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WRITING: Erotic: Summer Fling

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(cross posted from club Salon ErotiKa)

"Summer Fling"

When I saw you walking home from the bus stop as you came back from college I couldnt
believe you were spending your freshman year living at home....I followed you discreetly
and watched until I saw which house you walked into...later that night I came back..very
quietly I walked aroung the side of your house and peeked in...

there you were...wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top..you looked so cute...i watched
you while u typed on the computer to your boyfriend...even though you were 19 now you and
him hadnt yet done it..the mostyou had done was suck his cock one time which you liked but
he didnt like if forsome reason so he never asked you again...he never would play with 
your breasts when you kissed and actually you had had better kissers as bfs...needless to
say though youhad begged him to touch you he never would.....you wondered if he might be
gay... you finished chatting and logged off...I couldnt believe it when you just pulled
off your t-shirt....and unhooked yoru bra..you had the most perfect tits it drove me wild
just to see them..you rubbed them a bit where they were pressed by your bra...you slid
your shorts off and your light pink silky panties.....you grabbed your towel and headed to
the shower…

I saw the bathroom light come on..so I moved over to the next window..it was  a high
one..but ifond something to stand on..i had just put it in place when I heard the shower
come on…

you step in and get yourself wet…you take the shower gel and lather yourself…your body
looks so tight and firm…its slippery from the suds and I get a hard on just watchign
them slide off your breasts…you lean back your head and I get a scare cause I think you
spotted me watching you but its too dark outside and too light inside for you to see
me….you close our eyes and enjoy the warm water massaging your body…you reach downand
clean your pussy and run yoru hands aroundyour ass…you don’t wash your hair tonight
but it gets a little wet…after a while you turn of fthe shower and towel off…you step
out,, dry off some more then the ligth goes out and I follow you to your bedroom…I watc
as you get out your pjs..some pink little cotton shorts and a tiny string top…you slip
it on….

I watch you now and then for another hour until finally you turnoff the light and go to

A few hours later I silently slide the screen off the window…u left the windows open
which made it all easier for me….i listen and I can hear your sleep breathng the house
is quite..your parents bedroomis on the far end of the house….i slip in andlet myself
down without a sound…I place yoru desk chair propped against the door handle just in
case….i take off one of my thin gloves….and creep to your bedside…I crouch down and
let my eyes adjust fully to the darkness…I can see your body rising andfallng as you
sleep….slowly I slide my hand undernet the covers…I lightly touch your side and you
don’t wake…you are a bit of a heavy sleeper tonight….. 

….slowly I feel the fabric of your shirt…I come to your shoulder and pull the strap
downa bit…I slip my hand very lighly in th e top and feel the softness of your
breast….i play with it a little and brush the nipple several times…it gets hard from
the stimulation……

I stand up and move around the bed to the other side…I very slowly lay down beside
you..I work on the right breast…after a while its hard too…your breathing is a bit
more shallow now..but u still sleep fast….i feel the edge of your panties…and I
don’t hesitate…I slip my finger down the middle of your pussy and come ot your little
hole..i gently trace my finger around it…and then start fingering it gently..i dip my
finger in and out of it for a bit..going a little deeper….your pussy gets wet with the
action uncontrollably..you moan a bit but don’t wake up….your pussy is so tight…no
one has ever touched you like this….i finger you fast and it quivers aroudn and tightens
aroundmy finger like a vise…..you start to turnbut I hold your hip down and you wake!

I place my hand over your mouth and whisper in a growl *don’t make a sound*  your eyes
get wide and you are scared….to show u exactly what im doin gthere.i finger you all the
way..pushing my middle finger deep inside of you…you cry out but my hand muffles your
cry….i start pumpin gyou and you stop movng and resisting.is feeling really good
now..even though you cant believe whats happening….finally I sense you arent going to
cry out so I start suckin gyour breast while I continue to pump your pussy….i slide down
and slide off your panties..i lick yoru pussy for a bit..but this isnt about your pleasure
tonight….i quickly come up my cock falling out of my unzipped pants…I don’t wait ot
be gentle and the first time you take a cock inside of you is rough and painful and you
cry out but my hand cuts you off….u cant believe the pain as my thick cock slides inyoru
tight hole….tears form in your eyes a bit and I feel a little sorry for you so I slow it
down and do it a little more gently…that feels better to you and the pain goes away and
after a few minutes it starts to feel really good…I keep at it and you cant believe it
but rather than pushing me you put your hands around my back and encourage me..your reaach
down and feel my ass and pull me deeper inside of you…you pull me down and we kiss..i
kiss you like you wish your boyfriend had been kissing you…I kiss your neck and you
start to orgasm…….i stop and turn you over on your stomach…you arent resisting
anything anymore..this all feels too good….i reach underneath and part your lips with my
hand and guide my cock inside of you are still so tight that u groan a bit but I hear you
say “yes give it to me baby”  I pull your hips back and drill you hard…you orgasm
again and muffle your pleasurable moans into your pillow…the last thing you want now is
to wake your parents….i fnger your asshole while I drill you deeply and run my hands
underneath and play with clit and I rub your stomach and squeeze your breasts hard..i grab
all of your hair and I pull it back roughly..i jerk on it while I fuck you harder and
harder..finally I explode inside of you and you can feel the hot sticky cum spurting
inside your pussy……it drips out of u while I continue to pump…finally I
withdraw..your pussy is raw and pulses…I turn you on your back and sit over you…I
bring myself and staddle over you..i don’t have to whisper what I want you to do ..you
start sucking my cock…its still hard mostly and its slipper and tastes like cum and your
pussy…you lick it alll the way up and down and around andou run your tongue around and
around..u suck out the last drops of cum that remained inside..after 10 minutes of giving
me an incredible blow job…its returned to being rock hard again and I look at you with
anevil grin…you say “please my pussy cant take any more tonight” 

 I laugh softly..who said I wanted your pussy right now…your eyes widen and I flip you
over on your stomach..i press you down….i remidn you not to make any sound…so you bury
your head in the pillow….i slowly press the head against your asshole and begin
pushing....you are clinching it tight but that only makes me want to push harder…u groan
as it starts to penetrate you..i put my weight behind it and thrust it deep inside of
u..this is like losing your virginity again..theres a few moments of agonizing pain and
then as I continue to slide it in and out and you relax..it starts to feel suprisingly
good….i fuck you hard for many minutes…..but your ass is so tight and yoru body is so
fine and the thought of doing something so taboo with you makes me pop early… I reach
underneath and stimulate your clit and you cum while Im still inside of your ass…….i
leave my cum inside of you to drip out as I turn you back over…you lay on your back just
throbbing everywhere..we lay togetherfor an hour kissing and talking….its like we are
lovers and u don’t even care…it starts to get light and I say I have to go  …you get
out of bed..and walk me to the window..you show me a little vase of red artificial
flowers…you say to me 

“you said you drive past my house once a week on Wednesdays right?”
“yes that’s how I first saw you months ago”
“well if you see these flowers in the front window when you drive by, it means that I
want you to come to me that night”
“really? I say surprised”
“yeah….you smile, this may be really bad but its also the most incredible time inmy
“sounds like a good plan, I say”
We kiss a few minutes and then I slip out..replacing the screen. 
With a smile im gone….but not for the last time.

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