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Oh ... pas. Pourquoi suis-je encore ici? Castiel ruffled his dark, jet black hair and let his arms rest to the side as he glanced around the halls of the asylum, a keychain flashlight shaking and half shining his way down the mess they call a building. He had just come from the ward, grossed out and shivering from blood stains to cold lifeless bodies ripped apart. It was a nurse, female with pale skin and gouged out eyes and fingernail marks under her eyes and cheekbones. She had light brunette hair that burned out and became grey, wearing her usual white and red hospital outfit that was nearly torn to threads and fretted. Castiel glanced around, short and quiet footsteps that still echoed no matter how certain and easily taken his steps were. No matter what, there was a chance he'd be caught. One of his slim hands gripped the cross necklace around his neck, closing his eyes and taking quicker steps, mouth shivering and light blue and purple from the freezing temperature. Or it was just his imagination. Cher Seigneur et notre Père céleste, merci de me faire sortir d'ici en toute sécurité. Vivant .. He glanced around, hands trembling and head aching, his heart right about to pound out of his bare chest. Que faire si je ne suis pas seul? Y at-il des survivants? Je pourrais être le seul ... C'est bon et mauvais. Mais, there was a small ruckus sound coming from a patient's room, and first he knew it was empty and maybe something fell, but in his heart he had his doubts. There was a groan, moaning sound coming from the room and Castiel dropped his keychain light immediately, head dizzy and spinning. The image looked scratched out, the elder man was coming from his room. One arm, the other was cut off of sort while his lips were dark blue and lagging a bit while his eyes were rolled over. He wore a straight jacket that kept him slow, but he was surely quick, staggering on his feet as his broken nose still got the scent of Cass. He rolled over on his feet but continued after Castiel, just as he gripped his cross so tight and backed up to a corner of the wall in fright, staring and shaking as the figure moved toward him. C'est la fin, non, pas maintenant. Comme une vierge? Seigneur, pourquoi moi? Castiel felt his chest rise and fall so quickly to his beating heart, the infected moving toward him and stumbling to the point where as it got close to Cass, it stumbled forward on top of him, but being held back by Castiel who was using his best strength to keep him off. Blood from the lips of the man fell onto his jacket and oozed all over till it dripped and formed a small spot on the pavement ground of the building where cracks formed. Castiel glanced down and up at the man, tears in his eyes that froze up immediately while his face went flushed. S'il vous plaît, s'il vous plaît, monsieur. Epargnez-moi. With his arms, he pushed forward on the man and watched him fly back a few feet away landing on its back as its cracking bones were heard, Castiel peeking through his closed eyes. In frantic moves, he turned and went down the opposite hall to escape.

24 July 2013, 12:27 AM   #3
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Huffing, she stopped just outside of this...this fortress. The front door was unlocked. She pushed it open, making a little bit of noise. No zombies. Weird. This place was cleared, so there must of been people inside. She heard the cracking as well, and soon ran straight into a boy who looked younger than her.

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Castiel could only feel his legs, the only two nimble and scrawny things keeping him alive, other than his weak arms that somehow saved him. His eyes flickered everywhere as he continued to run away, sounds dissolving behind him and his heartbeat picking up speed, different from the adrenaline rush from escaping. J'espère que ce n'est pas de me suivre, Seigneur, fais-moi une faveur. He looked down to the cross around his neck for a split second, relief filling him and replacing disbursement when he knew he made it out alive. His thoughts rose and crumbled together into a pile when his body smacked into another figure, and he wasn't looking to notice what it was. As he fell onto his bottom on the rock hard ground he let out a yelp of pain on his arse, rubbing his bottom and using his other hand to punch his nose that had slammed into the other. Darn! W-ce que le cou! Castiel opened his eyes as fear filled him again, his heart pounding loudly in his head making him spans out on the inside. He held his nose, blinking his teary eyes when he realized in front of him was only a girl- woman who bumped into him. His cheeks turned red in embarrassment, feeling bad for a split second before that he might have thought it was another nonsurviror. He helped himself up, dusting rubble off his jeans and baggy black and white shirt. His hands wiped on his cheeks and bit his lip, still feeling pain on the lower bottom of his body. He looked at the girl in bewilderment, surprised she was a survivor as well. But only if he could form the words in his mouth to explain excitement, he wouldn't look like an idiot with his mouth open. "Sorry.."

24 July 2013, 12:54 AM   #5
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"It's fine." She said, looking at him. "This placed cleared out?" She asked while planting a bullet in the approaching zombie's brain. "Well, now it is?" She asked, then then scanned him over. Is he infected? She asked herself. He didn't look to be.

24 July 2013, 10:18 AM   #6
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Max heard the voices just around the corner. She nearly jumped when they started talking.
She hefted a bone she had found. If they were dangerous she didn't want to waste her
bullets. They were strictly for if she ran into an inescapable situation. She lifted the
bone over her head and crept along in the darkness sneaking up on the boy. When she was
right behind him she yelled. "Suvivor or Zombie. Answer or I will bash your head in."

24 July 2013, 10:55 AM   #7
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She raised her hand up, if to say 'excuse me', and drew her sidearm out of her holster and cocked it in one deft movement. "You one to talk. You infected?" Her voice was Southern. dangerous. She wore a string of bullets around her waist, her military jacket warm yet form fitting. They were hard to see, but you could see rosary beads peeking out of one pocket. She wore shorts, the rest of her legs covered in a matte duct tape for protection, her knees having kneeguards on them. Kinda stupid, yet smart as well.

24 July 2013, 11:37 AM   #8
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"No." Answered Max lowering the bone. She fixed one of the ribbons in her hair."I'm Max.
I'm a 25 year old cop. Well, I was. Who are you two?" She said coldly. She looked
at them both stonily. The guy was just a kid it seemed and the girl may have been about
her age.

24 July 2013, 11:46 AM   #9
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"Vance. I was a gunsmith." she said, lowering her sidearm. She moved some hair out of the way of her face, thinking she'd need it cut again soon. "You don't look like a cop." she said, eyeing her up and down.

24 July 2013, 11:54 AM   #10
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"Maxine Holt LAPD Homicide Division 4th precinct. Trust me I am a cop." Max said with a
smirk. She decided to like the girl. "I ran out of ammo for my side arm so I ditched it. I
was waiting for someone in an airport when the virus hit LA. My um, friend never arrived
so I started looking for him. Got lost. Now I am wherever we are." Who is he?" She nodded
her head toward the boy.

24 July 2013, 02:03 PM   #11
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Castiel felt his hands shake again as the girl in front of him- or older woman began to speak. He listened for the most part, mind clouding up. His body jumped up at first when the shot echoed through his ears to his brain where he launched forward and ducked his head under his arms, body shivering from surprise. With wide eyes, turned to see the body hit the floor and stop moving. His heartbeat never rested after that, glancing up at the girl while biting his lip and question in his eyes. Before that, he had felt something strange.. a presence maybe, but he felt too dumbstruck to notice. There was a louder, stronger voice booming over his shoulder when he realized it was another person. Oh, génial. Tout ce dont j'ai besoin, une foule. Et cela signifie qu'ils peuvent me tuer plus vite, je fais quoi Dieu? Castiel stepped again to get away from the annoyance, arrogant voice from before as he found the wall and planted his back against the wall. He watched the two converse while keeping his distance. Meanwhile, thinking of a way to sneak out from the too. However, he wasn't as strong as they were and would die either way. Clutching his cross, he exhaled and inhaled sharply, frantically looking all around on watch. Castiel's heart settled and his ears perked up when he heard the girl's response, shyly rubbing the pale back of his neck with slender fingers. He coughed into his elbow meekly and nodded, bowing his head and keeping it down, staying in the corner of the hall and avoiding the old flickering light. "Castiel..." His voice was quiet, shaky and seeming unsure. He averted his eyes away from them, looking down.

24 July 2013, 02:48 PM   #12
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"You a man of God, Cas?" She asked him, a pale eye on his necklace. He, in her opinion, was a little cutie, though way too young for her. He had dark hair and light eyes, the beginnings of stubble on his face. Young.

25 July 2013, 12:27 PM    #13
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"Well Castiel, Do you have any idea how to get to New York or whether or not it has been
overrun yet. If you had any idea where the hell we are that would help too." Max said
twisting the bone in her hand. God wasn't her kind of thing to believe in. But she didn't
care. Atheism was her shtick and if the others wanted to belive that this was a whole
Noah's Ark thing and that we were all God's chosen ones then good for then but she was not
going to agree. Funny though because she normally disliked religous people but She guessed
she couldn't be very picky now.

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