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*History and the Vavenians*

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Here I will explain what has happened to the world and just who these aliens are.

In 2013, the world was thrown into chaos as the zombie apocalypse hit. The vampires,
werewolves, and surviving humans fought long and hard for 74 years to rid the world of
zombies. In 2088 a mysterious beam shot down onto the world wiping out all zombies but
sparing the rest of the world. It wasn't until 20 years later when the Earthlings were
contacted by the Vavenians.

The planet of Vaven was captured and colonized by a neighboring planet. The original
Vavenians were forced to pile onto a ship and leave their planet forever. Their reserves
were running out and they needed a planet to call their own. Earth was still in a state of
disrepair and the Earthlings were willing to accept outside help to rebuild. Luckily Earth
has a similar atmosphere to Vaven, so it wasn't hard for the Vavenians to adjust. The
Vavenian technology was much more advanced than the Earth technology. The world entered a
time of peace.

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