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WRITING: Poetry: The Long Dark Seduction of Her Kiss

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11 March 2009, 08:26 PM   #1
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"The Long Dark Seduction of Her Kiss"

Someone once penned,
Perhaps it was St. Cohen:
"I've waited so long for your kiss,
For something to happen,
Oh! Something like THIS."

That was to be my bliss,
For from the moment she told me,
I have done nothing but desire,
Her unexplored lips,
My object: Her Kiss.

I have dreamt,
Of taking loving sips,
Of touching them with mine,
Taking my time,

Slowly like a new lover,                                
Finding just the right pace,
And caressing her face,
Viewing in her eyes,
My own reflection.

My fingers comb her hair,
And her skin familiar,
I touch her cheek and ear,
Where she let me kiss her,
I covered her eyes,

With soft, gentle pecks,
Then I kissed a spot, 
I found upon her neck,
That really made her hot,
And she had to stop!

I touched her trembling stomach,
Which I claimed some time ago,
And to my surprise she let me know,
That I could have it,
Of course she wanted a spot too,

A smooth firm mound on each hand,
Where no one else may touch,
It wasn't too much,
I love for her to stroke me there,
When no one is looking.
She loves my hands,
And calls them beautiful,
Sometimes she craves them,
It is so wonderful,
As they explore her and ravish,

To drift over her and lavish,
And caress her curves,
Tugging at her silky tresses,
I whisper to her:

I could speak about her breasts,
Inviting me into their comfort, 
But a gentleman never tells,
Yet I love to lay my head between,
And listen to her heart,

And feel her rise with each breath,
I kiss her there and stroke around,
She grabs my hand squeezing tight,
Leaving dark bruises purplish brown,
Which will be faded Wednesday night.

She is firm and sometimes shy,
From head to toe she's let me by,
Only her kiss has she reserved,
Her untouched lips preserved,
And kept my hunger lingering,

Always outmaneuvering,
Her lips the veiled mystery,
Seeming so very good to me,
I hope that I will have them,
By the next millennium.

By then I'll have her affection,
And taste her sweet confection,
Or will she hold out,
Harboring her doubt,
About what will happen,

If she gives me what I need,
Is it a fire she wants to feed,
She knows men love the chase,
But will it end the race?

Don't decry my reservation,

It's not my will to try the course,
Of taking her kiss by force,
Like prayers meant for Heaven,
Her kiss is welcome if freely given,

Thus it was I assured my Amour,
And begged she stay in her private Keep,
"Lock your heart in its central tower,
I'll keep watching while you sleep,
Protecting through the witching hour"

-Or so I promised.

And now comes the bitter part,
For in a moment while she slumbered,
A sleeping innocent and trusting heart,
I was unfaithful and carelessly wandered,
In another part of the Garden,

Out near the furthest edge,
Given to dammed curiosity,
I wanted to explore the boundary,
And when I slipped upon the ledge,
I plunged and fell into the darkness.

Then it was that my Amour awoke,
From her long rest and keeping,
And then it was that someone spoke,
"Are you ssstill ssssleeping?"
"No  she answered, "Who are you?"

"I am The One, do you not sssee?"
There among the leafy branches,
Curling, flexing and part in shadow,
Shimmered two eyes of a living vine,
Belonging to someone she did not know.

"Who are you?  she asked,
"One who hasss been with you"
"Where is my man?  she asked,
"Oh he'ssss gone away, away"
And then the creature queried:

"What do you dessssire?"

She started to attention,
For with that simple question,
Arose something she had not noticed,
A longing deep inside was opening,
Like the unfolding of the lotus.

Her lips were dry and famished,
And how she wanted to try them,
"Why not taste what I offer?"
The sly one softly questioned.
"But there is one in expectation"

Replied the maiden to the specter,
"Ssseeems he's away, away
And didn't he truly ssssay:
That you sssshould taste,
Of every fruit in the Garden?"

The rest of the tale you've learned,
Though twisted through the years,
For when I finally returned,
It was the sum of all my fears,
For there my lady lay,

A spent and trembling lover,
Gathering leaves from all around,
Shamed and trying to cover, 
I lifted her from the ground,
And we left that place forever.

I was once a wealthy guardian,
My duty to protect my ward,
And they say that in the Garden,
My fault was my desire toward,
This woman who was overreaching,

But the fault in fact was in my teaching,
For forgetting evil and sly seduction,
On that dark and fateful Morn,
I neglected this simple instruction:
"Choose fruit wisely and serpents scorn."


2 June 2009, 02:29 AM   #2
Guest Poster
I like this one. :3

2 June 2009, 02:34 AM   #3
Guest Poster


2 June 2009, 02:40 AM   #4
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i wrote it.....it actually took me like 3 or 4 years....but cause i started it.....when i
was in love with this girl Gina....then we sort of parted...and then i wanted to hurry up
and finish it..cause she started dating this guy...

it was about her and her not wanting to give me her first kiss..... we fooled around a lot
bu ti never ever got a kiss from her :-(

2 June 2009, 09:03 PM   #5
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I really love this. I love the garden of Eden references, very well put. 
Po-e-try makes me happyyyy.

5 June 2009, 06:14 PM   #6
Guest Poster
I think it is really great, and so well phrased. Its so deep.

5 June 2009, 07:26 PM    #7
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Beautiful...I can relate, my old boyfriend Jamie, told me,

"If I have my first kiss with you, you'll want it to be the last first kiss"

We hung around a lot, it kinda finished when he started kissing my friend, who soon broke
his heart (Serves him right)

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