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Basic Rules:
+Please use this style of writing:
She came in and exclaimed "Hello, everyone!".
+Please do not cuss too much if not necessary +Try to resolve your issues with other members privately, unless you think it's relevant to this club. +Refrain from txt tlk. +No Mary-sues. +No Godmodding +Please use OOC. +Please try to keep your signature small.You can always direct people to your character's picture that's in his/her application.That way it's a bit easier to keep track of the discussion, because the pictures aren't taking so much space of the page. +If you are unfamiliar with the original story, please at least skim through it and/or go watch the series. Newbie guide
Regarding character applications: Pictures, both anime and photography, and detailed text descriptions are both suitable for the "appearance" section.Please try to give a full-body image:if the picture you chose shows only the characters face, describe the usual clothing The characters can be completely unrelated to the canons [originals], but get your element right. [the basics] Characters mentioned in the history topic or general "leaders" may be either applied for or stay figures that will be mentioned but not actually played out by a certain person, as their decissions will be influenced by other members, which might ruin the fun for some people that expect unlimited power over the plot by applying for these characters.
Also, why no canons: I felt that incorporating canon characters would be somewhat limiting with how you understood that characters personality and/or the way they are supposed to act.That might lead to repeating the original story or complaints by people who think that the character would never do or say this or that, and that's no fun.

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