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prologue (book one)

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20 August 2008, 08:27 PM   #1
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( if your character doesnt appear in the first couple pages have no fear. they are
coming. i just have to work them in at the right times)   (and about the homework thing.
its not really talking XD )

   The feeling threatened to overwhelm her. That intense throbbing in her veins, the area
part way up her arm where several tributaries branched off. Or came together. she wasn't
sure anymore. It was as if she could hear them humming. But she would resist. She had
too. She swore herself never to do it again.
   The sensation was with her all afternoon. She went for a walk after school.  Hurrying
past shops, looking for a distraction. She walked fast, then faster toward the setting
sun. Trying desperately to keep the sun up. dreading darkness.
   At dinner that night, she just stayed quiet. her dad didnt notice. Just a mood, just
her, just a teenage girl going through teenage stuff. Nothing new to him. 
   They went their separate ways. Him to watch some football game on T.v . her to her
make-shift room. Homework called her-but she ignored it. She closed the door to he room
even though she knew it was dangerous. She flipped through tv channels but nothing held
her attention. Scanned her Vast c.d collection-nothing drew her.
   She went into the bathroom and splashed water on her face. Why did she feel like this
tonight of all nights. Was their a trigger anymore. or was her body making demands on its
   Music floated in the bathroom window-but all she could hear was the oceanic roar
inside her ears. She wanted to cry, but couldnt. she even tried to force the tears to
come. She didnt know where this deep agitation came from. but she knew how to get rid of
   She opened the medicine cabinet, and left the cabinet door open-erasing her
reflection. She yanked out the pink disposable razor and sank toward the floor. She held
her arm in between her knees to steady herself.
   She still had one moment not to do it, yet she couldnt think of a reason not to. Her
breath came deeper and more ragged as she dragged the razor down her arm- over and over.
Angling it so that the blade would pierce her skin. 
   That was one promise she had always stayed true too. She would never use open blades
   She wasnt really seeing. just feeling.
   First white lines- a sharp pin pricking through her body
   Then the growing color-erasing the pins and making her shiver with unanticipated cold
   She slumped against the bathtub, spent but satisfied. her breathing came more
regular,less frantic. Good, that was good. even as "good" entered her head she thought
the opposite. Shame crept into her, and she flung the pink plastic tool skittering across
the linoleum

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wow thats re;;y good so far

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                   Hey, I thought I
comment on this one! It's very very   very very very very very very very very very very

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Lauren if i see you friday can i read the first chapter

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