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I thought I had it rough!~One shot for jstar1992~

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9 July 2011, 02:38 PM    #1
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One shot on quizilla.This is what quizilla is probably gonna delete next. >

I was sitting on the store porch when I saw something shining.'What could that be?'I
thought.It came closer until I recognized a second figure.A short boy with long blonde
hair came up.He had a smile on his face.I looked to his right and saw a body,if you could
call it that,standing by him."Hey!Well my brother and I sorta need your help.He got
something in is arm and well,I can't get it out."He flashed me a smile and my heart beat

"Well come in..um..have a drink.."I felt my heart beat faster and faster.What was
happening to me?

"I'm Edward Elric and this is my brother Alphonse.We just call him Al."Al waved and I
smiled at him.What happened to him to make him have to have a metal body?

"I'm Jasmine Carter.Best mechanic in town so you came to the right place.So what
happened.You look like you walked through a bomb!"I laughed lightly.Edward sorta chuckled
and said,"That's the thing..we more or less did...""He flashed a shy smile.

We talked a bit and I finally got to work.After messing with Al's arms I found it.It was a
piece as shrapnel almost as big as my fist!(A/N:Ed and Al may be just a bit OOC...So I
don't know what happened so I'm Improvising >X< )

"Whoa!This thing is huge!It's almost as big as my fist!Gimme a sec and I can pull it
out."I began to maneuver my fingers around the shrapnel.I found the entry point and
pulled.Hard.I had to keep tugging.On about the 10 time I was able to pull it out.Al sighed
and rubbed his arm.

Suddenly the sirens blared.'Oh no!Is it 12:00 already?!?!!?'I started to panic.'What about
them?I have to hide them.Edward will be easy Al on the other hand.."I started to think
when Edward started to look arund."What's happening??"He asked.I could hear the troops and
the screams."The troops!They come and raid Rush Valley!We can't do anything since we don't
have a alchemist!!"

He smiled.'Is he crazy??He looks as if he's going to rush out there and take them on!'I
looked at him.

"Well you're in luck!I'm a alchemist!You better hide and Al and I will take care of

I crawled under my floor were my secret door was."Please be safe Edward be safe Al.."

I scrunched up and closed my eyes tight.I heard screaming and yelling.Suddenly my house
shook and a monster came in.It look like a person with cat ears,tail,teeth,eyes,claws with
dragonfly wings.I thrust open my secret door and yanked me out by my hair.I screamed as it
threw me to the floor and started choking me.I kicked under it and tried to squirm away
but I couldn't.I started to go limp and my sight was blurring.I choked out."Edward
please..help..me.."Everything went black.

I could here everything.It was loud and I heard thumping and many other noises.I wanted to
wake up but couldn't.I felt someone hold me.I felt a wet substance fall on my face.My eyes
fluttered open and I saw Ed.He looked surprised than hugged me
harder."Your..choking..me..Ed."He softened the hug.

"I thought you had died....I'm sorry for causing you trouble..I guess now that we know
your safe Al and I should go so we won't hurt you anymore..."He looked at me.I could see
the pain in his eyes.He slowly got up and turned.I hastily sat up and grabbed his
hand,"Edward if you leave you'll cause pain no one else has made me feel.I was beaten and
never cried,my real parents orphaned me but I didn't cry.If you left me now I know I
would.You could case much more pain than you intended.Ed you've made me feel weird.I don't
know if that's my 15 year old hormones talking or if it's my heart.Either way,I love
you."I looked down and blushed.I just met the guy and I say I love him.I am thinking that
speech may have been my teen hormones talking.I felt Ed hug me and he lifted my face up
and brushed my brown hair out of my face.

"I thought you'd never say those words."He leaned in and kissed me.I put my arms around
him and deepened the kiss.I felt tears running down my cheeks.He loved me..he really loved

5 years later~~~

I was waiting on the couch for Ed to come home.I timed it and counted backwards from 3.The
clock chimed 12:00 and he opened the door.I got up and went over to him.He embraced me and
kissed me"Ed I have good news,"I looked at him and smiled."I'm pregnant. "He smiled and
twirled me around."We can build a swing and maybe get a pool and make a nice room for
him!Oh man it'll be great!!I can't believe I'll be a dad!"I looked at him and chuckled he
did a fist pump and started to smile."It's hers.We're gonna have twins."I put up two
fingers.He smiled and we laughed all night.I thought I had it rough until I met you.Now
life's a fairytale.I'll always love you Edward Elric.

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