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15 November 2013, 07:51 PM   #1
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I just wanted to introduce a new character, plus since I have so many... ( gomen.. ) But I guess here is where we can record our characters. And my new one Name: Phelix ( Pebble by Haruka ) Age: 220+ Gender: Male Height: 170 cm Likes: Haruka | being fed | sleeping | eating | dark colors | catnip | Being stroked and/or loved by friendly people Dislikes: People messing with his owner | Waking up | Upset stomachs | Dogs | People touching him Personality: Lazy | sleepy | curious | sluggish | hungry Phelix is something of a glutton. When he's not sleeping, he eats, and when he's not eating, he sleeps. He's lazy and childish and to be honest just an all round sluggish guy. He's won over easily by food. For a life long friend, give him some squishy caterpillar pasta. You'll often find him snoozing under trees or in warm places, most likely with a humorous snot bubble. He seems slow, but he is actually quite smart. Being well versed when he wishes to be. (which isn't often). But you'll mostly find him being a dope, not using his intelligence for anything useful, besides creating beautiful flower gardens History: Phelix comes from a world full of giant trees, towering into the sky and blooming with different flowers all year round. It's a truly beautiful land he is from, with usually very healthy and friendly people helping each other out. Although it's a lovely community Phelix was naturally bored, being a teenager at the time and all that. So he kissed his mother, father, 3 little sisters and grandmother goodbye (they all live together lol) and went off into the world. He'd been studying here and there, doing odd jobs for people to get pocket money and eventually was able to save up enough to go and stay at Haruka's. A place he had found by a young seeming vampire looking for a companion and someone to feed constantly. He can't wait to just relax and be lazy again, that's basically his goal for now. During his trips, he found his love for food, turning him into a massive glutton, eating 8-10 meals a day, he still feels he could eat more if it's delicious enough! Extra: He literally smells like flowers He can shift into anything/anyone he wants, though his species is rare and unknown. "Don't touch my oniisan!" "Your fish is truly beautiful." "Let's have a taste~" "You can't run,... and you can't hide." "Hmm..?"
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