) 2nd love_me_or_die (78 VI) 3nd Danielle10 (30 VI) 4th mextreehugger (30 VI) 5th TJ504CANDY (13 VI) 6th saralyn247 (10 VI) MOST FRIENDLY KUPIKIANS: (most sent comments, this could possibly be "most opinionated") 1st Oroborus21 - 5685 2nd saralyn247 - 5631 34d love_me_or_die - 3729 4th SithWedgie - 2410 5th Lyncheh - 2067 6th ashley14567 - 1894 7th xExotic - 1958 8th hontouni_shiawase_daOMGAnimeXD - 1769 9th Bootheghost - 1508 10th bekah_boo167 - 1431 . MOST COMMENTED (received most comments) 1st sasuke_ - 12569 2nd Oroborus21 - 11036 3rd love_me_or_die - 5723 4th Tuxedoace - 2735 5th DoOp - 2447 6th Foxleopard - 2345 7th Saralyn247 - 2329 8th Sugartastic - 2030 9th Gameboy - 1925 10th Lyncheh - 1911 THE RICHEST KUPIKIANS (total current amassed KupiPoints note: 1 KC I'm valuing as 20 Kps) 1st _Kuroodia_ (1858 kps) 2nd Gameboy (1548 kps) 3rd neoeno (1038 kps) 4th iknewher (939 kps) 5th love_me_or_die (898 kps) 6th Danielle10 (741 kps) 7th mextreehugger (702 kps) 8th Real_Faerieclubkim (631 kps) 9th inkylady92 (570 kps) 10th HarryismyHero (507 kps)
THE YOUNGEST KUPIKIANS (active accts) 1st Im_cute_101 (8 yo, 6months - bday: 4/15) 2nd fuzzimuffin (8 yo, ?months - bday:?) 3rd GGirl123 (9 yo, 2 months - bday:?) 4th julygal1998 (10 yo - bday: 7/ 5th katali121 (10 yo - bday: 7/?) 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th THE OLDEST KUPIKIANS (active accts) 1st ome (61 - bday:6/29) 2nd Swardey (42 - bday:?) 3rd Moogie (40+ *wink* - bday:9/19) 4th TallGuy92 (38 ) 5th Oroborus21 (39 - bday:10/17) 6th primwhitewolf (29 - bday:nov) 7th Hina (23 - bday:4/4) 8th DewilCRy (23) 9th icygirl (21 - bday:? ) 10th Foxleopard (19 - bday: ) LONGEVITY LIST (Oldest Continuous Active Kupika Account) TOP 21 Hina (Join Date: 13 May 2006) neoeno (Join Date: 25 July 2006) legacy (Join Date: 24 August 2006) Queenlover44 (Join Date: 22 November 2006) MewMewPuppy (Join Date: 22 November 2006) TJ504CANDY (Join Date: 22 November 2006) kiwiface (Join Date: 22 November 2006) 2ca2 (Join Date: 22 November 2006) meLLow (Join Date: 23 November 2006) nataval (Join Date: 23 November 2006) veggiegirl (Join Date: 23 November 2006) _Holly_ (Join Date: 23 November 2006) callie11 (Join Date: 26 November 2006) not_your_average_gurl (Join Date: 2 December 2006) Katia14 (Join Date: 2 December 2006) Tuxedoace (Join Dae: 3 December 2006) iknewher (Join Date: 7 December 2006) Your_Worst_Nightmare (Join Date: 12 December 2006) momo09 (Join Dae: 19 December 2006) Bootheghost (Join Date: 20 December 2006) lilblueangel (Join Date: 22 December 2006) "Active" means the person has logged on in the past 3 months.
Hina - (Creator of Kupika.com, 1st Profile, 1st Post to K.com, 1st Oekaki?,1st Club, etc.) ten_tree - (1st female profile) also (1st person under 18 ) hairymonster - (1st person under 10) (but acct seems abandoned) pussywillow - (1st European member) hotshot_babe - (1st Australian member) uningbe - (1st Canadian member) defenderofthepoopers - (1st U.S.A member) ? - (1st Mexican/Central American member) ? - (1st South American member) enorkole - (1st African member) ? - (1st Japanese member) ? - (1st NZ member) ? - (1st siblings members - still active) ? - (1st Twins members - still active) ? - (1st married couple members - still active) Neoeno - (1st to game the Oekaki program to substitute a photo, 1st to kupikaPodcast) ? - (1st to place music/player on their profile) ? - (1st to place self-photos on their profile) Oroborus21 - (1st to post monthly Stats in diary, 1st Kupika store) Bizzahra - (1st to make "Oekaki movie" It was: "Eye Animation") Lyncheh - (1st to organize cooperative/multi-part song) Sashikinoneko - (1st to reach Oekaki limit on acct) mextreehugger - (1st to create box-in-box code in profile, 1st to create icon-links of kupika functions - message, letter, etc.) *if you know of any other "firsts" or want to claim a first then comment. If you're claiming first for a "trend" it should be something that others have imitated afterwards.*
MOST POPULAR CLUBS: (by total number of members*) 1st [club emblem censored] CyberCity - 586 http://kupika.com/club/CyberCity 2nd Kupi Beta - 224 http://kupika.com/club/beta 3rd Salon ErotiKa - 199 http://kupika.com/club/salonerotika 4rd Friends, Dorks and Weirdos - 137 http://kupika.com/club/weirddorkzz 5th Girls Having Fun Club - 114 http://kupika.com/club/girls_having_fun_club 6th Anime Academy - 97 http://kupika.com/club/x-animeacademy-x 7th 8th 9th 10th *probably includes "dead accts" as not every owner trims dead accounts - numbers may also be inflated by side-acct holders

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Guest Poster
Best Diary/Real-Life Story Writers:
Diary writing ? I write good diaries ?! XD funny the Cutest Couples comments amused me (:

2 September 2009, 10:21 PM    #3
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may I submit a story?
a fiction story, its on my kupipages , here is a link, if you would consider it.

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