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Kingdom of Aragon (grp #14)

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Ruled by King Caius and his queen wife and adopted sister Alexandra and her twin,
Princess Cassandra...

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Caius was sitting at the table in his garden, sipping some tea when Cassandra burst
through the front doors, angry at him. She was always angry at him so he just looked at
her like nothing was wrong. He went to take another sip of his tea when she hit it out of
his hands. It crashed to the floor and he stood up. He grabbed her by the throat and
demanded "what do you want?? You have my attention, you little whore!" Cassandra
struggled, stunned by his sudden aggression. She said, trying to breathe "I... heard
wh-what.. you did to Alex last night!" She coughed a little bit and he just threw her to
the ground, uninterested. "She wouldn't sleep with me so I had to force myself on her.
What of it?" Cassa gasped and stood up. "You bastard!" She was about to punch him but
stormed off, irritated. She hated him more than ever now. He stole her innocent sister's
virginity and she couldn't do shit about it.

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