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Founder - Chung Cha Song
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RULES ✄ - No godmodding. If you do not know what this is, then read this: godmodding. Well, since this is a Hunger Games rp, which is basically based around killing, you can kill. Just do not send your character on some sort of ungodly killing spree. ✄ - No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Please be original. ✄ - Your character may not be in two or thee places at once. ✄ - Every member must have at least one character. ✄ - If you join, please be sure you're going to be an active member. ✄ - I expect at least a paragraph when posting. ✄ - I realize that no one's perfect, but please try to be sure that your grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. are correct. ✄ - And finally, please do not be rude to other members. Try to be polite, and have respect for one another. ✄ - Oh, and please only use real pictures, of actual people. No anime pictures, sorry.

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Founder - Chung Cha Song
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Name: Chung Cha Song.
Age: Eighteen, though she barely looks it.
Birth date: January 1, 1994.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
District: 1.
Country: Panem, but originally from Seoul, South Korea.

Mint-flavoured herbal tea, sweet/junk foods, cold weather, snow, animals, bright, bold
colours, animals, music, singing, dancing, painting, and banana milk.
The Games, violence, arrogant people, bullies, being called short, hot weather, humid
weather, horror films, the dark, loud thunderstorms, and death. 
Chung Cha is a sweet girl, and tries her best to be nice to everyone. She is introverted
though, and she is a bit strange, but once you manage to get past that, you'll find that
she's a genuinely interesting person, and a good friend to have. She always stands up for
her friends and loved ones. 
Chung Cha also seems to have a limitless supply of energy. Or so she's been told, anyway.
(I'll leave the rest for you guys to figure out on your own.)
As you can obviously see, Chung Cha is not very tall. She actually only stands at 4'8, or
4'9, and weighs somewhere between 89-95lbs. But do not doubt her, because she can use her
height and weight to her advantage. She can easily hide herself, and climb trees like a
squirrel, not to mention being able running long distances. You'd think not, with how
short her legs are. But again, don't underestimate her. She's capable of a lot more than
meets the eye.
Chung Cha is also quite handy with a bow and arrows, and she can hunt, though she really
prefers not to. 
Some of her other various strengths would be: recognizing various plants IE: which ones
are edible, poisonous, etc. She is handy with a knife as well, so watch out for that.
Actually having to kill someone.
I can't think of anything to put here at the moment. I'll add the history in later.

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Name:Madeline Firvale.
Birth date:18th of April, 1996

Climbing, earthy aroma's such mowed grass or wet autumn leaves, warm fires, jumpers and
cardigans- anything to keep the cold out!, carving, fighting with her brothers.
Water, Madeline is un-able to swim as she's never left her District for the wild and only
gets bathed and drinks water. She isn't a fan of lace or bright colours, she doesn't find
them attractive nor very pretty. She isn't a fan of cold weather either, or when people
are just idle when there is work to be done.
Don't expect kindness from Madeline, she isn't in the habit of being nice to those she
doesn't know well. In fact, she isn't in the habit of being nice to people at all, it's
not that she's mean, she's just brutally honest. Talking about people behind their backs
isn't in her nature, she'd rather say it up front and cause a fight. She's quite
aggressive and doesn't make friends easily. If someone gains her favor there is a
possibility that she may grow to care for them.
Upper body strength from hacking at tree's all day with an axe, she's stronger in her
upper body than lower. 
She also doesn't make an effort to make friends with others, so it's easy for her to kill
without feeling remorse or regret.
Ignorant to others skills, she doesn't make a habit of watching her competition or paying
much attention. 

Madeline comes from a line of woodcutters, like many of the people from District Seven.
She is one of five children, being the second youngest, with three older brothers and a
younger sister. Her eldest brothers, Martin and Casus took out Tessera for the rest of the
family but it would be little Lily, only 12, who would be whipped up and slaughtered in
the Blood Bath. The family became sort of quiet after that, being pulled and the seams.
She stayed close to her twin brother, Aaron, both of them sticking together to try and
ride out the arguing and screaming between family members. The air in the house was now
tense, Maddy sticking out longer in the woods surrounding the District homes and tussling
with Martin and trying to get through life. Over the years, the family got over the
tragedy and slowly life began to return to normal. Then Madeline's name was called and
nobody volunteered, so here she is. Simple.


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Founder - Chung Cha Song
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Okay then...but I expect you realize she's not accepted
until the application is finished.

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Founder - Chung Cha Song
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Now she's accepted. (:

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Thankyou dear c:

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Okay, okay, so this is very late, I know, bad Khaleesi. My only excuse is:
DO YOU? It's very bloody difficult, okay. 

And, I mean, s'not like I could just use Josh or something. Blasted cinematic adventures.

But, I've finally got some time to sit down and watch a cooking show whilst filling out
this application. Lovely. 

Name: Aldrich Stonebear.
Age: Eighteen.
Birth date: March 31st, 1994.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
District: 2.
Country: Panem.

Likes: Tobacco, he could smoke all day if you'd let him, and, if it wasn't so hard
to find, that is. He has to go three miles in the woods just for a weeks supply.
He's picky. Women with rough singing voices (examples; Joan Jett, the girls from Cycle
Sluts From Hell, etc). He has a fondness for electronics, specifically how they work and
whatnot, when he can keep himself focused. 
Hiking, sleeping, smoking, and drinking are what he likes most, however.
The Capitol, mainly. Their fashions and modifications are just not to his liking. He's
spent so much time and energy hating the capitol, he hasn't got much energy left for
hating anything else. 
Aldrich is pretty boring, sober. If you get some liquor in him, though, you might want to
stand back. He's the life of the party, then. He just has an issue with impulse control
and when to stop drinking. Some people have justification for drinking, and, Aldrich would
like to think he does, too. More about that below. 
He's easy to get along with, and a bit of a rascal, really. He's usually the one that can
make everyone laugh, or, he was, anyhow. When he turned fourteen, that all changed. He
became stoic and solemn and kept to himself. He still drank, of course, and still does to
this very day. When he drinks, it's like he comes alive again. If he's in a good mood,
that is. If not, he just becomes even more reclusive. 
Strengths: He's decent with hand-to-hand combat, and knives. Bow and arrow probably
wouldn't be too difficult, once he got the hang of it. He'd do excellent with a sword,
spear, or an ax, however.
Children and elderly women. He just — he can't hurt a child or an elderly woman. He

Aldrich was a happy kid. He lived with his mother, father, grandmother, his older brother,
and his little sister. His older brother brought home most of the families income, and
what he didn't bring in, Aldrich's mother and grandmother made by washing clothes, and
repairing them. His grandmother was a retired seamstress, and his mother didn't do much of
anything, really. She was born into money, in the Capitol. What made her move to District
2? Aldrich didn't know. He suspected it was because of his father, seeing as they were so
crazy in love. When his father was healthy, she didn't have to wash clothes, and Aldrich's
older brother didn't have to work in the mines. But, then he got lung cancer and spent
most of his days in bed. They couldn't afford his medicine, and before long he died in his
sleep. Aldrich's mother was so distraught, that on her way home from a friends house a
peacekeeper stopped her. They shot her that night, for no reason. 

Well, reasons Aldrich didn't know of. He was fourteen at the time, and only found out when
they came to tell the woman's family. They didn't even know her, and yet they'd killed
her. This was just the first reason he had to hate the Capitol. 

A few weeks later his sister died. And then his brother. And then, right in front of him
in the middle of the village, they shot his grandmother. For rebellious actions, they

Ever since then, Aldrich has hated the Capitol, and the games. He had planned to run away
after he turned eighteen. When they wouldn't look for him, seeing as his name wouldn't be
in the reaping. 

And then his name was called as the male tribute for District 2.

End note; faceclaim for Aldrish is Jack O’Connell because I'm a madwoman. 
And Norman Reedus looks too old. ;~;

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