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Name: Valeria "Val" and Ophelia "Ophie" Telarius Age: Val: 19 Ophie: 18 Grade: Val: Sophomore Ohpie: Freshman Major: Val: Fashion Design Ophie: Acting/Theater but heavily deciding whether to change it or not Sex: Females Race: Val: Bajang (Turns into a black panther instead of a cat) Ophie: Succubus Orientation: Val: Pansexual Ophie: Straight Occupation: Val: She makes the costumes for the theater department at a small cost. Ophie: N/A Personality: (So bad at this! I'll just let the rest of their personalities unfold through the roleplay.) Val: Val is a perfectionist. She won't leave a piece of clothing alone for even a minute until its perfect and you'll never see anything less of perfection in her clothing. She's bossy when it comes to her clothing. She isn't very conceited even though she was spoiled when she grew up. She always helps people in need but then she always scolds herself for it. Valeria is very protective of her younger sister, especially when it comes to boys because of what she is. She may have a tough exterior but on the inside she has a heart of gold. Ophie: Ophie is a kind and gentle person but is absolutely oblivious when it comes to peoples feelings, especially when those feelings are about her. She always gets hot and bothered around boys and so she tries her best to stay away from them. You'll never see Ophelia without a smile on her face and it isn't easy to ruin the good spirit she always seems to be in. History: Soon after Ophie's birth, their parents had a divorce. In court, their parents fought over the two girls. The judge decided that Valeria would be raised by her father and Ophelia would be raised by her mother. Instead of blaming the judge, their parents blamed each other and were so blinded by the grudge they held against one another that they raised the twins far away from each other. The twins were never told about one another. Ophie was never told about her father and sister and Valeria was never told about her mother and her sister, Ophelia. The two never bothered to ask either. Growing up, Valeria was cherished by her father and was quite spoiled. She was granted everything she asked for and since she loved clothes, it was what she asked the most of. When she grew older, she wished for materials so that she could pursue her ideas for clothing. Valeria had quite the talent for making clothes and had many tasteful ideas. Her clothes would turn out to be something that you'd see on a runway for an exclusive fashion show and everyone complimented her ideas. Valeria discovered she was a Bajang when she lost control of her temper because a dress didn't turn out the way she wanted it to. She then learned to control her ability so that she could turn into her beautiful panther form at will. Her talent in fashion design won her a scholarship and an acceptance letter to RSU. Ophelia was quite the opposite of her sister. Although she was cherished just the same by her mother, the two of them struggled for a long time. There wasn't anything special about her life. She loved playing dress up and pretending she was various things from princesses to intergalactic agents from other planets. As Ophelia got older and hit puberty, her hormones intensified more than the regular humans would. In high school, she was the girl that every guy wanted to be with and every girl wished they were but she was completely oblivious to it. After discovering what she was, she would always become hot and bothered whenever she was around guys and has yet to control it. The two sisters were reunited when Valeria was making her way to RSU. She and her father stopped for a bite to eat. Valeria began to ask questions about her mother and her father told her, knowing she had to find out sooner or later. As a last request, they visited Ophelia and her mother. It was odd at first but the two girls got along and spoke to each other as if they had grew up together. Their parents fell in love all over again and her father moved back in with them but her mother never accepted the way Valeria was raised. Valeria went off to RSU but visited her family every time she could. The next year, Ophelia sent out an application to RSU so that she could spend more time with her sister. Fortunately, she was accepted and the two are overjoyed that they will be going to school together for the first time. Appearance:

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Name: Avery Lionheart
Age: 18
Grade: Freshman
Major: Acting/theater
Sex: Male
Race: Dragon Demon
Origin: England
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: N/A
Personality: Avery is kind, and intelligent on the outside but on the inside, he's very
cold, distant, and dark. He hates being popular but deals with it anyways.
History: Avery was born into a wealthy family and was the oldest child. At the age of 2
his sister was born. Soon after his mother got sick and died. He was very sad about it but
to this day, he doesn't remember his real mother's face. When he was 5, his father got
remarried  and had 3 sons with his new wife. The only sibling Avery ever got along with
was his sister because they were 100% related. He hated his brothers and they hated him.
Being the oldest, everyone expected the most from him. When he was 6, he was forced to
learn how to play the piano. A year later, his father forced him to learn how to fight. He
trained daily and lost a lot of sleep because of all the training he went through. After
all that work he went through to get to that point, he finally got into a Martial Arts
Academy for both middle and high school. It was the top school in the world and not only
did you have to be good at martial arts but you had to be good academically. In his
elementary school, he had the top grades. He got all As in his subjects. He was the
Representative of his class for passing the entrance exam with flying colors. He got the
highest score. He threw his father off when he wanted to enroll to RSU. His father
threatened to disown him if he went to a school like this. Especially going for theater.
His father didn't realize that Avery's real passion was on the stage acting. He enjoyed it
and was truly happy. His father didn't know he's been in a lot of plays at the Academy he
went to. He was one of the top actors and won a lot of awards. His father grew to hate him
for not growing up to his expectations. Being an actor was an awful way to make a living
in his father's eyes.

Dragon form: 

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Akito Takenobu
Kyoto, Japan
· Skittish, very nervous when others are close to him or question him making him
feel uncomfortable and he finds it weird and stressful for someone to put him in a certain
position where he's not sure what to do. He's usually skittish when speaking or standing
in a conversation.
· Shy and gullible, frantic and always short of breath when he's uncomfortable. He
may not be sociable, and doesn't speak up or talk much, but he does know how to make
someone feel better.
· Sweet and charming, Akito is naturally a sweet and caring person when it comes
to the people he knows, and he definitely can care for important things with his life. His
charming side is that he's very serious and engaged in acting and theatre, making him a
whole new person otherwise, and he seems to forget his worries.
· Smart, intelligent and wise, just like his grandparents. At first he's a bit of
an airhead and very uneasy, but you'll learn and know that he's always studying and taking
care of his studies and important things like school. He knows many things, and some
things he doesn't, but that doesn't mean he's dumb and clueless. Only around relationships
and sexual feelings or thoughts does he become clueless, its a subject he could never,
ever get used to. It makes him embarrassed and shy.
· Athletic which is a lie, because he's fragile and very skinny and so his skin
will get hurt easily and its hard for him to do physical activity. However, when acting,
he can sometimes do some agile tricks. But not always.
Akito had a pretty simple life,good parents that worked a lot but always had time to love
him and take care of him. He was a happy child, but an anxious one too, always had problem
with speaking up or being able to think fast enough, always tripping on his own feet and
following the lives of others. And soon, nothing changed no matter what he did. He changed
completely. Not personality or appearance wise, but emotionally. He ran into very few
problems in life, confused and unsure. Into middle school to high school, he wasn't sure
what he was doing in life. He wanted to go into theatre and acting, but he was far too
clearly to ask for help or get into groups or programs. It was a surprise one day when his
parents enlisted him into a university,they had known all along, and not just because his
room was all theatrical, but because he was like his parents when they were young.

Kennan James
Fashion Design, acting is a hobby
On hold
· Cocky Arrogant, always sure of himself and normally very selfish. He loves
himself, he knows it, but that doesn't make him a bad guy, he just takes care of himself
more than others. Even his cockiness is a given, and helps him stay calm. Even so, he
knows what he can do and uses it to an advantage
· Serious / Playful Sometimes, depending, he's serious in work and always does his
best no matter the situation. Kennan finds it compelling to always be serious, or even too
playful to be exact. He can be silly and overexaggerated, however, he becomes likely quiet
and in focus around work. He can switch his feelings quickly, which makes him a smart
thinker and good liar.
· Other there isn't much other to say, but he's a sweet guy even though he comes
off as a player or someone who 'gets around', it makes him look easy. Although, he gets
hurt easily and is extremely bad in relationships and doesn't stand in long.
Kennan sure had family, didn't like them and they didn't like him either. It was all
distant and Kennan was practically forced in a state to where there were certain places,
people and things to keep him going and to keep him stable for a short period. An only
child, always confused why he was left home alone while his parents never came back until
a following month or even a year. Didn't seem a problem when he had everything he needed.
Sewing machine, needles, endless fabric of clothes, food, water, a roof over his head and
a quiet place, it was almost luxury. After a while he got into his own business near his
high school life until he was accepted into a university special to him, one he didn't
think he could make it in for. But he did.

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Sweet. :D

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Name: Sam and Kiesha Miller
Age: Sam: 19
        Kiesha: 14
Sex: Sam: Male
        Kiesha: Female
Grade: Sam: Sophomore
           Kiesha: Freshmen
Race: Sam is human and Kiesha is a ghost
Major: Sam: Theatre
           Kiesha: Web design {because she can work without being seen}
Occupation: N/A and N/A
Orientation: Sam:Straight
                    Kiesha: Homosexual
Personality: Sam is a serious person who is surprisingly funny at times{in a morbid way}
and Kiesha is loving and playful
History: Sam and Kiesha grew up in an orphanage. They were abused tossed about and
neglected. Kiesha was as normal as could be until a few months after her fourteenth
birthday when she was hit by a car and killed. Her brother became depressed and serious
afterwards. Kiesha follows Sam almost everywhere simply wishing that he could see her but
his disbelief of ghosts is so strong that she is blocked from his sight although sometimes
he feels that she is there and hears her voice. And being her brother's shadow she
followed along when her brother got accepted to Riverside. People who do believe in ghosts
along with other supernatural beings can easily see her.


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Add what grade there in. I forgot to add that in the creation

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And after a looooong time.... I am done!

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Hahah OK

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Name: Pandora Blackthorne
Age: 19
Sex: Female
race: human
major: Web design
Grade: Softnore
Orientation: Hetero
Occupation: N/A
Personality: Pandora is very quiet and likes to keep to herself. She knows about the
existence of demons but acts like she doesn't. She is also very self conscience and modest
about herself. She hates being in large groups of people.
History: Pandora was raised in an orphanage and has no memory of her mother or father. She
always assumed they died after her birth. She was always going to different foster
families. Since she was little, she was declared the most beautiful girl. She always kept
to herself which turned a lot of people away from her. Finally, when she was twelve a
family adopted her. They were kind to her and for once, she actually smiled. She loved
them. One night, however, she couldn't sleep so she wandered the house. She heard sounds
from a room so she went to check It out. In the room she saw her mother feeding on a
human. At this sight, she screamed alerting her mother. Her father and brother came from
behind her. They tried to calm Pandora down but she didn't trust them one bit at this
point. She wanted to leave but they wouldn't let her. Since then, she's been scared of her
parents. She never really smiled again. When she was accepted to Riverside University, she
was happy and went there without hesitation. She just wanted to be away from her family.
She was happy she survived for this long and was surprised they hadn't killed her.


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w.i.p Name Len Kucinich Age Eighteen Sex Male Race Uruguru Origin New York, New York Major Occupation N/A Orientation Bisexual Personality History Appearance

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Name: Salpsan Archfiend
Age: 19
Sex: male
Race: demon
Origin: Hell. After that, Detroit.
Major: fashion design
Grade: freshman
Occupation: N/A
Orientation: bisexual
Personality: Salpsan is evil and manipulative. He appears rude and standoffish,
which makes him difficult for others to approach. Once he's actually talking to someone
though, he is a smooth talker and very charismatic. He doesn't have empathy for other
people, and is happy to pretend to care about whoever he needs to to get what he wants.
Because of this, he rarely enters committed relationships unless he sees some sort of gain
from it.
History: Some people believe Salpsan is the son of Satan. He might be. He was born
to teenage couple in Detroit, but they gave him up for adoption. He was adopted by an
older couple. They thought he was a blessing but he is the opposite, more of a curse. They
tried to teach him to be good and do good, mostly using religion, but it didn't do any
good. He's just a bad person. After a while, even they were scared of him. He smooth
talked them as well, and it scared them of what he might be capable of. Everywhere he goes
there have been weird occurrences, but no one has ever connected the dots. People are
always wary of him. He never had any friends and he never cared to. As soon as he was old
enough, he came to the college. He's glad to have the freedom and the ability to be around
those that are more like him. Upon coming here, he's completely cut off communication with
his parents. Secretly, they may be a little glad he's gone.

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People can start role playing at either dorm, depending on their race. I'll be on
vacation from today to Sunday but I'll sneak on my phone when I can. I'm not as available
as I used to be but I get on when I can. Right now, its the start of the school year so
everyone is unpacking their things. Thats why we start in the dorms.... plus I haven't
figured out the class situation yet. Oh and people put character schedules on the bulletin
board topic to make my life easier. I will make one for my character first so you guys can
go off from that. I'm trying to do as much as I can before I leave tonight.

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