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Room 168 Calantha Ravenhoth

27 August 2011, 12:23 PM   #1
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This is the dorm that belongs to Calantha Ravenhoth; A recently new student from Oldham, England. She dosen't speak much to others much for her own reasons. She feels that there's a lack of understanding between her and the rest of the world. However, she dosen't mind if people knock on her door for anything. She's very tolerant. Room Pictures, Images and Photos

27 August 2011, 12:39 PM   #2
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Misa was walking down the hallway, clunks replaced by the light whirring of her new
prosthetic leg. She saw a door, and lightly tapped it twice.

27 August 2011, 12:58 PM   #3
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After heading out of the headmasters' office, Calantha walked down the long halls of the academy with an expression full of waunder and interest as she gazed about. She didn't think of anything in particular. Then suddenly, she almost bumped into a teacher that had been walking ahead in her blind side. Calantha looked at the teacher. She was a large thick woman with her hair pressed in dark brown ringlets that barely reached her neck. The teacher was in full makeup and her clothing appeared as if she was dressed for a funeral. "Pardon me..." Calantha muttered in a tone very softly to the teacher. She lowered her gaze, feeling like staring at the teacher too long might tattle her disapproval of the teachers' lack in fashion sense. The teacher looked at her curiously after hearing her voice. "Oh.. it's fine, dear." "Say, I haven't seen you around here before." "Are you the new student from England?" The teacher then asked her. Calantha nodded. "Fabulous!" "I'll show to your room." the teacher replied and lead the way down the halls. Calantha followed down the halls with a rather tedious attitude towards her voluntary new tour guide. She could appreciate the older womans' effort to familairize her with her new home but Calantha just didn't like teachers. It just that simple. Finally, after a prolonged and necessary walk around most of the school, the annoying woman finally showed Calantha to an olive painted door that had a gold plate with '168' inscribed onto it. "Here you are, hun." The teacher announced with her crimson lips strecthed into another smile that gave a full view of her coffe-stained teeth. Calantha gave a small nod of appreciation to the woman. Then she wacthed her turn off and disappear down the halls. Calantha was inwardly glad to finally be rid of her. After a small sigh of relief blew from her lips, she turned to the olive door and inserted a silver key in the handle. Then she turned and opened the door, proceeding her way inside the dorm. It's lovely... She thought to herself. The casual peaceful and plain look of the room reminded her of the way her room in England once was. It was welcoming and homey. Calantha then unpacked and settled in her room for a while.

27 August 2011, 01:03 PM   #4
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Suddenly, after hearing a knock at the door, Calantha took a break from her organizing and went to go anwser it. She walked to the olive door and opened it, giving a full view of herself. She looked at the blonde haired girl in the hall, waundering what she came to say to her.

27 August 2011, 01:03 PM   #5
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Misa frowned; knocking again, yet harder, then dived out of the way when a professor
showed a girl about her age the room. Her cover was a ficus, not the best, but at least
she was wearing a faded green T-shirt and shorts, now in acceptance with the mechanical

27 August 2011, 07:23 PM   #6
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Calantha stared at the girl standing at her door and gave a delicate raise of her brow as the the girl persistantly continued to knock on the olive painted door. Did she not see she had already opened it? Her lips fell into a small frown as she felt herself become irritated. What an annoying girl. Calantha thought grudgingly as she folded her arms across her chest. It was shortly after that she took notice of the other girls' incomplete appearence. The mere sight of the metallic leg lightened Calanthas' expression into one with waunder and sympathy. How awful... She dropped her hands to her sides and bit her lower lip. Then after a long moment, she released her lip and procceded to speak to the girl whos' name she did not know. "Hello." Calantha greeted and twicthed her lips into a polite smile. Her English accent was barely audible and yet definately there in her voice.

27 August 2011, 07:29 PM   #7
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She smiled. "Hi. Sorry I didn't notice you, by the way." Misa looked at the girl. She had
the same shade of blonde hair, same dark blue eyes, but Misa's were almond shaped. Asian.
"I'm Misa."

27 August 2011, 11:17 PM   #8
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ooc: Calanthas' hair and eye color was never mentioned... = =' bic: Calantha looked back at the girl and gave a weak smile back after she introduced herself. It was one of those akward 'I should just smile to be nice' situations for her. A small sigh passed her lips. It was slightly creepy to see how much Misas' appearance resembled her own. She didn't want a twin. Calantha suddenly considered dying her hair. Maybe I should go red? she mused to herself. "Pleased to meet you..." "I'm Calantha Ravenhoth." she replied, deciding to introduce herself too. She then held out her hand for a shake. It was a proper custom in Engalnd to shake the hands of others after meeting them.

27 August 2011, 11:22 PM   #9
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Misa gave her hand a shake. "Ravenhoth...that's British, right?" She asked, thinking that
the name was vaguely famililar. 

Ooc: She looks blonde.

27 August 2011, 11:37 PM   #10
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ooc: I know but pic has no color so you can't assume that. :F bic: Calantha gave a gentle shake of her hand and then dropped her hands back to her sides. "Somewhat..." Calantha replied quietly. She noticed the other girls' thoughtful gaze and became curious of whether or not she heard that name before. Her familys' last name was pretty well known in England. Still, Calantha would rather not talk about them. Even if Misa had heard of it, she'd rather pretend that they were two entirely different names. It may as well have been.

28 August 2011, 08:54 AM   #11
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Ooc: It would've been a different shade if brown or red and completely black if black. 

Bic: The clock chimed for lights out. "Ooh...sorry. I need to go." She said, running down
the hall. You could see the guts of the robot leg partially through the joint in the back.

28 August 2011, 04:06 PM   #12
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"Okay, bye Misa..." Calantha muttered softly and waved a hand up. She then then turned back to her room as the girl left. She shuddered a little and tried to get the disturbing image of the guts in the robot leg showing through Misas' joints. how unfortunate... She thought to herself, silently. After seeing her progress around the room, Calanthas' mood instantly lightened once more. She began to think about what her classes would be like as she walked over to her bed a fell across the covers. Her relaxed gaze seemed thoughtful and then she glanced to her side and pulled a book from a nearby night table. The smooth leather book was hand-crafted and definately origined from England. Calantha pried the pages open with her delicate fingers and her aquamarine eyes eagerly began to read onward from where she previously left off. She smiled a little to herself as her mind enveloped in an world of pirates and thier journey across the seas. Calantha definately had a thing for pirates. She had always enjoyed hearing stories about them since she was very small. Oh what she wouldn't give to meet one! Sadly, there wasn't much of a chance of that. Exspeacially now that she was living the rest of her days at the academy. Still, at the moment, she felt content to dream. As the hours ticked by, Calanthas' eyelids grew heavy and she fell asleep with the book laying next to her.

28 August 2011, 10:34 PM   #13
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The next morning, Clantha awoke on her bed. She sat up and rubbed her eyes a little as the morning light from the sun reflected through the glass window and touched her face. Then once her eyes had adjusted to the day-lit room, she glanced down at the book that laid beside her and placed it back on the table. Todays' the day. She thought. Then Calantha crawled out of bed and got ready for the day ahead. She took a shower and changed into a fresh set of clothes. Then headed out of the door, quietly. She closed the door behind her. Calantha was just about to walk off but paused as she noticed a white sheet of paper laying under the olive painted door. She bent down and picked it up. Then her hands carefully pried the pale paper open as she headed down the hall. It was her class schedule. Clantha seen what classes she had been assigned to. Her eyes became thoughtful. Hm. Then she disappeared down the hall.

11 September 2011, 09:08 PM    #14
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Calantha eased down the halls and approached her assigned dorm. She was wrapped in bandages and her left arm had a splint around it. what a day... she thought to herself. She used her good arm to open the door and walked inside. Her room was exactly the way she left it. The comfortable scenary made her forget her troubles and put her into a state of peace. At least in her room, no one could nag her or punish her, and she wouldn't be unexpectantly blown up. Calantha walked over to her mini kicthen and made some rare tea she brought from England. Then she took the tea to her room and sipped from it with her good arm, quietly, as she finished reading where she left off in her book. For the time being, she was actually pretty content and mellow. As the minutes passed by, the medicine became harder to fight against. Calantha placed the cup of half-drinken tea on her night table and then turned off her lamp. She laid down on her bed and closed her heavy eyelids, falling into a deep sleep. That night she had a very bizzare dream about exploding tea chasing her across the medical wing. Even if it was a weird dream, she was too tired to realise it. She actually thought she was there. Her feet twicthed a little in a running motion as she slept. She murmured a sleepy gibberish from her lips.

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