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English Class

18 January 2008, 03:30 AM   #1
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OoC:Hey guys! This is the first thread. Feel free to post On these conditions: You follow
the rules, your paragraphs are at least 6 lines long, I will edit you're posts if they are
not long enough, and they will be deleted if you haven't posted a profile. Please feel
free to start disscussions in classrooms.

BiC: Tiff walked into the classroom. She was late, but at least she turned up. Tiff
Landgrabb was known for skipping class, and a few other things too. Being the queen b and
all, people were always gossiping about her. As she entered the old classroom, the room
stood still. She was the centre of attention, as per usual. Boys' heads turned as she
walked past in her all to revealing clothes. Tiff's blonde hair bounced in the step of her
hot pink heels, her mini skirt also bouncing simultaneosly. She heard the whispering of
admiring boys and jelous girls. As she slumped in her desk, she blew a kiss to an admiring
boy. Tiff was single, temporarily. She was the school slut, so her relationships didn't
last that long anyway. As the english teacher, a man in his early forties who was scarily
attracted to the cheerleaders, came over, attempting to punish Tiff. But this was know
problem for her. She shifted up her short skirt some more, showing off some leg, and
leaned forward flirtily. Her top was lower than she thought it was, and all the boys
seemed transfixed. Although the english teacher had let her get away without punishment,
being perved on was not part of Tiff's plan. She immediatly shifted up her top. As she
blushed, she sunk down in her seat. How embarressing.


19 January 2008, 02:23 AM   #2
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Am I supposed to continue the story?

19 January 2008, 03:46 AM   #3
Guest Poster
you reply from your characters point of view, e.g:
Arannee was attentivly listening to Mr. Brighton, the english teacher. They were talking
about creative writing, one of her favourite subjects. As he explained the topics they
would be covering to the class, Tiff Landgrabb, the school slut and official queen b,
strolled into the room. Aranee didn't think much of her, she hated girl flaunting
themselves, as Tiff did, to transfixed boys. Aranee stuck out her foot, attempting to trip
her over, but she annoyingly avoided it. Damn. She thought. As the teacher wondered
over to the possibly anorexic, attention seeking a-lister, Aranee pleaded that she would
get detention, or get expelled. What would Kupi High be like without Tiff, unfortunately
she would never know as Tiff used all her sex-appeal to ward of punishment. Although it
was funny when she flaunted more than she bargined for.

Posts need to be at least twice as long, but they must always:
-Be in third person
-Only decide what they're character is doing, do not write another characters response
unless they had already posted doing so.
-Only use mild coarse language.
-Other words with *'s

21 April 2008, 04:12 PM   #4
Guest Poster
*i walked in to the classroom looking around happily* aw...so cool! i like this school

9 August 2008, 03:11 PM    #5
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Sumire was taking notes when Tiff walked in.  Sumire just thought to herself god I have
been at this school for less than a week and that girl is already getting on my nerves, I
wonder what her parents are like. But sumire made a note of her name to see if she was in
any of her other classes. And as the whole dission with the girl and the preverted teacher
went on Sumire took out a book to read. As Sumire was the star student in the state so she
was reading a medical book, a very long one. Soon the disscuion was over and Sumire put
away the book. Only to take out a large folder with many notes in it. As the teacher began
talking again Sumire started over at Tiff and began to think will maybe I shold go up to
her after class?

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