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Character Profiles

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Characters are approved by me or a moderator.  The character profile is a modified
version used by the Walpurgis Night Blog on Deviantart, so credit goes to them.


Name: (Has to have first and last. The name should be preferably of Japanese
origin, however if your character is an immigrant, she could have a name appropriate to
her country.)
Age: (Characters should be between 10-18 years of age)
Job: (If your character has one. This isn’t really important, just adds to the
backstory. If she’s a student, put “Student”.)
Personality: (Balanced personalities are best)

Backstory: (At least two paragraphs)
Additional: (Anything else goes here)

Wish: (This is important. If your character had one wish to grant anything her
heart desired, what would it be? Wishes can be used to help others, or even frivolous,
such as, “I want a plate of cake.”

NOTE: Kyubey refuses to grant only two types: Wishes on a grand scale like,
“World peace/domination”, or trolling wishes like, “I want the seas to be made of

Typical Clothing when not transformed:

When your character makes a contract to become a Puella Magi, you must fill these out.
You may leave them blank for now if you please.
Puella Magi Form: (Images will be provided from which you can choose from. First
come first serve.)
Soul Gem Color: 
Weapon: (Swords, spears, axes, etc., but not necessarily. Your character is allowed
to have a non-weapon such as a shield, but bear in mind that she sacrifices her offensive
abilities. In return for having a non-weapon, you can have a nifty power such as
invisibility or portal making, but anything that goes into Mary Sue territory will be


If you don't understand the Puella Magi terms all that much, don't worry. It will be
explained to your character in-roleplay. Alternatively, I can explain it all to you in the
chat or FAQ if you'd like.

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~ Go on and pick one you'd like your character to transform into ~
Using a picture you found is also acceptable. Text descriptions are also fine; They just
tend to be unwieldy.

Transformed Puella Magi tend to have very stylized clothing. Since it might be a pain to
describe it all, here are some pictures that you may choose from. 

These pictures tend to be very big, so only the links to the image will be provided here.
When you choose the design you like, please only post the full version of the pic in
this thread. Anywhere else would quickly clutter up the screen.


Description: A fairy-like bluish-green outfit 

Description: Pink and black gothic lolita ensemble. 

Description: Suited to a fantasy-esque swordswoman, blue and white 

Description: Red and black armor. Suited for melee combat.

Description: Purple-and-black school girl punk theme

Description: Red, white, and gold minidress

Description: White dress trimmed in blue

Description: Red and gold Eastern-themed outfit

Description: Black, cream, and orange dress with white lilies

Description: Huge red bow and sleek black outfit 

Description: A gentle looking outfit done in white and trimmed with red

Description: Blue and frilly dress

Description: Modern looking black outfit

Description: Magical priestess appearance with red and white

Description: Black with gold accents, done in manner reminiscent of knight's armor

Description: Green, yellow, red, and white, with feathers

Description: Pink and white, with buckles and buttons and some frills

Description: Modest white and green design. Less suited to attacking; Likely better for
other abilities.

Description: Clothing with a Chinese design, but no skirt. All black.

Description: Red, white, and black armor

Description: White and silver armor

Description: Red and black gothic appearance

Description: Blue, eastern themed archer

Description: Practical archer outfit with goggles

Description: White hoodie with cat ears, red western outfit

Description: Black outfit suited towards combat

Description: Classy red, black, and gold dress with a jaunty hat

Description: Dusky dress reminiscent of the galaxy

Description: Angelic, all-white ensemble

Description: Striking gold and green outfit

Description: White, with blue gem and gold plating

Description: Feathery white design

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Guest Poster
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Name: Mikota Day
Age: 15
Job: Does selling eggs count?
Personality: Mikota is brave and outgoing, deemed 'badass' by her American friends. But,
she is a touch mentally unstable, but not to the point she'll turn around and try to kill
her best friend. 

          When Mikota was in preschool, her hotel burnt down and her parents never
made it out. She was at her friend's house. She was placed into the closest orphanage, and
was soon snatched up by Miranda and Sebastian Day, a sadly infertile yet nice couple who
was in dire need of a child to love. They were wealthy, yet needed something different, so
they purchased a farm in Illinois and lived there, raising chickens and horses for food
and fair. She sold eggs as a way to get access to new video games. 
          Then came the letter, the return address claiming to be from Harajuku,
where her aunt Mei-ien lived. It said that she wanted Mikota to live with her, at her
home. Sebastian and Miranda weren't happy about it, but moved there with her, to be closer
to her aunt and grandmother. 
Additional: not really. 

Wish: She wants to know the creators of Kuroshitsuji and Death Note. 

Height/Weight: 5'5", 120 lbs 
Typical Clothing when not transformed: A white button down with a cardigan and skinny

When your character makes a contract to become a Puella Magi, you must fill these out.
You may leave them blank for now if you please.
Puella Magi Form: 
student Pictures, Images and Photos
Soul Gem Color: Purple
Weapon: She has an assortment of knives. 

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Your character is approved. Sebastian, eh? I bet he was one hell of a butler before
becoming a chicken farmer.

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Well, he is British. 

SDHAIWHUFIDKEIFHEJIAFIJ;;; you watch Kuroshitsuji?!)?!!?!

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Do you think I missed out on anything in the character profile?

I've read the manga~.

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Nah, not really. 

I named my black cat Sebastian

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That's good to hear. 

If we're going to talk about anime things, let's move to the chat! x3

I was thinking of calling my piano Ciel, but everyone was like, "lol Ur namin it
seal?", so I quietly changed my piano's named back to Yamaha McBlandname.

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Name: Masami Kaneko
Age: 17
Job: Student
Personality: Masami can easily be summarized with the words "extremely low
self-confidence". It in fact sums up her entire personality. In most respects she's a
perfectly average girl; she's not extremely intelligent, but she works hard in school so
scrapes up good grades easily. Despite what her grades say about her she actually could be
described as rather air-headed and spacey. She loves reading and could easily devour a
book or two a day, depending on the size and quality of the book and the amount of time
she has to read. She also enjoys people-watching, in two ways - either at home, on her
computer, where she browses images of beautiful models and celebrities or picks over her
friends' Facebooks. Yes, it's a rather creepy hobby, but she just loves it so much. This
enjoyment of people-watching manifested in her picking up photography as a hobby, though
her pictures aren't really remarkable. She just enjoys being behind the camera, and out of
the center of attention. This is where her low self-confidence steps in. Masami, you see,
has spent just about the past 8 years of her life absolutely dying to be beautiful. She
can't get over how ugly she considers herself and this hinders almost every aspect of her
life. She is social and does have a close group of friends, but most of them are people
she's grown up with, because when she meets someone new she immediately freezes up with
the idea that they're too beautiful to socialize with her. This leads most people to
believe she's quiet and shy, while in reality she's just starstruck and self-deprecating.
As a result she's never had a relationship with a boy and avoids social events like the
plague, preferring to either be at home on her computer or spending time with her
long-time friends in much less stressful conditions.

Backstory: There's really nothing remarkable about Masami's history. She has two caring,
if not clueless, parents and no siblings. The three of them have lived in Japan her entire
life. I know you asked for two paragraphs but... I mean really she's had a pretty boring
life thus far, filled with nothing stronger than her dismay over her looks.
Additional: Well since you didn't ask for any physical description but it's one of the
most important aspects of her character, that will go here. Masami's really not ugly.
She's just really honestly extremely plain. Her hair is slightly wavy but thin and lank
and frames her rather wide face in a not-so-forgiving manner. Her skin occasionally breaks
out with a few pimples and her pores are so large they look like blackheads, particularly
on her nose. The skin under her forehead where her hair hangs is a bit oily most of the
time. She has a slight underbite.

Wish: Absolute, radiant, jaw-dropping beauty. Is it that obvious?

Height/Weight: About 5'2 or 5'3 or so and about 120, though with little muscle so it hangs
rather unfortunately in places like her stomach and thighs.
Typical Clothing when not transformed: Flats, plain non-form-fitting jeans, and a
sweatshirt over some old T-shirt. She rarely ever wears colors other than blue and black.

Puella Magi Form: 
archer Pictures, Images and Photos
Soul Gem Color: Gold
Weapon: Why not just go with it? Bow and arrow c:

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Character approved. Masami has a very well fleshed out personality!

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