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Deireadh's Wood*

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Or - Wood's End. A large and cunning area of woodery that connects the Unova region to a new and unnamed area to the north of it[Canada?lol.]. In this pathway is a bug-infested, damp maze that is doomed to lose travellers in who do not understand where they are heading to. Before heading into here, beware of the bug-genre residing everywhere inside and carry a flying or fire type with yourself, it also wouldn't hurt at all to have on hand many different kinds of potions - especially antidotes. Near the middle of the maze is a small house where weary travellers can take a bit of rest, courtesy of the elderly couple who live there. So, watch you HP, your PP, and your pokemon's status too. You can find several types of trainers here - Psychics, Lasses, Crush Girls, but most of all, you're more likely to find bug catchers all around and about. Don't be surprised if you see Sinnoh Elite-Four members, Aaron, out here. The exit is at the north-west end of the maze, once you get there, you'll find yourself in Sutesora Town. [madeup,yah.] Try and not get lost in here. Might not be very pleasant. <3
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"Morticia," began a young boy from underneath one of the olden trees that lined on the pathway, leaning his back up against its very trunk, hands behind his head, casually. Hon foot was on the ground and knee brought, his other leg crossing over with ankle at the bent knees back. A small croon came from him as he looked up to witness a lovely Venomoth lazily fly on by, ready to hide away until the sun would settle. "Isn't it so beautiful here?" Casper asked in an airy voice, looking up at the sky that was visible through the gap of hefty trees that could not reach over the pathway quite yet. It was clear that the sun had just begun to rise, morning dew all about on leaves and leaving the ground a bit damp, a chilling hint of air tangible. The young misdreavus that floated close by looked around at the ground, her head tipping and her eyes bright and wide with curiosity as she took in her surroundings. Her body flowed silently like a ghostly dress, which was effortlessly seen as amazing to the Hex Maniac Casper. Morticia's red eyes suddenly snapped to him, and her mouth opened happily, "Misu-misu!" She chimed out happily, agreeing with him, then sauntered on over and floated just above his shoulder. Casper's lips curled into a smile, but he still looked so lazy. "Good girl, always agreeing with pappy." He reached out to a small tree beside him and plucked something from it and showed it to her, "Pecha berry, Morticia, darling?" She squeed and began to nibble on it cutely, earning a blissful expression by her trainer.
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ooc: Gonna make myself useful and start roleplaying now, then vanish like the
little english sod I am. Because thats what me as an english girl does. 

His fingers were furiously typing away on the keyboard of his phone as the minutes
trickled by. The person writing these furious texts was one Alastair Von King, and the man
receiving these texts was his father. The night before him and his father, well his father
on a laptop screen with his bodyguards holding the laptop had gotten into an argument, his
father was trying to persuade him again into taking over the family business, as only a
first born was worthy of taking it over. The argument had ended with his bodyguards
trashing his hotel lodging and releasing his newly caught pokemon Ankh, a Cofagrigus with
an apparent legend of eating humans and turning their lifeless bodies into mummies. Okay,
sure, the pokedex did say it was a legend, but he is not about to take any chances. And
right now, Cheshire wasn't making things better. Thrusting the phone into his pocket and
crossing his arms, a small laugh accompanied by a voice breathed into the seventeen year
olds ear. Kekeh, kekeh, calm down Alastair. It won't help you find Ankh. Although I am
sure he is already eating some miserable human and turning them into mummies, perhaps even
your fathers bodyguards.  Another small laugh came from the Gengar then a laugh from
Alistair. "You know I would love that to be true Cheshire," he said as he walked around
the Gengar and started walking deeper into Deireadh's Wood. "But since it is not them we
have to find Ankh before any harm comes to an innocent." He finish, the Gengar floating
along side his partner, people were staring at the pair either in recognising who he was
or they had never seen a Gengar before. If we, well you are looking for him, then why
are we in Deireadh's Wood? Turn of his head. To the left hand side. Evil eyes given to
Cheshire. "Just shut it Cheshire and help me find him and also, if we get lucky and manage
to find Aaron that will make finding Ankh much easier."

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OOC: I don't make me use the rope, little English girl. PFTA. Little Morticia continued to nibble away happily at the light pink berry that was being held up by Casper for her to munch upon, knowing that her little nonexistant tummy was in hunger for food of some sort, but to her it was more like desert. As she went on and away with the formably-sized Pecha berry, the young boy drifted in and out of his thoughts, looking all about the forest from left to right, from up to down, and to the opposing side of 'his' pathway. The sun was settling better above, casting away all of his favorite types of pokemon, but that was fine. He couldn't begin to raise anymore pokemon until Morticia got to become a champion, so of course this was easily accepted to him. Slipping into light slumber as the little misdreavus finished her last moursels of the berry, Casper caught whisp of a gliding voice, sounding upset and almost scolding to something or someone. With instinct, his ghostly pokemon finished the meal and the boy jumped up to his feet, though a bit hesitant. Morticia floated up and hovered close to her trainer's head as she looked around with him, but soon the boy skidded into the dense foliage of the Deireadh's Woods. Luckily, she could easily locate him. Casper hid behind a tree in the darkness of shading, looking out and seeing some male he'd yet to see before with what appeared to be a Gengar. ...! The Hex Maniac silently squealed in his mind - Ghost and poison! Amazing! - Casper jolted out from behind the tree but to anyone else looked casual as he stepped out, his hands behind his head lazily. He was about two meters from behind the other male. Morticia calmly sauntered over, curious to what her trainer was up to. "Good morning, stranger. A bit early for a walk in the wood's, wouldn't you say?" Casper's lips made a subtle curve to a grin, "You seem troubled.~"
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ooc: No need for a rope because the wild english girl was reappeared.

Kekeh, kekeh. Aaron yes, how the voices within the shadows were correct. You are only
interested in visiting him again. Though after the last time you to met I doubt he wishes
to see either you nor I again, kekeh, kekeh. Cheshire piped out. "Remember, you still
relive what happened using Float as a beautify. After you using the shadows to pretend to
be a ursaring that is just about to take a bite out of his beautify wings. What were you
thinking! A jokes a joke when played in the right way, but you knew that I-" Silence.
Hmm…? Silence had befallen the area around the two for only a few moments and
just before Alistair dismissed the sudden arousal of the forest, there was a unfamiliar
voice from behind him, two meters away, meaning that one it was not Aaron, and the
stranger had no knowledge as to how he was. Even if his back was back was turned to him.
Immediately, there was a rustle from the trees, either the persons companion, or a bug
type pokemon returning back to its den as another question came from the strangers mouth.
A third voice, this time from Cheshire, clearly gave the man a small fright, making him
yelp. Cheshire let out a small giggle, his grin increasing in size as he looked at the
frightened gym leader. Scaredy cat, scaredy cat! An excellent impression on the
newcomer. The seventeen year old folded his arms, the ends of his sleeves flopping
about. "For now just shut it and behave Cheshire," he started whispering, bending down to
the ghosts nonexistent ears, "if you do so then I’ll let you do the play the shadow
trick on them." he finished, shuffling back into his upwards position, his back no longer
turned towards the stranger. “Good morning to you too stranger. A walk, oh no I
wouldn’t say I’m on a walk.” He let out a small smile, "Troubled, yes. You haven’t
by chance seen a cofagrigus of the name of Ankh have you? Around about 5ft 7 tall and
looks like a floating sarcophagus with four ebony hands coming out of it. Although I’m
sure you have knowledge as to what a cofagrigus looks like, since you are a user of ghost
types yourself, that misdreavus of yours over there."

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There'd been quite the peculiar pause. Not a simple moment of awkward silence, not a soundless persay of thoughfulness, and not the lifeless tone of too much surprise found within. No, it was almost like it was a conversation within. Was the other talking to himself? He seemed a bit shakened, how to say, but then again, the Gengar at his side did look a bit mischeavious at all means. Therefore, he could only assume the issue. Running it by, Casper, hands still behind his head lazily, gave the Misdeavus next to him a perturb look. Her expression was settled forward, able to hear a bit of the other ghost pokemon's snicking of 'keheh', something that a Gengar would definitely do. Red shades of her eye swooned back to Casper and she looked a bit confused as well, just showing her's. Both of them, however, looked back to the front of them at the other pair as the male still two meters away spoke out with what sounded to be eloquence, mimicking the dreary steps found in Casper's own voice by adding the 'stranger' as well. He listened lightly and smiled very slight at the mention of 'ghost' in the sentence the other spoke of, though secretly twiddling the words in his mind and adding poison into it as well, feeling inadequate when both was not used. For, if he was a ghost-user, would that make him a very delightful Hex Maniac? Certainly not. But he let it slip by and he continued to smile, Morticia beside him smiling as well, giving a proud look when she was mentioned. "Little Morticia? Ah, yes, I can see that assumption. Partly correct~ However, as for your 'child', Ankh, perhaps he's gone this way." Casper looked over to his right from where he came from, thinking it over a bit before his eyes came back to the other. "I do recall seeing a shadow about 'yay' tall, up to description, though, being too sure, I am not," His voice swayed out easily and his steps became a leisurely stroll, close to the other's side but not quite there. His hands came down and rested now at his hips. He smiled and looked over, Morticia floating his way but distanting herself from the other's Gengar quite easily, sticking close to Casper. "I could assist you in the findings of your lovely Ankh, if you wouldn't mind. I would rather not have an precious ghost-types wandering about without protection, of course.~"
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They were confused, it was that simple. No need for him to question them or to
have a banner be flown across with the words 'I am confused' written in an eye-catching
colour. Their faces said it all. Their expressions spoke for them. What more could be
said. Brushing chocolate hairs behind his ear along with the comment about him being
partly correct, since the idea of any Von King being partly correct was unheard of, he
gazed over the shoulder of the stranger in the direction he was facing. It was very
picturesque. The amount of foliage was startling yet it was so beautiful at the same time.
Thick branches that were covered with long vines that stretch over them, as well as large
overhanging canopies that let in enough rain to not flood the habitat the bug types call
home. From what his brown eyes could see, the area seemed to be untouched by humans and
probably like Aaron had mentioned the reason for why the pokemon there were remarkably
strong and thus, the reason why the pathway is not covered in footprints of trainers too
scared or smart to venture there. Sighing, Alastair began to ponder on what to do. He was
one of them trainers that was smart enough not to venture down that route even though he
owned pokemon that were resistant to bug types. But he was not scared either, absolutely
not. He just never had any particular need to go down that way. There was no pokemon in
interest he wanted to capture, and there were no trainers in that area for the duo to play
pranks on. Still, none of that plus numerous reasons would stop his Ankh from going down
that way. As long as there is a lost soul wandering around then he will go anywhere just
so he can take a bite out of their flesh. Sidetracked by the admiring of that part of the
wood and the pondering of his next moves, it took a moment for Alistair to realise that
the placid boy and his Misdeavus had walked, or for his pokemon floated towards them while
still keeping a distance before following it up with an offering to help find his 'child'
Ankh. Cocking his head in question, Alastair's lips curved in a small O shape as he stared
at him. "Well you see-" he began, but stopped only three words in. This had been the first
request of assistance he had gotten since his Ankh went off, so it had caught Alastair off
guard. "-You see you have been the first person to request to assist me, although it did
not surprise me that no one else has. The obvious reasons of there scary appearance and
mischievous behaviour puts many trainers off owning or helping a ghost type out. I suppose
if my searching's for my Ankh do not disrupt your plans for the morning, then your offer
is kindly accepted." Managing to let out a laugh, he simply smiled at the other boy,
nothing more needed to be said.

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Casually, Casper's hands went back up and behind his head again, his appearance shifting from elusive to back being just simply lazy once more. The pause of slight confusion turned out to be a rather amusing concept and he couldn't help but let the sides of his lips curve upwards just a wee bit, finding that amusement several times and wonderment to why that could have been just there, from any moment before. Luckily, however, the boy began to speak up agaion, allowing the confusion to pass, even though that was somewhat strange when his words fell into a pause again. Casper's smile stayed languidly upon his facade as he waited rather optimistically for his answer. --Ah, that is true. A troublesome truth. People were often more or less afraid of those in the ghost-type genre than any other's, would it be seen. Perhaps it was from their unsteady love of seeping through walls, therefore appearing from 'no where', or could it just be a simple toothy grin that seemed to read out all their little malicious intentions? Casper couldn't tell, because those matters, to him, were absolutely adorable. To see the 'children' come to and fro', especially through buildings or even mines. Whatever reasons others had for being afraid of such marvelous creatures, was absolutely beyond him. And wishing not to dwell on the distasteful ways of those people, he'd rather not think of it at all. However - with a Cofagrigus, this could be an understandable matter. Wasn't there some old folklore of some sort that spoke of it being a person-eater or something like that? Casper found that utterly amusing though and looked back to the boy, making a nod with that light smile there upon his face still. "Well, that is rather judging of others. Isn't that right, my little Morticia?" He crooned to her, the misdreavus floated with a small giggle but nodded. She looked back to the other boy, smiling as well as her trainer. "So, then it's settled. Let us begin looking for your 'child',~" Casper chimed out positively, bringing his hands back down and clasping them. But then something must've struck him as he motioned for the other to follow him. "Afraid we'd yet to capture a name, stranger." He looked over his shoulder and smiled still yet, Morticia floating about happily and excitedly, musing out her small 'misu-misu-misu' noises. "I'm Casper. How about you?"
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Why does Alastair have a love for these ghosts and ghouls? No matter how many
years he spent with them, he couldn’t quite place his finger on it. Ghost types never
looked pleasant, in a way, devious and malicious, plotting your downfall in many possible
outcomes. Now, this in itself was usually a cause for alarm, since obviously having a team
full of ghosts that are secretly plotting your demise is not a comforting though, but that
didn’t need to bother him. Well actually, that did bother him to a slight extent but so
did most other things. But there was a thing to the plotting, the colours, the deceiving
looks, that gave Alastair the same sensation as watching a particular horrifying movie,
when the character/s are surrounded by undead zombies in an abandoned town in the middle
of nowhere. But, of course, ghosts and zombies aren’t the same thing. So what was it?
Was it there melancholic or flamboyant coloured bodies that swished to and fro radiating
an unexplainable feeling? Was it the fact that each one of them little ghosts came with
their own folktales and legends that intrigued the young man. Legends of dolls possessed
by pure hatred, who’d wander day and night in search of the person who threw them away
and in turn wish to haunt them. Ghosts posing as balloons to grab children in the many
futile attempts of taking them to the spirit world, their attempts always ending with them
getting swung around and played with, and the pokemon composed of 108 separate malevolent
spirits bound together to create a powerful force that creates much havoc. 

But then there was Ankh, another story all together. For most of the duration they had
spent together, that being two weeks, the young man had worked with his ever difficult
Cofagrigus, training the coffin pokemon not to eat nearby humans. He was well aware of the
pokemon’s legend and months had been spent preparing the various training programs and
exercises needed to break him out of his habit. He was making little progress, yes,
proving difficult more than ever. He had also personally placed himself in a room alone
with the ghost type to see how he would behave around him. Needless to say, Ankh had other
plans than to have a talk talk session with the young man. Ah, he wanted talk to him but
so he could say his last words before devouring him and then mummify him. Alastair had an
idea as to what was to come since Ankh had showed him quite forward as to what will occur
in the future, but for now, he wouldn’t hold any ill towards the pokemon. "Though, there
is some exceptions made for certain others." He quietly added in, it was somewhat clear as
to who he was referring to. Alastair followed this with several small nods in response to
being motioned to follow, with a bored nod from Cheshire. A few short steps later, a
shuffle from the bored Cheshire, closing the distance between them was paused with the
asking for his name. If the stranger, now named Casper had failed to recognise who he was
through his appearance, then surely his name would spark some knowledge as to how he was.
Surely everyone knows who the Von King’s are right, right? "My name, oh yes, my
apologies for not mentioning it any sooner. I’m Alastair Von King and this Gengar down
here is my partner Cheshire."

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Casper awaited patiently for his answer, hands staying behind his head and gait perfectly unfazed, though he did slumber at his steps soon enough and stood at spot, hearing the other pair of shoes stop close to behind him. It seemed almost a surprised matter, but gallantly the boy handled it well and added no sort of suspicion in to it. He looked over his shoulder and smiled lightly before he turned to face the other, still looking as lazy as ever, or had before, but his tyrian purple eyes were levelled and languid still yet. That small smile upon his lips seemed to get slightly bigger, as if amused by something. Morticia, when she heard and deciphered it, flew closer to Casper and seemed to analyze the other male quite awkwardly, letting out a few more 'misu-misu' before she seemed to come to an accepting term of what she was told. Casper looked mildly surprised, but look completely was utterly out-of-his-character and could absolutely not be done alone by a name, even as familliar as it could be. "Alastair Von King?" He seemed to muse aloud, playing with the last part of the other's name a bit before a giggle - yes - giggle escaped from him and he looked back to the other with slight amusement. "Big talk over your father - not really interested in that - but, hey aren't you the Ghost-Genre Gym-Leader?" Right when 'ghost' was said, Morticia perked up and looked at the other with wide curiousness, then shifted down closer to the ground level, looking at the absolutely bored Gengar that was said to be named 'Cheshire'. She gave him a long look before she shifted back to Casper with ease.
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ooc: Sooooory for long reply. Dying slowly of horrible bug.

Oi Alastair, I bet you a hundred he doesn't know.
"Cheshire, you don't have a hundred of anything."
That's not true Alastair. The pair of us know that.
Alastair opened his mouth again to respond to his partners comment, but was passed with a
laugh and offered a gloved hand that patted the pokemon's warm body while doing his best
job of avoiding his hand to prickle on the spikes that covered its back. Or if you
preferred then I can lower the bet to fifty if you like? Cheshire offered, looking up
at him with a small grin. He'd grown since he evolved. His body was more rounder, and his
tongue was sharper. Combined with a boy whose greatest weapon happened to be his pokemon,
and his pranks, both giving each other interesting pranks on a daily basis as they
trained, he'd gotten a bit sillier. He thought Alastair was a lot better to be around when
he wasn't been adored by many people. He liked him happy, and seeing him like this, he was
unable to figure the words out but seeing like this was... disgusting. That's if you
are unable to pay the full hundred. He slapped him. If that is possible.
"Cheeky rascal. You make me sound is if I am poor. What do you say to that?" The brown
haired boy asked, finally having the heart to remove his hand from his back. I think
there is a bruise coming up! he replied in a pained growl. "Good, yes good I hope you
do get a bruise. A massive one that covers your whole body. Purple and pink and so many
colours. Every move you make will be painful that you will be forced not to do anything
for days or weeks." There was a notable change in his voice as he replied. Now your
just being stupid Alastair. How about two hundred? His smile returned most quickly,
and it seemed Alastair was turning back to normal. It was the perfect time to annoy him.
"Me being stupid, you're the one being stupid! I should whack you right round the-" He
stopped through his sentence. He could hear his name being spoken, then followed
by…giggling. Both Alastair and Cheshire gave each other a puzzled look before staring at
Casper. Alastair was to question the giggling. Cheshire was to say he had gone mad, but
the mentioning of Alastair's father killed the joy that was growing. 
"Don't, just don't even mention him at this point. He and his band of merry men are the
soul reason why my Ankh has gone missing and why I am spending my morning looking for
him." It was a flat sentence, broad, undefined, and as blunt as the toe of his shoes.
Alastair was still continuing to acknowledge his father as him as he had done for many
months, unless the occasion was called for, and only would he continue to call him this
until there relationship changed into one of a loving father and son. His flat tone
changed, as predicted by both himself and his pokemon when the young mans status as the
ghost gym leader was recognised. "Yes that's correct, I am as you put it the Ghost-Genre
Gym-Leader," his lips curved into a small smile, he was definitely most pleased now if he
had not been then. "Although I myself would have just said one of the shorter titles given
by myself or somebody of the public, but it is your choice so I'll leave it there. I take
it then that you yourself is a trainer or perhaps somebody with an interest in Ghost
types?" And with that he stopped, his eyes glancing to stare at the dark haired male and
his pokemon with the same smile on his face. Both Alastair and Cheshire noticed the look
of curiosity on her face when the word ghost had been said which was joined with by the
shifting of herself down to Alastair's Gengar, then back up again to rejoin her partner.
Cheshire waited for the Misdeavus to finish giving him a long stare, before shifting back
up to Casper. Then reacted to her act with one act of his own: the sticking out of his
tongue. His reason, none, just a sad attempt to entertain himself.

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