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High School (grp #2)

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22 February 2013, 10:05 AM   #1
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Decided to start a new one because the last one well died. xD So yeah here ya go. Its a
High School located in England.

22 February 2013, 10:11 AM   #2
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Raven walked into the school and let out a light sigh. She's been going to the school for
2 years and now this was her second to last year at this school. She sighed lightly.
Today, she was actually on a mission. She looked at the file and smirked. This was going
to be easy. She saw that he was a vampire like herself and she let out a light laugh.
People looked at her funny and she shrugged a little. She got to her locker and grabbed
her books for her class. She started to walk to class

Ooc: So newcomers can come in since the other one is more of a story arch at this point.

22 February 2013, 08:46 PM   #3
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Ooc: Seeing as Raoul is too old to go to school, can he be a teacher? I'll start with
Chiyo and Karina first.

Chiyo stood in front of the school building. She swallowed and took a deep breath. It was
her first year of going to school since her older sister had kept her hidden away from the
public eye and had finally decided that she wanted Chiyo to receive a good education.
Karina stood by her side. It was Karina's first year in school as well but the only reason
she attended school was to protect her little sister. Chiyo walked into the school
building, feeling a little intimidated but determined to make the best of the school year.
Karina eyed the other students with a hateful glare, knowing that that was enough to keep
most of them away. The two girls walked to their lockers, retrieved their materials and
began to walk to class.

22 February 2013, 09:07 PM   #4
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Ooc: Sure. High School seems like a great place to start

When she walked into the class she saw her teacher and let out a light laugh. She was
looking at her files and gave him a dark glare. She sat in the back of the classroom. She
was silent like a predator and was quite serious about her job.

23 February 2013, 03:21 PM   #5
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Raoul's attention was caught by a light laugh. He turned his head to see a female student
looking at some file that he wasn't really interested about. He gave her a glare just as
dark, along with a little devilish smirk as the girl sat in a desk. As other students
started to file into the class he turned his gaze to great some of the students. Girls
that have been in Mr. Monette's classroom would know that if they were lucky, they'd pass
the class with a solid C grade at most while all the boys would get almost perfect grades,
no matter how unruly they were in class.

Karina stepped into the classroom with Chiyo clinging to her from behind. Chiyo looked at
the class from behind her sister. The boys of the class looked at her in awe but it wasn't
long before Karina growled at them. The boys quickly went back to whatever it was that
they were doing. Karina chose two seats near the back, next to a window. Karina looked
around, inspecting those who were her classmates and found a familiar face but just shook
her head and waited for the class to begin.

23 February 2013, 03:31 PM   #6
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Raven continued to look at the files and made mental notes about certain points. One of
the girls sitting beside her asked what all of that was. She just looked at her and hissed
angry to be disturbed. She looked at the teacher and whispered to herself "who knew my
target would be my teacher..."

24 February 2013, 01:42 PM   #7
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Raoul stood from his desk at the front of the class and stood in front of the outdated
chalk board. "Enough." He said, trying to get the classes attention yet raising his voice
only a little. When he saw most of class hadn't settled down he scraped his finger nails
across the chalkboard, making that revolting screech that made people cringe.

Chiyo cringed at the sound along with a small whimper and sunk in her chair. She knew it
would be a long day.

Karina covered her ears. The noise didn't make he cringe, it irritated her. She was
tempted to yell at the man but the consequences of yelling at him made her bite her
tongue. She mumbled something to herself and then turned her head to stare out of the

24 February 2013, 02:33 PM   #8
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Raven scowled at him and said "how annoying..." She stood up and and grabbed her things.
"I'm going to the bathroom for the rest of class. You annoy me." She walked out of the
classroom angrily.

24 February 2013, 02:46 PM   #9
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Raoul laughed at the girl as she left. "Good" He said with a smirk of accomplishment on
his face. "One less disgusting little girl to deal with." And to make it even worse, he
planned on giving the girl detention, immediately giving her an F in the coarse and
writing the her up. He couldn't care less as to whether the girl attended the detention or
even cared about any of it, it was the feeling of power over others that made him do it.

Karina rolled her eyes at the both of them. "At least I have the ability tolerate such
ridiculous behavior." she said to herself yet it was audible to those around her

Chiyo sighed; All this arguing made her a bit sad. Why couldn't people just learn to get

25 February 2013, 08:39 PM   #10
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Raven was in the bathroom slipping her cloak on. She slipped the hood over her head and
pulled her mask up that covered all but her eyes. Class was almost over and she was ready.
Her katana was hidden in her cloak. When the bell rang, she walked out of the bathroom.
People looked at her funny. She was happy she was able to slip out of the class so she
could change into her cloak. She walked into the classroom, passing Karina and Chiyo. She
hissed at Raoul. She showed him the contract and said "I have been ordered to kill you and
that is exactly what I'm going to do." She unsheathed her sword. "I normally hate killing
my own kind but those who break the laws are scum in my books."

26 February 2013, 08:58 PM   #11
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Raoul glimpsed at the contract and laughed at the girl. "Oh please!" He growled "Enough
of your girly shenanigans, sit down!" Raoul knew what he had done to deserve this but he
wasn't afraid, What could a measly little girl do to him? Poke him with a sword and squeal
in disgust at the sight of blood? He laughed at the thought of it. 

Karina had recognized the girl for an Oblivion member. "How dramatic." She said, trying
not to raise her voice. "This isn't a Shakespearean tragedy, get it over with!" She
assumed the girl was going to play with her target. Karina hated that, she hated how some
would play with their target for a while before killing them; She didn't like wasting time
with those that were going to die in the end.

Chiyo popped up from her seat and shook her head as she heard Raven say something about
killing their teacher. How could people be so cruel? Why did people think killing was the
only way to do things? She didn't like Oblivion and had protested her sister's decision to
join them but Chiyo knew that her sister's intentions were only for the best of the two.
She wanted to cover her ears and close her eyes but she held herself back, she had to be

26 February 2013, 09:03 PM   #12
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With quick speed she threw a knife and it sliced his arm. The knife hit the board behind
him. She slipped her hood off and took her mask off to reveal herself. "I may be a girl
but... I'm not afraid of you. Girls can be fighters, you sexist bastard!" She ran at him
with her sword.

26 February 2013, 09:28 PM   #13
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Raoul laughed and sucked the blood from the slice on his arm as he pulled a cross shaped
gun from his side that had been hiding under his coat. After the bleeding has stopped, He
used his other hand to cock the gun and point it at the girl as she charged at him,
pulling the trigger that sent two bullets flying her way. "Females are nothing! They are
weak and dependent, good for nothing whores!" He yelled, taunting the girl. 

Chiyo screamed at the sound of the gunshots. She closed her eyes and ran out of the
classroom with the other students. Soon, the entire school would evacuate. Karina followed
her sister, grabbing her arm, making her stay just outside the classroom. "Why does this
have to happen? Oblivion is nothing but a group of murderers! You have to stop this!"
Chiyo cried, hitting her sister's chest. "I joined them to protect us! Do you really think
I want to kill people?" He sister replied, trying not to sound upset. Chiyo shook her head
"I'd rather live in fear then kill people that deserve it or not! We have to stop her!"
Karina couldn't help but to agree with her sister, it was her weakness. Karina pulled a
pair of brass knuckles from the cleavage area of her dress. She had just recently added
sharpened studs to the brass knuckles. Chiyo rushed to her locker, grabbed her katana and
ran back to her sister.

26 February 2013, 09:43 PM   #14
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She dodged the bullets but one bullet she wasn't fast enough and it hit her in the
shoulder. She hit the floor hard on her side but got up within seconds. "Is that the best
you've got? Come on vampire! Show me what you've got... unless your a coward!" She sent
taunts at him this time and was ready for a full on battle with him. They were both
vampires so they were most likely going to be evenly matched. She hasn't had a fight like
this in a long time. She hasn't felt pain in what feels like eternity.

27 February 2013, 07:36 PM    #15
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"Oh but I wouldn't want to damage that pretty face of yours." He said sarcastically along
with a small snicker. He cocked the gun again and pointed it at Raven. "Don't test me,
girl." He said, plainly and ready to pull the trigger once more.

Karina grabbed her sister and dragged her all the out of the school, not letting go of
Chiyo, no matter how much she protested and cried. Karina didn't want to do this. This
fight was none of her business and planned to keep it that way.

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